Cool Hunting on the iPad

As one of the first all digital publications to offer an iPad app, we tailored ours to be the best interface for Cool Hunting stories and videos—all presented for free, as always, thanks to the support of our advertisers. We’re especially grateful to Cadillac, our launch partner, for taking this leap by coming on board as the first single-sponsor and working with us to develop custom integrations. We’d also like to thank Largetail, our ad network, for creating opportunities like this; BBH for being an invaluable partner and Front Ended for the killer development work. Here’s to the future of digital media.


Download Cool Hunting for the iPad from iTunes




In landscape mode the home screen will scroll horizontally thru all of our stories or you can filter by category on the top. When you first open the app you’ll see a badge on each section tab showing the number of new entries since your last visit.



Articles are laid out with images on the top and the story on the left. Each of these can scroll independently and the images can be opened in a full screen view. You can use the tabs on the right to find similar articles. Using a two finger swipe you can move to the next or previous article.



Our videos play in full screen and look AMAZING on the beautiful iPad screen.



Cool Hunting Local offers a selection of places to check out on your journeys. Updated monthly, we consider these spots great places to start because of what they offer and what’s around them.

Sponsor Page


For our launch sponsor, Cadillac, we created a page that blends selections of our regular content with stories specifically about the CTS-V.


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