Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Playboy gives up on nudity, a new concept for classrooms, Facebook's new design tools and more in this week's look around the web

1. The Boxchool Concept Brings Modular Classrooms to Developing Areas

South Korea-based design studio ID+IM has drawn up an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to bring classrooms to children in developing areas. Called Boxchool, the concept project recycles unwanted shipping containers into modular structures that have been designed for education. Each truck-delivered Boxchool is assembled on-site and comes with its own furniture, solar panels and rain-water filtration system to provide clean drinking water to kids. Three units can form a playground while six can provide enough space for a library. View the full concept on Yanko Design.

2. How James Cawley is Reviving Star Trek with “New Voyages”

Inside a small studio in upstate New York, a crew of die-hard Star Trek fans are keeping the science-fiction series alive. Led by former Elvis Presley impersonator James Cawley, several professional actors and volunteers are producing a new series called “Star Trek: New Voyages,” which features Captain Kirk and Spock as they venture onward into space. The show’s detailed set replicas and authentic storylines have drawn a loyal fanbase, who actually help to crowd-fund each new episode. New Voyages is available to watch online for free, which allows it to avoid copyright infringement.

3. All of Facebook’s Free Design Tools are Now Available in One Place

Facebook has just unleashed a stack of free design tools to help budding software engineers build more beautiful apps. Posted in the social media giant’s Github account, the collection of online resources includes iOS 9 GUI elements for quick mock-ups, a download link to the user interface-prototyping “Origami” tool and even in-depth articles from the company’s own designers. If you’re just getting into the business of building apps, this looks like it will definitely come in handy.

4. These Photos Depict Our Smartphone Addiction Without Showing a Single Device

In his new photo series, “Removed,” photographer Eric Pickersgill captures our addiction to smartphones and tablets without showing a single device. By photoshopping out all the phones, Pickersgill’s stark black-and-white images depict lovers, families and friends ignoring one another to stare blankly at their palms. The edited images accentuate the loneliness and detachment that come with technology and social media’s veil of false connectedness. See the full set of “Removed” photos on Pickersgill’s website.

5. Playboy has Ditched Nudity

Iconic magazine Playboy has decided to ditch nudity in an attempt to rebrand itself for the internet age. Just last month, editor Cory Jones proposed the idea to founder Hugh Hefner, who agreed that the change would reach a wider audience. Instead, the revamped magazine will be PG-13 and safe for work, while still maintaining its editorial eye on the world of sex. When asked about leaving nudity behind, the company’s chief executive explained: “You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passé at this juncture.”

6. The High-Risk World of Ferry Flying

Each year, a specialized group of airplane pilots—known as ferry pilots—traverse the Atlantic Ocean in small, personal aircrafts at dangerously low altitudes. In the exotic world of vintage aircraft buying and selling, these brave flyers are responsible for delivering recently purchased planes to their new owners. Where these planes are meant for 200 to 400 mile flights, ferry pilots must cross the 700 mile gap between North America and Europe. As one pilot explains, “you are very much using your judgement, skill, experience to pitch yourself against nature and hopefully survive.” Read more about the world of ferry pilots on BBC.

7. Inside the Remarkable Mind of Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld

Along with Rihanna and Quentin Tarantino, T Magazine has chosen Karl Lagerfeld to grace one of six covers for its inaugural “The Greats” issue. Speaking with T, the fashion industry veteran and Chanel creative director elaborates on his incredible work ethic (designing eight collections for Chanel per year), the influences that helped shape his remarkable vision of modern couture, and what—after all these years—truly brings him joy. Read the full, fascinating profile on T Magazine.

8. Is Your Halloween Costume Offensive?

Choosing an appropriate Halloween costume shouldn’t be that difficult but, each year, a select few find a way to take it too far. And with the watchful eye of social media documenting nearly everything around us, it’s easier than ever to end up trending on Twitter—for all the wrong reasons. Finding a funny way to satirize our society can get a little tricky for some. If you aren’t sure if your costume is offensive (and if you’re not sure, it probably is), Refinery29 has drawn up a comprehensive flowchart to help guide you to a perfectly provocative, yet harmless Halloween outfit.

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