Test Drive: 2023 Nissan Z

Nostalgia and modernity combine in this appealing new sports car

Record-Breaking Suspension Footbridge Opens in the Czech Republic

Connecting one mountain to another, 95 meters above the valley floor, the world’s longest suspension footbridge—measuring 721 meters or 2,365 feet—has opened in the Czech Republic. Located in the Dolní Morava resort (about 123 miles east of Prague), the bridge—named Sky Bridge 721—took two years to construct and is now open to visitors seeking thrills and stunning views of the Jeseníky mountains. The attraction will …

Out in the World With Gaetano Pesce


From pink foam buildings to couches that resemble jester hats, off-kilter chairs made of resin and wobbly vases, beloved Italian architect, designer and artist Gaetano Pesce expanded the world of design over his 50-year career to include unexpected materials and political and social commentary. Vibrant and inventive, Out in the World With Gaetano Pesce compiles the 82-year-old pioneer’s iconic and never-before-seen work with an essay …


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Remi Wolf: Michael

A sonically laidback but visually vibrant single, Remi Wolf’s “Michael” sees the California-born psych-pop singer and songwriter slowing things down from her maximalist debut album, Juno. The indie-leaning single pairs subdued production with vulnerable, narrative lyrics about “a manic and obsessed woman who craves the high she gets from Michael’s attention and is willing to delve deep into a masochistic toxic pit to get it,” says …

Researchers Uncover a Fragment of the Asteroid That May Have Killed Off Dinosaurs

Paleontologists discovered a tiny fragment that may have been from the asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago and killed off the dinosaurs, as revealed in a new documentary Dinosaur Apocalypse. Found in the Tanis fossil site in North Dakota, the fragment was preserved in amber after landing in tree resin upon impact, enabling researchers to identify the chromium, nickel and other materials that suggest …

Plants Grow in Lunar Soil for the First Time

Half a century ago, Apollo astronauts brought back samples of lunar rock and dust that researchers at the University of Florida recently planted thale cress seeds into and, for the first time, grew edible plants. At first the samples were averse to water, requiring an additional nutrient solution, but eventually they sprouted, looking verdantly green for a time before turning slightly purple yet remaining safe …

Manual and Hotline “Privatise the Mandem” Helps Fight Gentrification

In an effort to combat rapidly rising inner-city gentrification, London-based author Nabil Al-Kinani wrote and published Privatise the Mandem, a radical, 80-page manual on preserving the culture and affordability of lower-income neighborhoods. Within, Al-Kinani advocates for privatization, where council estate housing is collectively owned by those who live there. He offers the context of the current UK housing crisis, instructions on how to acquire estates, a …

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Standing Flower Bubble Vase


From Denmark-based Studio About (helmed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen), the Standing Flower Bubble is an elegant and illusory vase, appearing as if the circular vessel (balanced atop a clear base) is floating mid-air. While visually delicate, the mouth-blown glass bubble is made from durable, scratch-resistant borosilicate glass and comes in a range of hues (amber, cyan, blue or green) and different tube heights (tall …


Thermal LS Jersey


Australian cycling brand MAAP collaborates with fellow Melbourne-based label Perks and Mini (aka PAM) for a collection of bold apparel and accessories. The thermal long-sleeve jersey (available in men’s and women’s sizes) has been made from thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring comfort and warmth. With three back pockets and a YKK Vision Ziplock, it’s a functional and practical garment that’s covered in PAM’s signature graphics and …


“Colors” Skateboard


From artist and skateboarder Jeffrey Cheung—who runs There Skateboards, an offshoot of  the SF-based collective Unity which represents and supports queer skaters—this “Colors” deck features his signature figurative art. Available in two sizes (8.25 or 8.5 inches), this skateboard has been made and designed with all types of skaters in mind.


Big Goofy 2 Sculpture


Japanese glass artist Miwa Ito crafts bright, bulbous products that are delightfully off-kilter. Part of her MOO MOO exhibition in London, her Big Goofy 2 piece—like much of her work—is inspired by childhood memories of colorful cartoons and toys. It measures 20 by 18cm and has been entirely hand-finished and is signed by the artist. Price is in Pounds.


MISZCZYK feat. Laetitia Sadier: In The Dark

Ontario-based producer MISZCZYK (aka Nyles Miszcyzk) releases “In The Dark,” a spellbinding just-over-two-minute-long single featuring vocals from Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. The mystifying track will appear on Miszcyzk’s forthcoming debut album, Thyrsis of Etna, out 15 July. Artist Jesse Yules created the appropriately magical music video, wherein a woman builds a world outside her window.

Kendrick Lamar feat. Taylour Paige: We Cry Together

Kendrick Lamar returns with Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, the Pulitzer-winning rapper’s highly anticipated fifth LP and the first to be released since 2017’s critically acclaimed DAMN. In addition to the inclusion of many frequent collaborators, the album welcomes Zola actor Taylour Paige on the powerful duet, “We Cry Together” (also featuring a Florence + the Machine sample) that centers on an escalating argument. Though …

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Converting salt water to drinking water, recycling face masks in concrete, an exhibition of abortion stories and more from around the web

Arctic Bath Hotel’s Luxurious Way to Reconnect With Nature

Built upon Swedish Lapland's Luleå river, this property's experience centers on a frosty ice plunge

NYCxDESIGN 2022: Floral Artist Lutfi Janania’s Vitra Installation

A bounty of botanical sculptures alongside exquisite designer vases and more

Inside NYC’s Vitra Studio on Madison Avenue, floral artist Lutfi Janania has installed a spellbinding array of curious, colorful and organic botanical sculptures to align with the furniture and decor brand’s designer vases—including their Vase Découpage collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. A celebration of springtime and Vitra’s very own Flower Guide, the ephemeral exhibition is an official event in this year’s NYCxDESIGN festival. Amidst …

Bad Bunny + Bomba Estéreo: Ojitos Lindos

Simultaneously mellow and vibrant, “Ojitos Lindos” by Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny (aka Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) and Colombian duo Bomba Estéreo perfectly combines the styles of both. Imbued with tropical, psychedelic cumbia, reggaeton, latin and pop influences, the track (produced by Tainy) feels sun-drenched. “I’m really happy with this collaboration. It was a really fluid and natural conversation,” Bomba Estéreo’s vocalist Li Saumet says. …

Eartheater: Mitosis

Queens-based avant-pop artist Eartheater (aka Alexandra Drewchin) returns with the thrilling new track “Mitosis.” The musician, producer, composer and vocalist worked on the song with producer and frequent collaborator Sega Bodega and the result is synth-heavy with a jittery, anxious energy. From chants to whispers, the track morphs in an enthralling manner—just like its accompanying video.


Urban tech meets outdoor performance. And it all looks really cool, too. Arcteryx used to just make climbing gear, but now their line has expanded. And their site is pretty slick, too.

New World Trade Center Designs

The design decision for the next World Trade Center is down to 2 possibilities. One is from THINK, the other from Libeskind. More information is on the Lower Manhattan Web Site

Lisa Kereszi

An array of sleezy, yet curious Americana. The photography of Lisa Kereszi is raw and fantastic.