September Scotch: Benriach Distillery’s Malting Season and Smoke Season

Exploring flavorsome limited edition expressions from the Speyside single malt scotch brand

“Except For Me” Campaign Raises Awareness About Unpaid Labor in Prisons

Part of the Abolish Slavery National Network, End The Exception is a coalition of 80+ organizations “including criminal justice reform, civil rights and labor groups” that are working to end slavery and involuntary servitude within prisons. The name exists because of an exception clause in the 13th Amendment that continues to exploit incarcerated people in the US “as workers, paying them nothing to a few …

After All is Said And Done: Taping the Grateful Dead, 1965-1995


For decades, fans of the Grateful Dead traded bootleg tapes of the band’s performances, helping cement their legendary status while also creating an underground culture and community. This fervent culture is explored in Mark A Rodriguez’s new hardcover book, After All is Said and Done: Taping the Grateful Dead, 1965-1995, a unique look at black market fandom. Featuring Rodriguez’s cassette-collection sculptures, interviews with members of the …


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National Gallery of the Faroe Islands Dedicates Exhibit to Midjourney AI Art

With the exhibit Imagine the Faroe Islands (on view 29 September to 30 October), the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands becomes the first international arts institution of this caliber to dedicate an entire exhibition to AI art. The 40 digital pieces on display were produced by feeding prompts into the artificial intelligence art generator Midjourney. These human-made prompts tasked the generator with portraying the Faroe Islands in the style …

7,000-Year-Old Structure That Predates Stonehenge Discovered

In the Czech Republic, archeologists discovered a 7,000-year-old circular structure from the Neolithic period that is believed to have been constructed between 4,900 BCE and 4,600 BCE. This is 1,000 years before the construction of Stonehenge and several thousand years earlier than the Pyramids of Giza. Measuring 180 feet in diameter, the structure—called a roundel—may have been built by people from the Stroked Pottery culture …

The Community Conclusion to Damien Hirst’s NFT Collection “The Currency”

Launched in July 2021, The Currency is an NFT collection by Damien Hirst in collaboration with international art service HENI. It comprises 10,000 NFTs—each of which corresponds to one of the artist’s spot paintings—which could be traded in for the physical artwork. 4,851 token holders of The Currency opted to keep their NFTs, leaving their corresponding paintings to be exhibited and then burned by Hirst at the collection’s …

Physicists Build a Wheel that Rolls Uphill

University of Amsterdam’s Corentin Coulais and University of Chicago’s Vincenzo Vitelli, along with their collaborators, invented a wheel that seemingly defies physics. Dubbed “Odd Matter,” the wheel—comprised of six small motors tethered together with plastic arms and rubber bands—wiggles and gyrates to travel uphill. This writhing enables the wheel to adjust to difficult terrain despite not having any cognizance of the environment. It’s a phenomenon …

Cara Delevingne’s Karl Lagerfeld Capsule Collection, Cara Loves Karl

Lagerfeld's design director, Hun Kim, explains the nuance of the new all-gender pieces


The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Ping Pong Set


Any table that’s up to 4.5cm thick can be transformed into a ping pong table thanks to this portable set from Chums, a home and lifestyle brand founded by Mike Taggett. Featuring two rackets, three balls and a net that can attach to a table and spread up to 120cm across, this ready-to-go equipment sports a striking red and black colorway and neatly tucks away …


Comfort Cleanse


From NYC-based Soft Services (founded by Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou), Comfort Cleanse is a super-light water gel that’s ideal for sensitive or dry skin, and is even gentle enough for babies. The smooth, unscented formula creates a light lather. It’s housed in a subtle green-hued aluminum bottle that can be recycled.


We Were Here: Sexuality, Photography, and Cultural Difference


India-born, Canada-raised and UK-based photographer Sunil Gupta has spent most of his career taking pictures of queer subjects, wielding his camera as a weapon for liberation. He shares some of his influential images and explorations of queerness, post-colonialism and activism in We Were Here: Sexuality, Photography, and Cultural Difference. Spanning 192 pages and including 26 images, the volume features Gupta’s keen essays on homosexuality in …


Herbarium Body Lotion


Created by multidisciplinary design brand FRAMA in collaboration with South Korean creative studio Be My Guest, the Herbarium Body Lotion is a fast-absorbing and long-lasting moisturizer that promotes cell renewal. Its bevy of natural ingredients (including shea butter, vitamin E and rapeseed oil) protects the skin, leaving behind a soothing feeling with a sophisticated citrusy and woodsy aroma. It comes in a 90ml travel size …


Madison McFerrin: Stay Away (From Me)

New from singer-songwriter Madison McFerrin, “Stay Away (From Me)” is the Brooklyn-based artist’s first release in a couple years. Minimal but layered, the dynamic and danceable track leaves space for McFerrin’s voice to radiate. It comes accompanied by a neon-hued video directed and edited by Arius Reynoso Sotolongo.

Pierre Kwenders: Kilimanjaro

Kinshasa, Congo-born and Montreal, Canada-based recording artist Pierre Kwenders (aka José Louis Modabi) shares a moody new video for “Kilimanjaro,” a genre- and language-bending track from his latest album José Louis And The Paradox Of Love. Traversing jazz, Congolese rumba, electronic pop and funk—and shifting from French to English to Lingala—the LP’s ninth track is sultry and pulsating as it unfurls with varied tempos and …

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Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING

A glorious amalgam of Japanese and Italian craftsmanship and style

In 2019 we were invited by Ferrari to participate in their Tailor Made customization program with the encouragement to expand and explore the use of colors, materials and finishes further than the luxury automaker has ever done before. We had just returned from our CH Japan trip, and as we were still inspired by indigo and traditional Japanese crafts we decided to bring some of …

Vollebak’s Thermal Camouflage Jacket Proves the Viability of an Invisibility Cloak

"We’re here to turn sci-fi concepts into reality," says co-founder Nick Tidball

The Consistency Project’s Bright, Sustainable Vision for American Workwear

Textiles made from pant hems and other innovations in this NYC-based studio

Kitchen Toke Volume 5 Issue 2


The first media company dedicated to culinary cannabis, Kitchen Toke (founded by Joline Rivera) exists at the point where marijuana, food, cooking and health collide. This issue celebrates cannabis cuisine chefs of “Chopped 420,” explores the evolving integration of marijuana into food chain and more.


Makaya McCraven: In These Times

The title track from Makaya McCraven’s recently released album, In These Times, is a swirling, otherworldly piece that perfectly sets the tone for the album. The Chicago-based composer, bandleader, producer and multi-instrumentalist’s music artfully combines elements of jazz, hip-hop, Motown, folk, funk and beyond to create an elegant melange. The album itself is an amalgam—made up of snippets of improv sessions and live performances that …

Phony Ppl: Nowhere But Up

Out today, Phony Ppl’s new track “Nowhere But Up” further solidifies the Brooklyn-based band’s flair for blending genres—from jazz to hip-hop, pop and beyond. This new song incorporates retro funk and R&B, borrowing from Cherrelle’s 1984 hit “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” (later covered by Robert Palmer) for a playful, spirited and optimistic bop.

Royal Society for the Protection of Designers

The Royal Society for the Protection of Designers, hosted at is a great ventilation of corporate angst!

Design to Inform

Next week in New York the AIGA presents a lecture Design to Inform: How can design make information accessible, usable and perhaps even sublime? Visual presentations and a panel discussion of designers and a design critic will address the role design plays when trying to foster civics, give vital information clarity or make large databases public. A panel discussion with Antenna, creators of the MTA …

Dog Names

We’re getting another dog in a couple weeks and have been working through several name possibilities. It would be nice if there was a way to search for names by the number of letters. Alas, not that many people are freakish enough to care about the number of letters. Anyway, here is a good long list of names.