The Great Outdoors

As we all seem to spend more and more time at our desks, on our phones and indoors in general, the importance of getting outside and moving our bodies cannot be understated. From swimsuits to boxing gloves and skateboards, there are plenty of practical pieces available in our The Great Outdoors gift guide. Hero image courtesy of Sherri Castiglione

Travel Bug

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We derive such joy from travel—be it exploring different towns, states, or countries. During each of our excursions, we encounter cultural sights and food scenes, treasures and traps, magical moments and mini catastrophes—and a trip to the unknown always extends beyond the time on the road. That said, travel can be made easier and more enjoyable thanks to various products—whether they’re made to benefit wellness, …

Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re opposed, ambivalent, oblivious or obsessed with Valentine’s Day, giving the perfect gift to somebody you care about is an undeniably satisfying experience. Skipping the teddy bears, we’ve put together a selection of some of our favorite products for readers to offer their partners, friends, family—or themselves. A Valentine’s Day gift can be anything—not only heart-shaped items or sweet treats—and our Valentine’s Day gift …