Word of Mouth: NYC’s LES Galleries

Spaces for inspiration and community in the vibrant neighborhood

Art can be isolating or divisive and, as PUBLIC SWIM co-founder Catherine Fenton Bernath points out, producing artistic work can prove isolating as well. But within the walls of galleries, visitors gather inspiration and see entirely new points of view. Galleries provide space for communities to form and play a vital role within the ecosystem of the art world. While NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood is perhaps …

“Tangle II” Print


Oakland-based Jeffrey Cheung’s artworks are playfully lowbrow and entirely charming, with a strong focus on cheerful nudes taking part in activities of varying NSFW levels. This 16 by 20-inch piece, “Tangle II” has been printed in a limited edition of 100, each of which is signed and numbered. Available on its own or framed (black or white) from Hashimoto Contemporary, it’s a delightful gift for …


Best of CH 2018: Interviews + Studio Visits

Discussions, drop-ins and dialogue with artists, designers, entrepreneurs and more

Throughout the year (and as with previous years) some of our favorite experiences have been conversations with artists, designers, inventors and thinkers of all kinds. The insights gleaned and stories told are invaluable, and the team at CH relishes in the opportunity to share them. Whenever someone is gracious enough to invite us into their workspace, even more is discovered. From the space itself (and all …