Daftside: Random Access Memories Memories

From Miley Cyrus to PAPA, our look back at the songs we tweeted this week

Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington were so taken by Daft Punk’s latest record, they remixed the entire thing and even changed their project’s name from Darkside to Daftside for the release. The cleverly titled “Random Access Memories Memories” is such a departure from the original release that, at times, it sounds less like a remix and more like its own album entirely. Pieces of the original are sprinkled throughout Jaar’s trademark genre-bending atmospheric production, coupled with Harrington’s original bass and guitar riffs. “Get Lucky” remains a standout, even through the duo’s heavy rework, keeping to the track’s original ’70s vibe while adding a bass-shaking synth section. For fans of Darkside, this is a must. For everyone else—wait, everyone’s kind of a Daft Punk fan, right?