Four Unconventional Restaurants for Valentine’s Day


by Ariston Anderson

Face it. Trying to be creative on Valentine's Day is rough. The pressure's on to do something original and when the clock comes down, you end up with the same old bouquet of roses. Here's a selection of restaurants that will do the work for you.

Le Refuge des Fondues
In Paris, Le Refuge des Fondues, where the only thing to be ordered is fondue, the owner took to serving wine in baby bottles, to avoid the city's stringent wine glass tax. The concept took on in this cozy Montmarte restaurant. It's perfect if the idea of feeding your loved one from a biberon is appealing. For 15 euros for the fondue special, and all the wine you can drink from a baby bottle, it's a steal.

There's even a copycat restaurant that opened recently in New York, irvingmills.jpg

Irving Mill, New York City: Heart Tasting Menu To show your date that you're all heart, the nocti.jpg

Nocti Vagus
Dining in the dark at Berlin's first pitch-black restaurant, the sensory-deprived

Bed Miami
Bed bars have been around for quite some time now, but what about bed restaurants? There's nothing more fun than eating in bed, especially when it's not your own bed. Bed Miami does have an annoying nightclub vibe, so try to get seated in one of the many private areas, and show up early.

Bed Miami
929 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
tel. +1 305 532 9070