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World’s Oldest Fossilized Brain Discovered

A 525-million-year-old fossil of an extinct worm-like animal known as the Cardiodictyon catenulum was first discovered in China in 1984, but only recently have scientists found that the barely half-an-inch animal has a brain. Using a technique called “chromatic filtering,” scientists were able to reveal the animal’s nervous system and brain in an unsegmented head. Not only is this finding extremely out of the ordinary—as …



Hedley & Bennett’s PRIDE apron is a colorful, queer take on their professional chef-tested Essential apron, which has been fitted with a rainbow neck and waist ties as well as a bevy of functional pockets. The kitchen gear brand also donates a portion of the proceeds from the PRIDE apron’s sales to the Los Angeles LGBT Center and its Culinary Arts program which provides culinary …


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Indigenous Restaurants in Seattle Work to Decolonize Dining

On 29 November, the Indigenous-owned restaurant ʔálʔal Cafe will open in Seattle, joining other Native-owned eateries in the city like the pop-up Native Soul and acclaimed food truck Off the Rez. The new business—which will highlight Indigenous cuisine as well as art—continues the burgeoning movement in Seattle to empower the Native community and educate about their history in the city. Despite being named after Chief …

Digitizing Rare Edwardian Images That Are Too Fragile to Display

In 1903, the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, patented the first widely available color photography process, called autochrome. Their method—which involves dusting a plate with dyed potato starch particles before loading it into a camera—revolutionized photography and cinema, yet autochrome photos are rarely seen today. Extremely sensitive, with a single transparency, these images are ruined when exposed to light and thus hardly displayed—even at London’s …

Detroit’s New Affordable Housing and Health Center for LGBTQ+ People

The Ruth Ellis Center is a Detroit non-profit dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ youth. In October, they opened a permanent affordable housing and health facility for young queer people. The 46,000-square-foot building was carefully designed by Chicago architecture firm LBBA to cater to the unique needs of the community, from offering health and wellness services to addressing safety concerns. While maintaining pride for its residents, the …

How Egg Whites Can Help Clean the Ocean

Researchers at Princeton Engineering have discovered that egg whites can create cheap yet efficient filters, a critical finding that could help clean out the estimated 14 million tons of microplastics in the ocean. The research began when Craig Arnold, a co-author of the study, was eating lunch and realized the structure of his sandwich could be perfect for filtration. Exploring food led Arnold and engineering …

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2020 Love Is Louder Than Bombs Red Wine


Tank Garage’s Love Is Louder Than Bombs red wine raises money for relief efforts in Ukraine—specifically for Good Bread, Prytula Foundation and the Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement. Made with foot-stomped grapes from Amador County, the 14-month aged wine is comprised of 85% syrah, 10% valdiguie and 5% negrette. It has notes of deep plum and blueberry jam that are finished with a touch of smokey charcoal and oregano. With …


“The Every Body” HoliRoots Hair Oil


Informed by the Indian tradition of hair oiling, the HoliRoots Hair Oil from Akash and Nikita Mehta’s beauty brand Fable & Mane is an award-winning root treatment for stronger, healthier hair. Within the vegan formula, ashwagandha helps to thicken hair while dashmool promotes scalp health to encourage growth. As a part of the Every Body campaign, 100% of the proceeds from “The Every Body” version …


Bauhaus Around You Card Deck


The Bauhaus Around You Card Deck is a creative exercise that uses the designs and ideas from the design movement to challenge users to find similar elements in real life. Illustrated by Klasja Habjan and published by Form Function Studio (a creative practice led by Alison Beshai to champion accessibility in design), the 36-card deck features different color-coded prompts in either the Think, Explore or …


Regenerative Veda⁴ Bond Complex Shampoo


Founded by first-generation Indian American Michelle Ranavat, RANAVAT is inspired by self-care and devotion to rituals in India. The brand’s new Regenerative Veda⁴ Bond Complex Shampoo is a sulphate-free, bond-strengthening formula designed to increase hair’s resistance to breakage while softening it to the touch. RANAVAT also donates 1% of the proceeds to Desai Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on women and children.


Emotional Oranges: On My Way

R&B duo Emotional Oranges experiments with new sounds on their latest single, “On My Way.” Grooving on lush percussion and sensual lyrics, the track sees the pair trading their laidback, pop-leaning sound for a fresh, rhythmic and lively soundscape, inspired by South African amapiano. Dance-worthy and bright, it’s the final single for their upcoming album, The Juice Vol III (out 9 December).

Raquel Martins: Fragile Eyes

Singer, songwriter, musician and producer Raquel Martins comes for fragile masculinity in her vibrant new track. Portugal-born, UK-based Martins blends alt-soul and jazz with Latin-influenced percussion to create an upbeat, infectious song that comes for feeble men who are intimidated by strong, successful women. The track is set to appear on her upcoming EP, Empty Flower.

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Watches of Switzerland’s Limited Edition Speake-Marin One & Two Collaboration

Two bold new colorways released with only 10 watches each

Presented in partnership with Watches of Switzerland + Speake-Marin

From pioneering, independent Swiss watch brand Speake-Marin comes an ultra-exclusive collaboration with acclaimed international retailer Watches of Switzerland. Released in two versions, the Watches of Switzerland Edition One & Two features two bright, bold colorways and glowing lume introduced to the brand’s beloved and deeply expressive dual-time wristwatch. These statement-making timepieces feature an openworked dial design set within Speake-Marin’s signature 42mm Piccadilly case and Big Ben-inspired, …

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SF guarantees income for trans people, Detroit's Ruth Ellis Center has a new home and more from around the web

Brass Silk Cocoon Locket


Hand-cast from a real silkworm cocoon, this brass locket from Hudson Valley-based K/LLER COLLECTION (helmed by Katie deGuzman) is a nature-inspired accessory crafted to keep tiny trinkets safe and close. Hanging from a blackened brass chain, it’s a charming take on a traditional locket with a slight punk rock edge.


Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Plant Medicine

From bongs to tinctures and balms, all kinds of presents for cannabis and mushroom enthusiasts

Marcus Paquin: Until It’s Gone

From Our Love, the forthcoming debut solo album of producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Marcus Paquin, the track “Until It’s Gone” pairs a sparse yet enveloping arrangement with exquisite vocals. Paquin—who’s contributed to tracks by The National, Local Natives, The Weather Station and more—edited the accompanying music video, which was directed by Genevieve Albert. “I made the video for ‘Until it’s Gone’ as an illustration of …

serpentwithfeet: The Hands

Featuring contributions from Animal Collective, production by Sensei Bueno and vocals from StemsMusic Choir, serpentwithfeet’s new track “The Hands” proves once again how adept the R&B artist is at creating rich, evocative compositions that still leave space. The minimal track appears during the closing credits of A24’s new film, The Inspection, which is based on director Elegance Bratton’s experiences as a gay man in the …

Are You Receiving Me?

Artist Jody Zellen explores the collision of public and private space facilitated by mobile telephony in her latest work, Disembodied Voices. Cell phones allow us to converse with each other anywhere, and the separate halves of our intimate conversations can become bizarre performances for audiences of innocent bystanders. Zellen describes the web site as ‘a meditation on the nature of public space’; here you can …


Test Drive: Infiniti FX45

The new Infiniti FX45 is just the coolest SUVish thing I’ve seen. Ever. Someone’s review gave the best description: Bionic Cheeta. After a test drive, I was hooked. It was fast and firm, and it felt a lot more like a European sports car than a Japanese SUV.