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Gamified beer, wearable tech bandages, a unique concept home and more

Rendered Versions of Lost Frank Lloyd Wright Designs

Spanish architect David Romero turned to 3D-rendering software to finish some of the 600+ documented ideas that Frank Lloyd Wright left behind. While many of Lloyd Wright’s projects reached the ideation stage during his lifetime, the ones left unbuilt are just as remarkable—even though most of them are simply aerial drawings. Taking into account the surrounding scapes of the once-potential projects, Romero “builds” these designs …

Polaris Plates


Made in Serbia using European enamelware and steel, Best Made Company’s limited edition Polaris Plates “celebrate the mystery of the night sky.” The front side’s illustration, by Ross MacDonald, depicts the night sky’s constellations and proves to be an accurate guide for when you’re eating under the stars. The plates come in sets of two and can withstand both campfire heat and dishwashers.


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Electrodermis: Bandage-like Wearable Tech

Wireless, stretchable and customizable, Electrodermis is a new type of wearable tech poised to replace the more permanent implants and gadgets that companies have been conceptualizing. The project—helmed by Morphing Matters and Soft Machines labs—is a temporary bodily adornment that allows the wearer full computational capability, whether that be health- and fitness-tracking, information storage or as an interactive bandage. Its layered construction—fabric over TPU film, …

Amey Kandalgaonkar’s Boulder Home Concept

Shanghai-based architectural designer Amey Kandalgaonkar’s conceptual renderings for a modernist home inside of a giant boulder draw inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s Mada’in Saleh necropolis. Concrete walls and floors jut from the large rock, with a hollowed inside, and lots of open-air space grant natural light. Perhaps most charming, a series of terraces and a swimming pool grace the top of the rock. Read more, and …

Dezeen’s Highlights From Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

London’s Clerkenwell Design Week once again draws excellent furniture from established and emerging studios alike. Parsing through the offerings can be difficult, as they’re tucked into pre-existing studios or hidden in one-off pop-ups. For anyone interested in the event (which ran 21-23 May), Dezeen put together a list of five highlights. From a sculptural table by EOOS to a modular grid system, the selections here …

The Third Generation of Google’s Glass Eyewear

Primarily aimed at tech-oriented businesses, the newest iteration of Google’s Glass eyewear—the Glass Enterprise Edition 2—runs on Android, is faster, more powerful and has a longer battery life. Further, developers can create “Glass-friendly” apps that run more seamlessly on the wearable and owners can use a USB-C port to charge more quickly. Most pertinent for those working in warehouses or factories, the Enterprise Edition 2 …

Studio Visit: Artist Tim Youd

We visit the workspace of an artist dedicated to literature and classic typewriters

Buy Guide

The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Aaren Kulor Neon Blue Silicone 41mm Watch


An electrifying blue is one of five new neon colorways in the Aaren Kulor watch collection from Denmark’s Skagen. The minimally designed, 41mm wristwatch takes inspiration from the modern Danish Nyhavn row houses. The timepiece pairs an aluminum case with a sandblasted dial and silicone strap. As for functionality, there’s a seconds-tracking subdial in addition to the hours and minutes hands. The watch also retails for under $100.


Barbican Trolley


Inspired by the lack of affordable, well-designed furniture, Dims. launched to fill a void. Addressing needs in his own home, founder Eugene Kim set out to tap designers for cornerstone pieces and to offer transparent pricing and sourcing. This Barbican Trolley, in “Wimbledon Green,” is modern, minimal and multi-functional. Whether placed in a kitchen for extra counter space or used as a roving cart at …


Beach Tennis Set


Made from Baltic birch and cork, Fredericks and Mae’s beach tennis set includes everything you need to get your game going: two rackets, a cork ball and a cotton drawstring bag to carry it all. Make up your own rules, or follow the official instructions for the game (aka Kadima, Matkot or Frescoball) whether on the beach, park or backyard.


Ghostly 20 Nylon Cap


Ghostly (one of our favorite record labels) is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and has released a bunch of merch to mark the occasion. Our pick from the collection is this six-panel cap, designed by LA-based Justin Sloane. Crafted from nylon (so it’s lightweight and perfect for warmer weather), it’s made in the USA and embroidered with Ghostly’s 20th anniversary logo—which, of course, features their trademark …


Santi feat. Krisirie: RX-64 (The Jungle)

From Lagos-based alté artist Santi’s debut album, Mandy & The Jungle, comes “RX-64,” a track that fuses dancehall with afrobeat and hip-hop influences. Santi and Barbados-based guest vocalist Krisirie cruise atop the beat, which features prominent bass and drums. “While I was recording, each time I closed my eyes I saw a jungle,” Santi told i-D. “It felt very unsafe, but still very wild and …

Vanishing Twin: Magician’s Success

Part psych-folk, part whimsical indie, London-based Vanishing Twin’s (comprised of Cathy Lucas, Valentina Magaletti, Elliott Arndt, Phil MFU and Susumu Mukai) “Magician’s Success” is a vintage-tinged tune. The track, from their forthcoming record The Age of Immunology (due 7 June) floats along, filled to its brim with quirky honking sounds, delicate strings, a steady guitar and easy-to-remember lyrics. It’s easygoing but delightfully grown.

Miami Cocktail Company’s Suite of Pre-Made Cocktails

After bottling their first offerings, five new canned concoctions

Founded by Miami hospitality veterans Ross Graham and Simon Benstead, Miami Cocktail Company seeks to produce products that filled voids in the spirits and cocktail industries. Unsatisfied with the pre-made cocktail offerings available in liquor stores, the pair started crafting no-sugar-added, certified-organic, small-batch cocktails with the best ingredients they could find—and with subtle twists. Their first suite of products included a blood orange mimosa (with …

Premiere: My Baby’s Gone by Boulevards

The newest single from his forthcoming record 'YADIG!'

New from modern funk singer/songwriter Boulevards, the high-energy “My Baby’s Gone” sounds like a throwback and contemporary jam at the same time. Composed by Rush Midnight (aka Russ Manning) and written by Boulevards (aka Jamil Rashad), the song (from the upcoming YADIG!) melds together funk, rock, blues and more, for a dynamic and satisfying tune. “Rhythm & Blues is the foundation of funk. Ed Cochran, …

Interview: Reverse-Glass Painter Christopher Martin

With galleries in Aspen, Dallas and New York, an artist who has mastered organic expressionism

Ezra Furman: Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone

Another catchy number from musician Ezra Furman, “Calm Down” (aka “I Should Not Be Alone”) clocks in at 2:22 and doesn’t dip in its dramatic delivery at any point. The animated video, directed by Beth Jeans Houghton, swirls comic book color into the mix. After a milestone year for the songwriter, 2019 will see the release of his latest album, Twelve Nudes, out 30 August …

GoldLink feat. Maleek Berry + Bibi Bourelly: Zulu Screams

Fusing go-go, African and Caribbean rhythms and hip-hop, “Zulu Screams” is an upbeat bop outfitted with smooth verses from DMV-raised GoldLink and Nigerian-Brit Maleek Berry, with vocals from singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly (who wrote “Bitch Better Have My Money” for Rihanna). The accompanying video—directed by Meji Alabi—takes place in a dark, chaotic warehouse party and features a hologram version of GoldLink, who seems summoned by the …

Gift Guide: Summer Adventure Essentials

Be prepared for the seasons picnics, beach trips, bike rides and more

Instructions for a Funeral


Penned by Man Booker-nominated author David Means, Instructions for a Funeral is a poetic and poignant collection of short stories. From a tale about fatherhood to one that follows two FBI agents on a stakeout, the stories offer lifelong lessons about compassion, love, addiction and more. Each unlike the last, these tales not only thrill, but also also provoke contemplation.


The Ultra-Safe, Semi-Autonomous Concept: Mercedes-Benz 2019 ESF

Insight into what designers and engineers are doing to make driving safer

Take! Bamboo Chair


Made in Japan, Snow Peak’s Take! chair is a six-pound, collapsible seat that’s easy to transport on all your summer adventures. Constructed from laminated bamboo and aluminum, it’s lightweight but still sturdy—and that goes for canvas seat covering too. Available in two sizes.


Heather Strange: Ruthless

Baby Alpaca frontman Chris Kittrell returns as Heather Stranger, his moniker for a glitzy solo project that strikes deep. With production by Dave Sitek and Christopher Hines, lead single “Ruthless” tucks Kittrell’s Morrissey-like vocals into thoughtful, pop-friendly instrumentals. Underneath it all, however, is a song about doubt and defying insecurity. A message that works well with the glittery Bryan C. Watkins-directed video.

Giorgia Lupi on Joining Pentagram, Data and Finding Inspiration Everywhere

The information designer is the first new partner at the NYC studio in seven years

As one of the most respected design studios in the world, Pentagram selects their partners incredibly carefully. There’s no surprise then that somebody as talented as Giorgia Lupi is the company’s first new NYC partner in some seven years. From installations to brand identities, architecture and advertising, Pentagram’s disciplines are vast. Unlike other studios, the owners also create the work—meaning everybody in the company must …