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From animated hip-hop to a song in support of sex workers, a few of our favorite tracks from the week

Spend the Night in an Edward Hopper Painting

Coinciding with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’s Edward Hopper and the American Hotel exhibition, the institution will allows guests to walk through—and even spend the night—in a three-dimensional recreation of the artist’s painting, “Western Motel.” An exemplary study on isolation (a persistent theme in Hoppers work), the “Western Motel” experience will happen on the museum grounds. The exhibition will also feature more than 60 …

Stainless Steel Ice Pack


Made from stainless steel rather than plastic, this ice pack not only saves water but it saves users from having to store it in plastic, too. It stays cold for four to six hours and reaches its lowest temperature after two hours in the freezer. It’s non-toxic and filled with distilled water—so there’s no chance of it leaking any unwanted substances.


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Inside Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport Terminal

Founded in 2004 by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic is an airline that offers trips to the outer rim of our atmosphere—taking off from a strip of dusty land in New Mexico. Tickets start at $200,000 and will afford passengers the opportunity to enter space—a claim typically reserved for NASA-trained astronauts. The trip lasts 90 minutes, courtesy of a supersonic plane, but hours more could …

Astronomers Detect an Unprecedented Glow from the Center of Our Galaxy

At the center of our galaxy is the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*. Though it has a history of flickering, it has never glowed like it did in April and May, new research tells us. Twice, both times over the course of four nights, the light around its core glowed at “unprecedented” levels—so much that some astronomers believed they’d discovered a star. Minutes later, the …

Goose Island’s 2019 Bourbon County Stout Variants

Over 20 years ago, then brewmaster Greg Hall executed an idea that he believed would render his brewery, Goose Island, and its 1,000th batch, a household name. He had met Jim Beam’s Booker Noe earlier that year and, through him, acquired a few barrels that he planned to bourbon barrel age beer in. It was an overwhelming success. Today, as Goose Island announces eight variants …

Random Access Go’s Mobile Travel Guide

Currently available for five cities (Berlin, Ljubljana, Munich, Tel Aviv and Zurich) and one island (Mallorca), Raaago (by Random Access Studios) is a smart phone-accessible travel guide that promotes serendipity. By selecting one of the six destinations and then goal (from eating and drinking to escaping), users are presented with an option. For lunch in Mallorca, for instance, Raaago suggests Nuru, “a modern and all …

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Repeat Utensil Set


Packable and easy to carry, To-Go Ware’s Repeat Utensil Kit features a pair of chopsticks, a fork, knife and spoon. Each utensil is made from recycled bamboo and the carrying case is made from RPET (recycled PET plastic). Plus, they’re heat- and stain-resistant and won’t absorb unsavory flavors.


Nike Adventure Club


Kids grow at a rate that often outpaces their parents’ ability to shop. Nike is looking to make it easier to find sneakers that fit growing kids. Using a subscription-based model (which starts at $20 a month), the Nike Adventure Club affords parents the opportunity to opt into a membership that sends new kicks four, six or 12 times a year. Each time you’re due, …


Pure 10 Dissolvable THC Powder


With 10 individual packets including 10mg of THC each, Ripple’s dissolvable powder is flavorless, and calorie-, sugar- and GMO-free. Thanks to technology developed by Stillwater Brands, the dose is fast-acting and free from unpleasant odors or tastes. It is a welcome addition to virgin bases—seltzers, smoothies, coffee, etc—and provides just enough of a high to afford relief. For availability refer to the brand’s product locator …


Yerka V3 Everyday Bike


Specifically designed for commuting, Yerka’s V3 features fenders on both wheels, the option of a single- or three-speed gear, and a frame that doubles as a lock. When locking up the bike, simply unhook the lower portion of the frame (where the notch is), detach the seat and then the seat becomes the keystone of the locking system. The bike is then almost impractical to …


Alex Cameron: Far From Born Again

Alex Cameron’s releases continue to delight and surprise. In the video for “Far From Born Again,” his newest single from Miami Memory (out 13 September), Cameron struts into a strip club, backed by a smooth instrumental, and sings about sex work. “The song was a moment for me to clearly express my stance on the job and the people that do it,” he says. “I support …

Cautious Clay: Swim Home

Written with John Mayer, “Swim Home” is Cautious Clay (aka Joshua Karpeh) at his most delicate and spacious. “Swim home / Without a phone / Then say you love me / Kamikaze,” he pleads alongside a sparse instrumental. The track appears on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why but does well, and warrants repeat listens, on its own. Clay will be on his Context Tour from September …

BÖEN Employs Technology to Translate Their Wine

By using near field communication, consumers can unlock a wealth of information on every bottle

Without proper knowledge, wine shopping can be a daunting task. There’s little degree of separation between a bad wine and an excellent one for an unknowing palate. And impressing and expanding your knowledge can be hard without a surplus of expendable income. But for the newly-founded Napa Valley-based wine producer BÖEN, the privilege of drinking great wine begins with finding it. That’s why, on their …

Studio Visit: Artist Refik Anadol

Where technology, data, light and space develop an interactive evolution of cinema

Court Notecard Set


Printed on recycled paper from French Paper Co, NYC-based Poem Press’ “Court Notecards” feature a grainy, sky-blue basketball court on one side and blank space for notes on the other. Measuring out to be 3.25” by 5.25”, there’s ample room for messages and doodles—or plays on the court.


Brockhampton: Boy Bye

Set to appear on the group’s forthcoming LP Ginger, due out 23 August, Brockhampton’s “Boy Bye” is their most worldly release yet—from the underlying Samba tone to the upbeat rhythm. Although each member—there are more than 10—contributes something unique here, the track feels cohesive and as concentrated as ever. Accompanied by a Spencer Ford-directed video, the track may not tell a discernible story but it’s …

Big Thief: Not

Lead by vocalist Adrianne Lenker’s desperate calls, Big Thief’s “Not” fuses folk-influence and scorching guitar solos to form a track that’s both cohesive and beautifully chaotic. At the halfway mark, Lenker’s grasping for air and a massive instrumental track haunts the background—then a three-minute-long guitar solo bursts in. It continues until the track’s end, when it all but whimpers away. The band’s second album of …

Interview: Tender Greens CEO Denyelle Bruno

An attentive, passionate leader on a mission to achieve gender parity by 2020

Cannabis-Infused Ginger Beer


Whether used as the base for a cannabis-heightened Moscow Mule or as a standalone drink, Magic Number’s cannabis-infused ginger beer is subtle enough, at only 3mg, for first-timers or for those looking for mild highs. The beer itself is made using only three ingredients: sustainably-grown Peruvian ginger, natural cane sugar and water. For the listed price, you’ll receive one 12 oz bottle; for availability, refer …


THC-Infused Sparkling Seltzer


Infused with 10mg of water soluble THC distillate, Oh Hi’s pomegranate seltzer is tangy, juicy and fruit-forward. The concoction, made from all-natural ingredients, is refreshing and low in sugar (only five grams) and can be the bubbly base for any cannabis-focused cocktail. For availability near you, refer to the brand’s product locator page.


MTA Beach T-Shirt


Released as part of Only NY and the MTA’s collaborative collection, the beach T-shirt promotes one of the city’s most underrated treats: accessibility to dozens of delightful beaches by subway or bus. Made in the US from 100% 6.5 oz ring-spun cotton, the message it carries is simple: “Take the Train to the Beach.”


Destillare Basque Red Chili Salt


Rich, flavorful and undoubtedly spicy, Copper & Kings’ Destillare margarita salt is made from evaporated Pacific sea salt and Basque red chiles. The result is a textural ingredient that affords spiciness, a slight sweetness and unmatched complexity to any mixed drink.


Oru Kayak’s Inlet Makes Kayaking More Accessible

Available on Kickstarter now, a 10 foot kayak that folds down to the size of a suitcase

Many desire time out on the water, but few have the space to store a boat or full-length kayak. Oru Kayak, on the other hand, aims to make kayaking more accessible. Their offerings, which fold down to manageable sizes, are inspired by origami and work the same as any other vessel. While they launched their first product on Kickstarter seven years ago, they return to …