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Cairo's mummy parade, VR-created claymation furniture, the importance of "third places" and more in our look around the web

The Pandemic Stripped “Third Places” From Our Social Infrastructure

For most, a favorite bar, coffee shop, library, record store, barber shop or market means more than a transaction. These “third places” (home being first and work second) oftentimes provide conversation, connection and community. However, many—if not most—of these places were forced to close or operate at reduced capacity last year and, until PPP Loans arrived, with limited financial support from the government. Some cities …

Bloom Bloom Earrings


Jessica Tse’s NOTTE Jewelry joyfully embraces the early 2000s without appearing entirely retro. The brand recently brought back one of their favorite designs, the Bloom Bloom earrings. The chunky hoops feature a diamond-cut flower charm and are tarnish-resistant gold-plated. Made by hand, they are available as singles or in pairs.


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ABIBOO’s Cliff-Face Concept City for Mars

Designed for the non-profit Mars Society, architecture studio ABIBOO’s Nüwa concept city represents a permanent, self-sufficient settlement built into a cliff face on the Red Planet. ABIBOO believes the vertical habitat could be built in 2054, using Martian materials and house 250,000 people. The studio worked with the with scientific group SONet to address several technical details. Nüwa, which ABIBOO refers to as the “future …

Artist Misha Kahn’s “Watermelon Party” Exhibit for Dries Van Noten

Two retail structures—referred to as The Big House and The Little House—form Dries Van Noten’s 8,500-square-foot, open-layout Los Angeles store, which opened in October of last year. The Big House showcases current collections by the Belgian fashion designer, while The Little House plays host to exhibitions by collaborative artists. Now through 6 May, sculptor Misha Kahn occupies the latter with Watermelon Party, an exhibition of …

Cairo Hosts Real Mummy Parade For National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Opening

To commemorate the opening of Cairo’s National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, 22 ancient Egyptian royal mummies were carefully paraded across the city in elaborately decorated, oxygen-free nitrogen capsules alongside costumed performers. The final destination was their new resting place within the walls of the long-awaited museum. Artnet explains, “Safely moving the millennia-old remains was a multimillion-dollar affair that involved building special shock-absorbent vehicles as well …

Watch the New York Academy of Art’s Tribeca Ball Program

To accompany the annual sale of work by hundreds of emerging artists at their beloved spring benefit known as the Tribeca Ball, the New York Academy of Art compiled a star-studded program that includes a tribute to fine artist Eric Fischl, as well as thoughtful advice to art students. Traditionally held among the academy’s halls (and within their art studios), the extravaganza took place online …

REV’IT Humanizes Technical Motorcycle Apparel

The Dutch brand's various trademark styles also signpost technical innovation

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

DEPA 2.0 Sandals


Tokyo-based Suicoke is no stranger to collaboration, and have just released their latest collection made with Danish design brand HAY. In four different color-blocked versions, the DEPA 2.0 sandals are intended for all genders. The eye-catching hues were selected by Mette Hay, and are inspired by the brand’s own spring/summer 2021 collection of homewares and furniture. Pairing bright red with pale pink, deep plumb with …


Hibiscus Water


An organic, fair-trade hibiscus water, Ruby is full of antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes and free of nasty preservatives and additives. Refreshingly tart, the drink contains zero sugar—in fact, its only ingredients are organic brewed hibiscus and water. Hibiscus water is known to help in lowering blood pressure, promoting healthy skin and boosting metabolism. Price is for a 12-pack and a gently sweetened version is also …


The Kitchen Without Borders Cookbook


From Eat Offbeat, The Kitchen Without Borders is part cookbook, part story book. With recipes by refugees and asylees from Syria, Sri Lanka, Iran, Eritrea, Venezuela and beyond, who relocated to NYC and became chefs at Eat Offbeat, the book contains diverse and delicious dishes. From fattoush to stuffed momos, the recipes will thrill home cooks. Much more than a list of ingredients and a method, …


Green-House: Royal Fern

From Music For Living Spaces, the debut LP by Los Angeles-based, non-binary artist Green-House (aka Olive Ardizoni), “Royal Fern” ripples with optimism, like sonic skipping stones toward the sun. “I’m trying to hit that part of the brain that’s affected by the emotional state that you’re in when you perceive something as cute,” Ardizoni says. “Cuteness and joy are gateways to compassion. It’s the gateway …

Innov Gnawa: El Ghaba

Innov Gnawa’s new seven-minute single “El Ghaba” emphasizes the group’s North African roots. Hailing from Morocco, now based in NYC, the band (Ma’alem Hassan Ben Jaafer, Amino Belyamani and Ahmed Jeriouda) focuses on a genre known as Gnawa (sometimes called “Sufi Blues”), qraqeb-based music with vocal “prayers invoking saints and spirits for freedom and liberation.” Daptone co-founder Gabriel Roth produced the group’s forthcoming album, Lila, …

Black Tomato’s Family Travel Adventures Inspired by Children’s Stories

From Call of the Wild to Alice in Wonderland, meaningful experiences drawn from adored tales

Pittsburgh Firm mossArchitects Revamps Thai Restaurant Pusadee’s Garden

Recently reopened, the minimal, modern outpost features its own built-in bookends

Floating Points: Movement 1

Promises by Floating Points (aka Sam Shepherd), Pharaoh Sanders and The London Symphony Orchestra is a nine-movement jazz piece released on David Byrne’s Luaka Bop record label. Shepherd composed the work, tapped 80-year-old saxophonist Sanders for his parts and then passed it to The London Symphony Orchestra, who eventually recorded the album audiences are enjoying now. American visual artist Julie Mehretu contributed the album’s cover …

Sons Of Kemet feat. Kojey Radical: Hustle

Sons of Kemet’s rich new track “Hustle”—featuring grime/spoken word artist Kojey Radical—is the first single from the British jazz ensemble’s forthcoming album, Black to the Future. Influenced by several genres and delivery styles, the song is dramatic and textured. Lianne La Havas lends background vocals, repeating a mantra Kojey Radical recites with a growl: “Born from the mud with the hustle inside me.” Breakdowns follow, …

Artists Pedro Silva + Stefan Martin’s Back-to-Back Collaborative SoHo Shows

Two harmonious exhibitions of large-scale acrylic paintings and layered art furniture

Zo! + Tall Black Guy feat. Phonte, Darien Brockington + Muhsinah: Hold My Hand

Musicians and producers Zo! (aka Lorenzo Ferguson) and Tall Black Guy (aka Terrel Wallace) joined forces for the recently released Abstractions and from it comes the breezy “Hold My Hand.” The duo is responsible for all production and instrumentation, while the honeyed vocals come courtesy of Muhsinah, Darien Brockington and Phonte. The song feels free-flowing, but the crisp, polished production provides a perfect balance. A daydreamy …

Gift Guide: Unconventional Florals for Spring

Eschewing traditional, dainty patterns in favor of bold blossoms