Xen Nerve Stimulator Set


Meant to stimulate the Vagus nerve (a regulatory bodily component that starts within the ear and runs through nearly every organ) while its user listens to music, this tech-forward set—which includes the Xen device, headphones, interchangeable earbuds, a display stand, and the necessary charging accessories—replaces typical listening devices. It connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device and streaming service and offers a proprietary in-ear treatment …


Holiday Gift Guides 2019: Musicality

From headphones to records, books, beat-makers and beyond, products for those who love music

Music inspires. It awakens the spirit and binds moments together. It soothes, excites and supports—and it’s a fundamental for many, including us at COOL HUNTING. Whether sharing our favorite songs, looking for records, testing headphones and speakers, playing instruments or reading about a favorite band, there are no limits to the pleasure of being in love with music. Inside our Musicality Gift Guide, you will …

DropLabs’ EP 01 Sneakers Offer Depth to Streamed Media

Footwear that stimulates nerve receptors in your feet to the tune of your music

High-quality speakers are more plentiful than ever and have never sounded so good. But most of the time, unless we’re listening through hi-def set-ups in our home or office, we’re listening on phone and laptop speakers or fairly lo-fi earbuds. Now, rather than turning the volume up, there’s a solution that offers a listening experience without the potential for hearing damage. And, for those who …