Nep Sidhu’s Profound “Paradox of Harmonics” Exhibition

The Toronto-based artist explores the spiritual realm in this show at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Harnessing Iceland’s Molten Lava to Create Building Materials

Architects at Reykjavík-based Studio Arnhildur Pálmadóttir are researching ways to harness molten lava from Iceland’s volcanoes to use as a natural building material; an alternative to current materials which are responsible for 11% of annual global CO2 emissions. A recent project called Lavaforming details three different ways to cultivate lava: digging trenches for lava to flow into when a volcano erupts, drilling into magma before …

Heart Swim Vest


Safe, functional and adorably designed, the coral-hued Heart Swim Vest for kids features an adjustable safety strap, a front zip and velcro tab for additional security. Its durable neoprene improves buoyancy and warmth. Not only practical, the vest features a polka-dot design and a 3D heart on the back. Available in sizes small, medium and large, this vest is intended for kids aged from one to …


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Spotify Tests New Feature that Incorporates Artists’ NFTs

Spotify has recently started testing a new feature that lets artists incorporate and promote their NFTs on the streaming service. The feature, which is currently running on select Android apps in the US, will allow users to preview artists’ NFTs on their profile page and tap through to view and buy them on an external marketplace. “Spotify is running a test in which it will …

Microsoft Redesigns the Mouse for People with Disabilities

Around one billion people in the world live with a disability, which is why Microsoft is launching an Adaptive Accessories range that provides a more accessible keyboard and mouse experience for PC or iPhone. The kit (which will be available later this year) has three elements: a square mouse, a button with programmable pressure sensors and a hub that connects everything. Button designs are easily interchangeable and …

CRAVE’s New Collection Merges Sex Positivity and Jewelry

From necklaces that double as pleasure objects to the world’s first crowd-funded vibrator, CRAVE creates luxury products that champion erotic pleasure and self-expression. The company continues this ethos with their ICON and ID Cuffs, funding on Kickstarter now. Part bracelet and part handcuff, these pieces are a subtle yet stylish way to embrace pleasure. The ICON, made with genuine leather straps and stainless steel hardware, …

Record-Breaking Suspension Footbridge Opens in the Czech Republic

Connecting one mountain to another, 95 meters above the valley floor, the world’s longest suspension footbridge—measuring 721 meters or 2,365 feet—has opened in the Czech Republic. Located in the Dolní Morava resort (about 123 miles east of Prague), the bridge—named Sky Bridge 721—took two years to construct and is now open to visitors seeking thrills and stunning views of the Jeseníky mountains. The attraction will …

A Vision for Inside and Outside from Rottet Collection at ICFF 2022

Architect and interior designer Lauren Rottet debuts kinetic furnishings at this year's fair


The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Play Together Cards


These colorful, vibrant and playful cards have been designed by Heart n Soul at The Hub co-designers Aysen, Castro, Rajah, Robyn and Thomas in collaboration with artist Felix Peckitt. 100% of the profits from sales go back to Heart n Soul, a creative arts company and non-profit that focuses on people with learning disabilities. They aim to create opportunities to uncover, develop, share and celebrate …


Divid Mid


Flirting between combat boots and mid-top sneakers, the Divid Mid is a collaborative project between Muscovite designer Xenia Telunts and planet-conscious footwear brand Primury. The collaborators combined a gender-neutral ethos with a belief in long-lasting quality to create these organic canvas sneakers, which nod to the USSR principle of doing more with less. Price is in Pounds.


Stack Candle


Designed to be combined in endless formations with other candles or simply to delight on its own, Yod and Co’s Stack Candles are colorful and structurally playful. Each is hand-poured by skilled Fair Trade artisans in Indonesia and features eco-friendly dye, which gives the candles a subtle multi-colored effect and uniqueness. Price is in Pounds.


Cherries Beach Towel


British-born, NYC-based art director and graphic designer Peter Miles turns grocery store weekly circular ads into bold, vibrant beach towels denoting produce and pantry items, from cherries to steak, ketchup, Cool Whip and more. The jacquard towel is composed of 96% cotton, and the bright colors encompass Miles’ bold, playful style.


néomí: not good enough

From Surinamese-Dutch singer-songwriter néomí (aka Neomi Speelman) comes “not good enough,” the fourth single from the folk-pop artist’s forthcoming debut EP, before (out 24 June). The thoughtfully empowering track pairs warm vocals with introspective lyrics. Altogether, it’s a moving composition that stokes the flames of anticipation surrounding the EP.

Obongjayar feat. Nubya Garcia: Wrong For It

Calabar, Nigeria-born, London-based artist Obongjayar has just released his debut album, Some Nights I Dream of Doors, and from it comes “Wrong For It” featuring jazz musician Nubya Garcia. The track incorporates synth-pop, hip-hop, jazz, electronic and West African influences, creating a genre-defying amalgam. His layered vocals, whistles, horns, synths and soft percussion combine to create a laidback but vibrant energy.

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Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING

A glorious amalgam of Japanese and Italian craftsmanship and style

In 2019 we were invited by Ferrari to participate in their Tailor Made customization program with the encouragement to expand and explore the use of colors, materials and finishes further than the luxury automaker has ever done before. We had just returned from our CH Japan trip, and as we were still inspired by indigo and traditional Japanese crafts we decided to bring some of …

LaCollection’s Immersive, In-Person Egon Schiele NFT Exhibition For Frieze NYC

An introspective pop-up that will allow Vienna's Leopold Museum to acquire a rediscovered Schiele masterpiece

A.M. Boys: Give Me Time

A.M. Boys—a Brooklyn duo composed of songwriter and electronic musician John Blonde and record producer, engineer and musician Chris Moore—released the cerebral and vibe-soaked third single from their forthcoming debut album, Distance Decay (out June 3). Dubbed “Give Me Time,” the spacious track’s origins percolated up out of a jam session. It “started as a live improv during an after-party at our recording studio, Glowmatic …

Remi Wolf: Michael

A sonically laidback but visually vibrant single, Remi Wolf’s “Michael” sees the California-born psych-pop singer and songwriter slowing things down from her maximalist debut album, Juno. The indie-leaning single pairs subdued production with vulnerable, narrative lyrics about “a manic and obsessed woman who craves the high she gets from Michael’s attention and is willing to delve deep into a masochistic toxic pit to get it,” says …

MISZCZYK feat. Laetitia Sadier: In The Dark

Ontario-based producer MISZCZYK (aka Nyles Miszcyzk) releases “In The Dark,” a spellbinding just-over-two-minute-long single featuring vocals from Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. The mystifying track will appear on Miszcyzk’s forthcoming debut album, Thyrsis of Etna, out 15 July. Artist Jesse Yules created the appropriately magical music video, wherein a woman builds a world outside her window.

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Thermal LS Jersey


Australian cycling brand MAAP collaborates with fellow Melbourne-based label Perks and Mini (aka PAM) for a collection of bold apparel and accessories. The thermal long-sleeve jersey (available in men’s and women’s sizes) has been made from thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring comfort and warmth. With three back pockets and a YKK Vision Ziplock, it’s a functional and practical garment that’s covered in PAM’s signature graphics and …