Magnus Walker+ Hannah Elliott’s Thrilling Car-Focused Short Film “Big Apple Outlaw”

The duo navigate NYC as Walker tests the capabilities of a Lancia Delta Integrale Bastarda

Forecasting Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Architecture

ArchDaily has compiled a list of six “visions” portraying how artificial intelligence may change architecture, relying on MIT Professor Max Tegmark’s quote as the foundation for the discussion: “We are all the guardians of the future of life now as we shape the age of AI.” The six predictions—which were originally displayed at the Shenzen Biennial Eyes of the City exhibition—range from buildings with the …

Face Cream


Super-silky and lush, Nama Fiji’s face cream feels refreshing but rich upon application. The incredibly absorbent moisturizer leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated, with no greasy or slimy residue. This is thanks in part to the use of 100% wild nama (also known as sea grapes), a seaweed native to Fiji’s Yasawa Island region. Nama is higher in ionic mineral salts than most seaweeds, making it …


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NBA Players in Televised Video Game Tournament

In the absence of official NBA games, the league strengthened their pre-existing relationship with popular video game NBA 2K to co-host a bracketed, televised video game tournament. Players—including Brooklyn Nets’ all-star Kevin Durant, Denver Nuggets rookie Michael Porter Jr and others—will participate in the tournament, which will be televised on ESPN and last 10 days. The finer details of the tournament have yet to be …

GLAAD’s #TransLoveStories Portraits for Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, 31 March, marks the 10th annual Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), observed worldwide to celebrate trans people everywhere. Representation is vital, always, and especially when it portrays trans individuals finding and sharing love. To honor the occasion, GLAAD is highlighting relationships in the trans community through their #TransLoveStories campaign. NYC-based photographer Landyn Pan captured tender moments through heartwarming couples portraits. GLAAD and Instagram will …

The Cut’s Guide to Taking Nudes

From tapping into the power of natural light to embracing spontaneity (instead of overtly staged works), The Cut’s five-step guide to taking a naked photograph aims to empower adults stuck inside and perhaps away from their consenting sexual partner/s. Whether or not one has a full-length mirror, the publication offers tips and tricks—make use of a bed or bathtub—that enhance the power of mood and …

Grayson Perry’s TV Art Class

Brilliant British artist Grayson Perry (CBE RA) is teaming up with Channel 4 for a television show instructing viewers how to hone their own creative skills. With Grayson’s Art Club, the beloved artist will offer tips on painting, drawing and sculpting. He then hopes to display the work in a future exhibition. Perry tells the Evening Standard, “Accessibility is a part of what I want …

Stylish and Sophisticated Small-Batch Bar Soaps

From the whiskey-infused to the architectural, a list of cleansers with added value

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The Phoenicia Diner Cookbook: Dishes and Dispatches from the Catskill Mountains


The undeniably charming Phoenicia Diner was built on Long Island in 1962 and moved to the Catskills in the ’80s, but it was in 2011 that Mike Cioffi bought it and transformed it into a beloved institution. Now he (along with chef Chris Bradley and author and professor Sara B Franklin) is releasing a cookbook full of the restaurant’s comfort food. Drenched in Americana, the …


The Peyote Dance


The first in a triptych of albums (collectively entitled The Perfect Vision), The Peyote Dance sees Patti Smith join experimental musical outfit Soundwalk Collective in a work of tribute to French poet Antonin Artaud. Soundwalk Collective’s founder Stéphan Crasneanscki traveled to the Norogachi municipality of Mexico’s Sierra Tarahumara, where Artaud himself visited in 1936, curious to know whether a peyote shaman from the Rarámuri people …


Hand Soap and Dish


To limit single-use plastic, the brand by Humankind delivers their rich, concentrated hand soap—which comes in tea tree, grapefruit or lavender—with an accompanying bacteria- and mold-resistant dish. Your first order will arrive with both products, but those that follow include just the soap. by Humankind’s cold-processed and cured cubes contain a higher amount of glycerin (the moisturizing agent in soap) and boast a greater density, …


Big American Bourbon Soap


Duke Cannon Supply Co’s oversized Big American Bourbon Soap bar incorporates Buffalo Trace Distillery’s award-winning (and delicious) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The liquor lends this American-made soap a sweet and oaky scent—much like that of a whiskey barrel. At 10 ounces, it lasts longer than any average bar.


serpentwithfeet: A Comma

Released via Adult Swim Singles, the stunning “A Comma” by serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) marks the wildly talented musician’s return, and the announcement of Apparition—his EP due in April. For the album, which was entirely produced by Wynne Bennett, Wise says he asked himself the question: “What ghosts am I welcoming into my house?” From that contemplative (and slightly ominous) theme comes “A Comma,” which …

Jenevieve: Baby Powder

The follow-up to Jenevieve’s debut track “Medallion,” the breezy “Baby Powder” incorporates plenty of influences—from ’80s and ’90s R&B to neo-soul, funk and disco. The song samples prolific Japanese singer/songwriter Anri’s “Last Summer Breeze” from 1982’s Heaven Beach and emulates its mellow but sultry vibe. With production by Jean Benz, this groove-laden and enthralling tune bodes well for Jenevieve’s future releases.

LAVA MUSIC’s Innovative LAVA ME PRO Guitar

A carbon fiber guitar with embedded effects and aviation-inspired acoustics

Expanding upon design features from previous editions, LAVA MUSIC unveils the LAVA ME PRO, the instrument-maker’s most powerful guitar yet. The performance-oriented PRO allows for plenty of improvisation whether in the studio or on stage. Its unibody allows it to be light and easy to handle, and the expandable pre-amp system makes this ripe for plugging into a high-performing speaker set-up. The LAVA ME PRO‘s …

Premiere: “舞狮 Lion Dance” by Ian Chang

We discuss process and the new electronic-pop album, 属 Belonging

“舞狮 Lion Dance,” the lead track from musician/producer Ian Chang‘s first full-length album 属 Belonging, thrums to life with a beat that marries the mechanical and the organic. As the song develops, amassing energy and emotion, Chang grows sampled percussion into an intimate narrative—an awakening of sound and structure. The drummer may best be known thus far as a member of Son Lux and Landlady, or as …

POST’s “Bon Merde” House-Made Hot Sauce Collection

Powerful raw recipes with health benefits and impressive heat

After continuously selling out of the hot sauces they were procuring from a friend, POST owner Bobby Stackleather decided he needed to make his own. The restaurant’s new line of house-made hot sauces—called Bon Merde, French for “good shit”—reflect the creativity and attention you’ll find elsewhere on the Alphabet City restaurant’s menu. Stackleather explains, “Our recipe is totally different and raw. This was something I …

Sharon Van Etten feat. Norah Jones: Seventeen

Reworking “Seventeen” (from 2019’s Remind Me Tomorrow), singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten enlisted Norah Jones for a sublime, bluesy iteration of her brilliantly moving song. Slowed down and pared back, this new version carries immense emotional weight like the original, but even more intimate. Van Etten and Jones performed the song together on various late-night shows last year, but this is the first time it’s appeared …

Bearcubs: Screentime

Reminiscent of a room lit only by the blue glow of a phone, all in the dead of night, the song “Screentime” looks at the technology we have and questions whether it will ever come close to filling the void left by people not there with us. The moody, textured track by Berlin-based Bearcubs (aka Jack Ritchie) channels downbeat vocals through languid sonic layers. It will …

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Samin Nosrat And Hrishikesh Hirway’s New Podcast, “Home Cooking”

Culinary tips, tales and tomfoolery from the experts

As many of us spend more time thinking about food, talking about food and cooking, we may discover that we don’t have deep skills or fully stocked pantries. Home Cooking, a timely new podcast, launches today and responds to listeners’ questions about what they can create using what they have in their kitchens. Chef and author Samin Nosrat (creator of Salt Fat Acid Heat) along with …

Artist Kate Shepherd’s Video Walk-Through of Her Galerie Lelong Exhibit, “Surveillance”

“While you’re looking at the paintings, they’re reflecting you,” artist Kate Shepherd explains in her three-minute walk through of Surveillance, her captivating, highly conceptual show at NYC’s Galerie Lelong & Co. Shepherd began this series in 2017, with the intention to have the shifting, reflective quality of each painting’s enamel surface be the subject itself. She refers to the process behind the works as puzzles …

Simon Freund’s “Mit Oder Ohne” Memory Game

Simon Freund’s newest photo series, Mit Oder Ohne (which translates to “With or Without”), features 32 Polaroid photos taken with flash and those same 32 scenes captured once again without flash. Rather than present the two side-by-side, Freund turned his collection into a memory game. The game—accessible online or in print on original Ravensburger memory cards—comes in 16, 36 or 64 squares and showcases the difference …

Sir James Dyson and Other Entrepreneurs to Produce Ventilators

Corporations helmed by some of the world’s most successful executives are pivoting their businesses to meet the demands of hospitals facing the current global health crisis. Dyson (named for its founder Sir James Dyson) successfully designed and will manufacture 15,000 ventilators in response to a plea from UK’s Department for Health and Social Care. A spokesperson for the company says, “We have deployed expertise in …