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Mutant Enzyme Breaks Down Plastic in Hours

New research published by French scientists in the journal Nature addresses their discovery and manipulation of a mutant bacterial enzyme that can break down PET plastic into raw materials in a matter of hours. After optimization experiments, Carbios (the organization behind the discovery) broke down one metric ton of waste by 90% in 10 hours. Their scientists then used that material to create new premium plastic …

Bike Ride Necktie


The unique process behind Title of Work’s 1″ Raw Edge Stripe / Bike Ride Necktie incorporates the photo-transfer of a 1920s cycling image onto imported cotton linen with silk overlay. Once again, the Lower East Side atelier brings meticulous crafting and premium materials to their out-of-the-ordinary accessories, all of which are individually made by hand in NYC. For the month of April, 20% of the …


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The Tangled History of the Letter X

As porn consumption reaches what may be an all-time peak, MEL Magazine writer Chris Bourn wondered “How did X become the edgiest letter?” The 24th letter in our alphabet is the second-least used, but has come to represent all things “adult” and is intrinsically connected to porn. This can be traced back to the introduction of 1968’s audience-advisory ratings, which attributed X to movies with …

Portrait of a Goddess Found in a 3,000-Year-Old Coffin

Inside 3,000-year-old mummy Ta-Kr-Hb’s coffin (which hadn’t been moved or surveyed in a century) archaeologists from Scotland’s Perth Museum and Art Gallery uncovered a stunning series of paintings she was buried with. These two new paintings are located on the lower part of the coffin’s interior and exterior, a place that conservators and archaeologists never investigated before. “We had never had a reason to lift …

Watchsmith App Grants Further Apple Watch Face Customization

For all the customization allowed to the Apple Watch face—including theme, style and numeral type—developer David Smith’s iOS app Watchsmith unlocks even more. Watchsmith allows users to assemble dynamic feature combinations that can be scheduled to change throughout the day. Users can affix the weather to their Apple Watch face in the morning or activity data toward day’s end. Sources range from astronomy and tide …

Carapate’s Cozy New Design-Forward Campers

New French camper brand Carapate has released its first two editions: the eponymous Carapate and its counterpart, the Carriole. Using natural wood elements throughout the 65-square-foot campers, designers Fabien Denis and Jean-Marie Reymond invoked a sense of openness, and touted a connection with the natural world. Clever compartments provide inhabitants with the option to use the kitchen outside the confines of the camper. The whimsical …

Behind the Scenes at California’s Organic Cowgirl Creamery

Dedication to local ingredients, experimentation, tradition and science provides the foundation for this beloved brand

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DAO-2 Slippers


Japanese brand Suicoke’s DAO-2 slippers (available in two colorways) feature an adjustable nylon and PVC-padded band with a toggle string for tightening to ensure a firm but comfortable fit. The industrial upper contrasts a rugged sole, which makes these ideal in-between shoes. Intended for all genders, these slides feature subtle gray and black with a pop of yellow and an overall utilitarian vibe.


Original Chicken Chips


Available in three flavors—original, salt and vinegar, and BBQ—Flock Foods’ gluten- and dairy-free chicken chips contain more protein than potato chips. Made from 100% premium chicken skins and sea salt (and fried in soybean oil), these simple but irresistible chips come in packs of eight single-serve bags.


Green Cotton Weave Dog Collar


HINDQUARTERS’ durable yet soft dog collar comes in a rich green hue and five sizes: small, small wide, medium, large, and XL. The dense cotton weave ensures defense against unfavorable weather, mud and dirt, while its marine-grade steel slot-and-lock buckle is corrosion-proof and can withstand machine washing. Hand-engraving on the accompanying tag is available at no additional cost. Price is in Pounds.


How to Be an Artist


From the Pulitzer Prize-winning senior art critic for New York Magazine (and social media user extraordinaire), Jerry Saltz, How to Be an Artist dispenses practical wisdom, inspiration, humor and honesty to nourish the artist in all of us. For those already taken by Saltz’s passionate criticism and witty storytelling—as well as those looking to persevere in creative professions—the book will prove to be a beautiful …


JR JR: The Way I Do

JR JR, the indie-pop duo from Detroit (formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr), surprise-released “The Way I Do” today—another sugary-sweet taste of their forthcoming EP, August and Everything Prior. A straightforward celebration of devotion, with a little silliness tossed in, the track’s upbeat spirit and sing-along chorus make for an easy listen.

Jonah Yano feat. Tatsuya Muraoka: shoes

Jonah Yano’s lo-fi “shoes” highlights an emotional rekindling with his father, Tatsuya Muraoka, who he hadn’t seen in 15 years. The accompanying video details Yano’s visit to Japan, how the pair occupied their days together, and the uncanny resemblance between father and son. Originally recorded by Muraoka in Hiroshima in the ’90s, “shoes” was finished by Yano—he filled out the track’s instrumental and then laid …

Jeremie Quidu’s Virtual Sound Bath Through Patented IRIS Tech

The Ibiza-based healer will guide listeners through a brain exercise made possible by sonic innovations

Starting this Saturday, 11 April, IRIS will host a virtual sound bath led by Ibiza-based sound-healer Jeremie Quidu. With the aim to influence viewers physically, the sound bath will employ “patented IRIS technology to bring audiences into a heightened live state, engaging the mind and body in this immersive experience,” a statement from the audio brand says. Streamable through the IRIS webplayer or iOS app, …

The Neon Museum’s Virtual Tour of “Lost Vegas: Tim Burton” Exhibition

From an animatronic slot machine to a 40-foot-tall neon sign, imaginative site-specific works inside and out

Extended several months by popular demand, then shuttered amidst the pandemic, the Neon Museum‘s Lost Vegas: Tim Burton exhibition will come to an official end on 12 April. Before the imaginative installation of original, (mostly) site-specific work concludes, however, education specialist Mitch Cohen will offer one last chance to see it all through a Neon Museum Facebook Live virtual tour. More than an assemblage of sculptural works …

Noah Chenfeld: Stop the Bus

An upbeat, indie-pop ode to coincidence and observation, NYC-based Noah Chenfeld’s “Stop the Bus” powers along on gregarious guitars, keys and drums. The track’s karaoke-night themed music video—starring Rachel Coster and shot by Louis Sansano—underscores the lyrics and Chenfeld’s earnestness as a songwriter.

Health-Tracking “Smart Toilet” Discerns Users by Their Unique “Analprints”

Mountable on standard systems, a new “smart toilet” concept debuted in the scientific journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, in a research paper by Sanjiv Gambhir of Stanford University. The health-tracking system within the device scans biological waste and uploads the data found to the cloud. It builds unique user profiles based on “analprints,” or the distinct shape of everyone’s butthole—which it captures through a camera within …

Mykki Blanco: Patriarchy Aint The End of Me

In Mykki Blanco’s theatric two-minute track “Patriarchy Aint The End of Me,” the queer rapper tells a tale of defiance atop a dramatic soundscape. Produced by FaltyDL, the song incorporates backing vocals by Mykal Kilgore, L1ZY, and Leah King. Blanco shared in a statement that the song was “written as if it were a scene from a musical with radical feminist strippers.” With its narrative …

Merch Aid’s Art-Driven Apparel for Local Businesses

Artists create exclusive merchandise for local businesses, and 100% of the profits go to the establishment

Created with the intention of providing relief to the long list of small businesses forced to close (hopefully) temporarily, Merch Aid—an initiative helmed by a team of RGA employees—pairs an established artist with a local business. The designer or artist creates exclusive merchandise (a T-shirt and a tote bag) for the company, with 100% of the sales going directly to the local business. Localized to …

Explore ASMR at the “Weird Sensation Feels Good” Exhibition

Inside Sweden’s national architecture and design museum in Stockholm, ArkDes, the first-of-its-kind exhibition Weird Sensation Feels Good investigates autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)—a phenomenon now 13 million videos deep on the internet. ASMR—chilling, pleasurable tingles instigated by common sounds, like rustling, scratching or crinkling—grew beyond a niche subset. The exhibition examines the pre-internet history of ASMR, its development into an advertising and design tool, its …

Free Documentary on Hayao Miyazaki, Co-Founder of Studio Ghibli

A free, four-part documentary on Hayao Miyazaki—co-founder of the beloved and iconic Studio Ghibli—is now streaming, thanks to Japanese broadcaster NHK. 10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki first aired last year and delves into the animator, manga artist, filmmaker and author’s artistic process and personal life—with a focus on his relationship with his son Gorō, who worked on Studio Ghibli films From Up on Poppy Hill …

Austin Kleon’s Guide to Making a Zine From One Sheet of Paper

Writer and artist Austin Kleon recently shared his simple guide to making a zine from a single sheet of paper, a variation on what he learned from the book Whatcha Mean, What’s A Zine? Resourceful and enchanting, the one-sheet project requires just four steps, which Kleon lays out in a penciled how-to guide and a helpful YouTube video. Click through to his site to learn …

Artist Sabrina Siegel’s Playful $10 Digital Portrait Series

The Chicago-based illustrator explains her quest to help people feel a little more seen and understood

Miles Davis: Get Up With It


A compilation record of songs recorded by legendary trumpeter and bandleader Miles Davis, at NYC’s Columbia Studios between 1970 and 1974, Get Up with It is a foray into jazz fusion, with elements of rock, soul, psych, funk, calypso and more woven throughout. At the time, many jazz purists were surprised by Davis’ oddball and adventurous choices, but the record has proven itself as a significant …