New Platform Remane Empowers People with Curly and Kinky Hair

The innovative platform leverages contextualized hair data because "haircare is self-care"

Aboriginal Flag Finally Free For Public Use

After a two-year legal battle (and many more years of disputes and conflict), the Aboriginal flag is freely available for public use now that the designer transferred copyright to the Commonwealth in a $20 million deal that supersedes any other holdings. Designed in 1970 by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas, the black, yellow and red flag became an iconic symbol that represents Indigenous people, the majesty …

Travasi Decanter


Founded roughly 100 years ago in a small town near Cologne (with a Milan-based “style center” opened in 1991), Ichendorf Milano blends traditional glassware techniques with modern design. In their Travasi Decanter, the silhouette takes on a circular, poetic shape that—when paired with the material’s complete transparency—heightens the beauty of the glass. Capable of holding 64 fluid ounces, this refined decanter elegantly balances and endures …


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Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Dune” May Become an Animated Series

Long before Denis Villeneuve in 2021 (and David Lynch in 1984) brought science-fiction novelist Frank Herbert’s complex, bold and beloved epic Dune to cinemas, the pioneering Chilean French filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky attempted to do so. His doomed project, chronicled within the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, ended with a comprehensive book of imaginative and meticulously plotted details that encompassed his entire vision—from concept art to storyboarding. On …

Remembering Manfred Thierry Mugler Through His Iconic George Michael Collaboration, “Too Funky”

Manfred Thierry Mugler, an iconic French fashion designer whose garments pushed boundaries and thrilled all those who wore them (or admired them from afar), has passed away at 73. A professional ballet dancer by 14 years old, he moved to Paris in his early 20s and worked as a freelance designer for various houses before launching his eponymous label in 1974. By the ’80s he …

How to Step into Sundance 2022’s Festival Village, Main Street and Community Hub Online

Presented online 20-30 January, the 2022 Sundance Film Festival includes an impressive roster of feature films, short films, indie episodic programming, “Beyond Film” performances and a virtual and augmented reality division—all of which is accessible through For those who have come to love the festival or dreamed of attending (for the spirit on the streets of Park City, Utah and the swirl of social …

Difficult-to-Recycle Plastics Comprise this Concrete Block Alternative

The city of Boise, Idaho partnered up with ByFusion—an LA-based processor that uses steam and compression to squeeze plastic into blocks—to find a new way to reuse plastics that can’t be recycled. These blocks, dubbed ByBlocks, are the same dimensions as concrete blocks (eight by eight by 16 inches) as well as the same R-Value. Unlike concrete, however, ByBlocks are 10 pounds lighter, have Lego-like …

Pivotte Studio Reimagines What “Office Wear” Can Be

"We work anywhere—our clothes need to mirror that lifestyle," says co-founder Evelyn Frison


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Dolly Parton and Tina Turner Tea Towel


Third Drawer Down teamed up with Indigenous-owned and -governed Aboriginal art center Iwantja Arts to produce a vibrant homeware line designed by Kaylene Whiskey, an artist from the remote community of Indulkana in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands in South Australia. Whiskey draws inspiration from comic books and the pop culture of the ’80s. From the collection comes this 100% linen dish towel, measuring 19.7 by 26.4 …


Tai Body Oil


Founded by mother and daughter duo, Sade Baron and Rachel Lambo, skincare brand Sade Baron relies on 100% natural ingredients to encourage the skin to heal and correct itself. Their Tai Body Oil—powered by cold-pressed prickly pear oil, broccoli seed oil, olive squalane, calendula oil and sea buckthorn oil—does so by forming an occlusive film that covers the epidermis, preventing water loss, dehydration and skin …


Hana Vase


From Copenhagen-based Studio Arhoj and named after the Japanese flower, the porcelain Hana Vase collection is composed of hand-cast and -glazed vessels. The collection comprises three styles: the curvaceous and cylindrical Kiku; the round, full-bodied Ume; and the tubular Sakura. Each enchanting shape is available in small or large and in various vibrant colors. Price reflects the size small.


Edible Flower Garden Kit


The Edible Flower Garden Kit from Plantgem comprises 15 young plants, representing five varieties: cream troika nasturtium, cats white viola, strawberry blonde marigold, black and white nigella and potomac lavender snapdragon. Capable of growing anywhere in the US, these flowers can be planted outside (after the last frost) where there’s decent sun and will be ready to bloom in the summer—when they can then be …


Vicky Farewell: Are We OK?

To announce her debut album, Sweet Company (slated for 8 April), singer-songwriter, producer, arranger and engineer Vicky Farewell releases “Are We OK?” The song, combines R&B with pop,  jazz, soul and even psych—resulting in a sparkly but sincere tune, carried by her sweet, featherweight vocals. “‘Are We OK?’ was the first song I ever wrote and produced to completion on my own,” she says. “Honestly, …

Lou Canon: Aurelie (Lido Pimienta Remix)

From Canadian recording artist Lou Canon’s forthcoming remix album, Reimagine The Body (out 26 January), the track “Aurelie” finds Colombian Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and interdisciplinary artist Lido Pimienta transforming the already heightened experimental track from Canon’s 2020 full-length release, Audomatic Body. “I was desperate to hear where this body of work could go in the hands of an eclectic group of artists,” Canon tells us. “Why …

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COOL HUNTING + Isotope’s Limited Edition GMT 0º Watch

Independent brands unite for a wristwatch with a charitable component

“We wanted to bring a burst of colorful optimism to the dial for the wearer and anyone who might glimpse it,” says Josh Rubin, co-founder and executive creative director of COOL HUNTING, regarding our new collaborative wristwatch. Working with Isotope founder José Miranda, Rubin customized the independent watch brand’s groundbreaking GMT 0º design, layering buoyant colors and complementary accents. A bright, bold piece was born—underscored by …

MOFT’s Tech Accessories Provide Increased Functionality + Freedom

Companion products that untether users from conventional desk setups

Sponsored by MOFT

With “invisible design” at its core, innovation-centric brand MOFT (which stands for Mobile Office for Travelers) aims to eliminate fuss and add freedom to your experience when using tech devices for work or creative play. Crafting compact, lightweight and practical accessories remains paramount for the company, whose products are robust without being clunky, practical without being dull and portable without feeling flimsy. This is possible …

Sadie Barnette + madison moore Recreate the Magic of Queer Nightlife

At NYC's The Kitchen, "The New Eagle Creek Saloon" resurrects San Francisco's first Black-owned gay bar and more

Word of Mouth: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Places to eat, drink and sleep after an adventure-filled day

Cosmic Reef, a New Collection of Digitally Native Work by Leo Villareal

Minting his first set of NFTs, the artist is already at home in this medium

Meat Loaf: Heaven Can Wait

Meat Loaf (aka Marvin Lee Aday), whose music career spanned six decades, has passed away at 74. Best known for his theatrical, operatic rock ballads, he sold over 100 million records across the world and appeared in various cult films including The Rocky Horror Picture Show (he was also in the original Roxy cast), Fight Club, Wayne’s World and Spice World. Despite his appearance in …

Eyes Can Express an Individual’s True Biological Age

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers analyzed over 130,000 retinal images from UK BioBank participants between the ages of 40 and 69. As retinas can offer unique insight into the body’s health, researchers set out to compare how one’s biological age—gleaned from eyes—may differ from one’s chronological age. They found a “retinal age gap,” which can work as a biomarker for health risks. If an individual’s biological …

Dog Blogging III

Phillip Torrone's photo moblog includes pictures posted by his Aibo! Whuffie posts every few hours automatically using his built in camera, his built in WiFi emails it to the site. via Gothamist


After a few invitations, Richard has finally joined me as a guest Hunter… Welcome!

118 Wallypower

The 118 Wallypower, from Wally, is the sickest yacht afloat. It has massive power and impeccable lines. Lazzarini Pickering Architects designed this modern masterpiece, which has a gorgeous minimalist interior. lots of pictures on their site