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Open-Source Software Making Museums More Accessible

Oftentimes, the process of visiting a museum begins at an institution’s website, and not all of them are accessible to people with disabilities. In fact, several notable NYC institutions’ websites are not readable by visitors with loss of vision. Those museums should take a tip from Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art whose open-source software—a tool that can be added to any website—”seamlessly integrates image descriptions …

Rhomb Jacket


Plenty of raincoats trap heat while keeping the elements out, but Veilance’s new Rhomb jacket is impossibly lightweight and highly breathable, so it’s perfect for humid, summer rains. It also looks a lot like leather, making it a great city accessory. Made from a single layer of black Gore-Tex, the hood features elastic sides for a snug and secure fit (even on windy days) as …


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Brilliantly Playful Artist Websites

While many artists opt for minimal, straightforward websites (with a CV, About and Exhibition/Work pages), several artists are creating trippy online delights. Chaotic animations, ’90s era internet motifs, beautiful shapes, splashes, glitter, drips, illusions and various thoughtful and playful approaches to their web presence is more and more common in the art world. Artsy has listed some of their favorites—from Marisa Olson to Petra Cortright …

Jumbo App Manages Your Various Privacy Settings

According to Fast Company, the average person has 191 accounts to keep track of—a statistic that carries tremendous privacy management expectations and repercussions. iPhone app Jumbo plans to curb this as it becomes a sole interface for everyone’s privacy settings. From deleting old tweets and Instagram posts to clearing Google search history, Jumbo’s capabilities are necessary—and the company’s mission is quite ambitious. Further, all processing happens …

English and More of the World’s “Weirdest” Languages

Using information from the World Atlas of Language Structures, researchers surveyed the features of 239 languages to determine which are “weirdest”—meaning in sound, the number of features and sentence construction. Out of 239, English ranked 33rd. Citing its abnormally high number of phenomes (most languages have around 25, but English has 44) and the odd way English-speakers assemble questions, the study unbiasedly shows how English …

World’s Largest Airplane’s First-Ever Flight

Weighing 500,000 pounds and boasting two fuselages and a wingspan of 385 feet, Stratolaunch‘s behemoth of a plane—which will launch rockets into Earth’s orbit—took flight for the first time ever this past weekend. Taking off from the Mojave Air and Space Port, the Stratolaunch ascended to 15,000 feet, reaching speeds up to 175 MPH, before landing successfully two hours later. “It was an emotional moment …

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Hemp Grow Kit


Limited to 200, this hemp set by Back To The Roots includes everything you need to pot, plant and grow your own hemp—though it shouldn’t be used commercially or industrially. The kit features a handy informational booklet, organic and non-GMO seeds, as well as soil and five pots. Since the passing of the USA’s farm bill, industrial hemp cultivation is legal and fruitful—and this at-home …


Shampoo Bar


Made from all-natural ingredients, byhumankind’s shampoo bar is vegan and ethically made. With base ingredients including anatto seed, hydrolyzed oat protein and rosemary extract, the bar comes in three fragrance options: lemongrass, thyme or lemon lavender. Our pick is the fresh, citrusy lemongrass scent—which boasts additional notes of lime and sage. Not only does the shampoo bar offer an alternative to chemical-filled options, it’s also …


Woolsey Shuffleboard Table


Crafted from high-quality maple, this beautiful Sean Woolsey Studio shuffleboard table fits all game-night needs. It features a teak handrail and black marble inlay to mark all the game lines and numbers. Plus, with a base made from steel and a Sunbrella fabric cover, it can be placed outside—safe from all the elements. Available in three sizes, 10 different finishes and the option for custom …


Four Twenty Candle


This natural soy candle from Homesick boasts top notes of cannabis, without being overpoweringly herbal. Rather, it’s balanced out with citrus, as well as earthy and lightly camphoraceous scents—thanks to bergamot, cedar, sandalwood, musk and patchouli. This hand-poured candle offers 60-80 hours of burn time.


Tycho: Easy

The multi-talented Tycho (aka Scott Hansen) has just released the first track from his upcoming fifth album—his first since 2016’s Epoch. The dreamy song, called “Easy,” is filled with pulsing and groovy bass lines, airy synths, and hazy vocals by Saint Sinner. Hansen says of the tune, “‘Easy’ is about coming to terms with my past and defining a clear vision moving forward. It’s a …

Four Tet: Teenage Birdsong

Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) has just released a new track and it’s a sweet, flute-and-synth-led tune called “Teenage Birdsong.” Minimal to begin with, the song becomes more and more layered, shimmery and beguiling. While it’s meditative and ambient, the song’s flawless production makes it deeply engaging. Hebden announced on Twitter that he’s been working on new music, but it’s not clear if this song …

Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey’s Wine Cask Finished Series

Two limited edition age statement single malts express the true character of a category

The high-end premium and super-premium Irish whiskey categories grew 1106% and 3385% respectively since 2002 in the US, according to data from the Distilled Spirits Council. Beyond the stats, it’s safe to say that Irish whiskey remains a beloved category and that it’s long been dominated by very few brands. But as powerhouse products pave the way, smaller producers like Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey are …

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From the country's classic "ruin bars" to craft cocktails and beyond, some of our favorite establishments

Variety Life Productions Founder Kaitana Magno Adapts Carmen for Public Arts

A classic opera blossoms as a 360-degree theatrical experience

Today, one finds non-traditional museums dedicated to feelings, colors and even ice cream. Meanwhile, theater continues to break from its rectangular stage too. Our new cultural institutions defy their histories and, in doing so, embolden a whole new generation of the curious. As such, and with contemporary depth, opera is now experiencing the same revitalization as immersive theater. Inside the Public Hotel‘s future-forward venue Public Arts, …

Flying Lotus feat. David Lynch: Fire is Coming

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the collaboration between experimental magicians Flying Lotus and David Lynch is gloriously dark, demented and enthralling. The spoken-word track revolves around an ominous story, told by Lynch, over a soundscape that includes far-away thunder, rumbling, garbled hums, haunting strings and tinkling piano. The video—directed by Steven Ellison and David Firth—depicts a distorted Lynch telling the tale to a mesmerized group of wolf-children. The track …

fold: Teacher

Over fold’s jazzy new instrumental, a recording of James Baldwin’s moving 1963 speech given at Oakland, CA’s Castlemont High School plays. The speech, for predominantly black students, is about education and self-worth, and begins, “If I were your teacher, I’d beg you to fight me and not let me get away with anything.” The psych- and funk-infused “Teacher” layers several organic movements—and works seamlessly with …

Recreating the Face of a Neolithic Dog

Built upon one of 24 dog skulls excavated in 1901 from Cuween Hill Chambered Cairn in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, this facial recreation reveals the appearance of domesticated canines roughly 4,500 years ago. The recreation—commissioned by Historic Environment Scotland and National Museum of Scotland—aimed to draw further attention to the close relationship between Neolithic humans and dogs. It was achieved by way of a 3D-printed model …

Premiere: Vitamin String Quartet’s Rendition of Björk’s “Wanderlust”

A live album and entrancing visuals in homage to the beloved Icelandic artist

Culminating in a special release for Record Store Day and a digital debut on 19 April, Vitamin String Quartet (known for 20 years worth of classical covers of popular songs) pays homage to Björk with a full-length offering entitled Vitamin String Quartet Performs Björk. The 13-track release spans Björk‘s discography—with obvious fan favorites from her first few albums as well as songs from more recent …

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The Mirror

Okolo shines with an exhibition of diverse reflections for the Czech Designblok 2012

As a part of Prague’s annual design show, Designblok 2012, the Czech creative firm Okolo unveils its new exhibition, “The Mirror,” based around the relationship between design and mirrors. Opening today, 1 October and curated by one of Okolo’s founders, Cool Hunting contributor Adam Štěch and Klára Šumová, the exhibition features works by more than 30 artists and design studios. The diverse interpretation aims to …


Dror presents a self-sustaining island concept for 300,000 residents off the coast of Istanbul

Hotel Texas: An Art Exhibition for the President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy

Brooklyn Nets' high-tech arena, the new Myspace, Google Field Trip and more in our look at the web this week

In an interesting attempt to commemorate the death and legacy of John F. Kennedy, The Dallas Museum of Art is exhibiting works that graced the walls of Kennedy’s Texas hotel suite in Forth Worth just before his assassination. The specially-selected works hung for his visit span paintings by Van Gogh to a sculpture by Picasso.