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Harmony Korine’s Experimental Film “Duck Duck” For Gucci’s Snap Spectacles 3

Shot using Snap’s Spectacles 3, acclaimed (and experimental) filmmaker Harmony Korine’s short “Duck Duck” takes viewers on a bonkers ride through Miami. From colorful, bulbous animal costumes to a man prowling the city on a skateboard (dressed like a hot dog), the immersive video employs several of Snapchat’s 3D effects and reality augmentation. It made its premiere during Miami Art Week in conjunction with the release …

ChromoClear Focus Glasses


Using colored lenses crafted by the ZEISS Vision Science Lab in Tübingen, luxury eyewear maker Morgenthal Frederics’ ChromoClear glasses offer science-backed relief from everyday eye stressors. This particular hue, dubbed Focus, may improve concentration and reaction time with continuous wear, and boost productivity and the speed of reading in situational use cases. The frame, made from a tortoise patterned compostable acetate, is available in three …


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NASA’s Up-Close Survey of the Sun

One may think our Sun gets overlooked by the brightest minds in space-related matters for more glamorous studies like visiting or inhabiting other planets—but, according to NASA, this isn’t so. A key point of scientific consideration has become: what causes the Sun’s flare ups? Also, why is the atmospheric aura around it—known as the Corona—hotter than its true surface? An unmanned spacecraft named Parker has been …

DATAMONOLITH_AI Transforms The World’s Oldest Data Into a Digital Sculpture

Currently on display as part of the Future And The Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life – How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow exhibition at Tokyo’s Mori Museum, Ouchhh Studio’s digital artwork DATAMONOLITH_AI comprises three billion pixels, each projecting centuries-old data. As the name suggests, generative adversarial networks, machine learning, and AI algorithms peruse data from the ancient architectural site Göbekli Tepe (9600–7000 BC), ultimately creating an …

Massive Attack and Manchester University Track Music Industry’s Carbon Footprint

Legendary Bristol-based outfit Massive Attack is turning over data from various tours and recording stints to Manchester University in the name of research. The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research will use the volunteered information to assess the primary sources of carbon emissions within the industry, from “band travel and production, audience transport and venue.” Massive Attack has already been attempting to offset their carbon …

Michael Apted’s 56-Year Documentary Project Concludes

With the release of Seven Up! in 1964, filmmaker Michael Apted introduced a documentary series that would become one of cinema’s most ambitious, groundbreaking and beautiful projects. Every seven years, Apted has produced an installment that follows the same 14 British people—from age seven to this year’s final installment, in which they’ve reached 63 years old. Apted (himself now 78) has recorded each session and …

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Michael Apted's 56-year documentary, NASA's close-up of the sun, Harmony Korine's experimental film and more from around the web

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Tea Powder + Eunbi Ceramics Gift Set


Ibi Yoo of Studio Kō travels to Korea to meet with local designers and find all kinds of goods for her shop. Personal interest turned her attention to sourcing high-quality tea powders, along with the utensils needed to make matcha, hojicha, hongcha, and ssugcha drinks. This Tea Powder + Tool Set comes with a black bamboo chaseon (whisk), chashi (scoop), two Eunbi ceramics cups and …


Ruinart + Vik Muniz Limited Edition Chardonnay Leaf Print


With 100% of the proceeds going to benefit Imazon, a Belém, Brazil-based nonprofit dedicated to Amazon rainforest conservation, this numbered, limited edition photographic print, entitled “Leaf,” blends several notable aesthetic values of São Paulo-born artist Vik Muniz. Commissioned by the champagne house Ruinart as part of Muniz’s Shared Roots series, the sculptural work the photo portrays is composed of fresh Chardonnay leaves and branches collected from the …


Clyde Stovetop Tea Kettle


Fellow Products’ unobtrusive Clyde kettle is easy to transport and pour thanks to a long, bent handle. Its wide-mouthed “magic” spout holds steam until the kettle is tilted to pour, allowing it to escape naturally, and away from your hand, rather than all at once. Thoughtfully, a harmonic whistle, rather than a haunting screech, sounds once the water inside is boiling. The kettle comes with a …


Smell Proof Pouch


Measuring four by four inches, Another Room’s handy 820D nylon pouch traps in the aroma of fresh flower or edibles. With a playful slogan on the outside, this baggie seals super-tightly so you can discreetly carry a handful of joints or loose marijuana inside.


Yussef Dayes: Duality

Intergalactic but with references from the golden eras of jazz, Yussef Dayes’ aptly titled single, “Duality,” fuses two of the artist’s tracks—“For My Ladies” and “Othello”—into one expansive, complex performance. The first half, or “Side A,” as Dayes refers to it in the video’s description, is sultry and slow-moving, and carried by synths and a bass guitar. The second half is when Dayes—on the drums—takes …

Khruangbin + Leon Bridges: Texas Sun

Fusing Texas trio Khruangbin’s physchedelic style and Leon Bridges’ soulful sounds, “Texas Sun” pays homage to the collaborators’ home state without succumbing to stereotypes. Khruangbin (aka Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald Ray Johnson on drums) handles the instrumental, while Bridges lends his rich vocals. Southern twang surfaces from time to time, but the track is more hazy and heady than …

BLUR Celebrates the Ever-Growing Canon of Black Cinema

Forgoing categories like documentary, short, video art, and music video, the Anthony Konigbagbe-curated exhibit celebrates the work of black creators

Curated by Pyer Moss art director Anthony Konigbagbe, the exhibition BLUR is a muddling of forms and genres. From music videos and short films to documentaries and branded content, all are present (on show at the transitional gallery space at 98 Orchard), but none are prefaced with their intention. When films are assigned a genre, expectations gets affixed, as well. But, BLUR‘s opening statement, which viewers are …

Miami Art Week 2019: From Western Europe to the Pacific Islands with Artist Zac Langdon-Pole

The BMW Art Journey recipient on celestial navigation, time and space

Holiday Gift Guides 2019: $25 and Under

Because this month can be expensive, some more affordable ideas

Tame Impala: Posthumous Forgiveness

Another single from Tame Impala’s forthcoming album, The Slow Rush (out 14 February), “Posthumous Forgiveness,” proves far more personal than the band’s typical releases. Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker lucidly details several moments that he longs for with his late father: “Wanna tell you ’bout the time / I was in Abbey Road / Or the time that I had / Mick Jagger on the phone …

SiR (feat. Zacari): Mood

Lighthearted and groovy, SiR and Zacari’s “Mood” burns at a steady tempo, highlighted by falsetto from both singers. Zacari ( Zacari Pacaldo) commands the chorus, while SiR (Sir Darryl Farris) leads the verses with breathy, layered vocals. The Mez for Heirs-directed video puts the pair into an action movie, culminating war scenes from Farris’ nightmarish dreams. The west coast-influenced track appeared on SiR’s recent Chasing …

Miami Art Week 2019: Art Basel’s Monumental Meridians Sector

Curator Magalí Arriola's ode to large-scale artwork and even larger ideas

DropLabs’ EP 01 Sneakers Offer Depth to Streamed Media

Footwear that stimulates nerve receptors in your feet to the tune of your music

High-quality speakers are more plentiful than ever and have never sounded so good. But most of the time, unless we’re listening through hi-def set-ups in our home or office, we’re listening on phone and laptop speakers or fairly lo-fi earbuds. Now, rather than turning the volume up, there’s a solution that offers a listening experience without the potential for hearing damage. And, for those who …

RIMOWA’s Special Edition Attaché Gold Briefcase

The luxurious handheld holiday release references their storied history

Help Remedies

Richard Fine, one of the founders behind the new In fact what compelled Richard to come up with the products was a desire for exactly opposite of what's already out there. After experiencing a headache and visiting a store in search of something to get rid of it, the fluorescent lights and the terrible packaging screaming weird things like "dual action formula" and "now with …

Joseph Conforti

Joseph Conforti is a master of repetition. A raku ceramicist based in New York City, he creates hypnotic wall sculptures comprised of individual panels, each of which contains hundreds of ceramic pieces. Raku, for those unversed in ceramic speak, is a traditional form of Japanese pottery dating back to the 16th Century. It involves low temperature kiln firing, followed by a combustible immersion that gives …

Mark Andreas: Reactive Sculpture Series

After exhibiting up and down the eastern seaboard, Brooklyn-based sculptor Mark Andreas has crossed the East River to make his Manhattan debut. Andreas' Reactive Sculpture Series includes the hulking 400-pound Seed Spreader (pictured), an intimidating machine equipped with three-foot spinning blades. It brilliantly expresses the fear associated with the industrialization of mass food production that, in the words of the artist, “conceptually speaks to the …