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The world's deepest pool, Scotland's haunted toy store installation, new iPhone features and more from around the web

Nintendo Museum to Open in Former Playing Card Factory

Kyoto’s defunct Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant will host the Japanese video game company’s forthcoming museum, tentatively named Nintendo Gallery. The site, constructed in 1969, used to produce playing cards and Hanafuda (a traditional card game, referred to as “the battle of the flowers”). The company—whose hardware includes Game Boy, Wii and Switch, and whose games range from Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda to …

Milk Caramel Cookie Chocolate Bar


Certified B Corp and fair trade, international chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely works to end child labor and modern slavey in cocoa farms across the world (which is the result of large corporation purchasing power and ensuing conditions). For their chocolate bars, Tony’s Chocolonely adheres to five transparent sourcing principles that include longterm investments in farmers and their communities. Once limited edition, their four beloved Sweet …


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Science Behind the Brightest Auroras

Though scientists have long understood the basic mechanism behind auroras (aka the northern lights or southern lights), a new paper published by Nature Communications offers “definitive evidence” on the spectacular physical process behind the brightest auroras. These colorful, undulating displays typically occur when particles charged by the Sun enter into Earth’s magnetosphere, collide with molecules and generate energy. However, physicists from the University of Iowa; …

Artist Rachel Maclean’s Haunted Toy Store in Scotland’s Jupiter Artland

In the forests of Jupiter Artland—the 120-acre outdoor sculpture park near Edinburgh—Scottish artist Rachel Maclean installed an eerie, graffiti-covered toy store with upside-down attributes aplenty. The sinister structure houses unsettling doppelgänger dolls, as well as Maclean’s new 10-minute animated film, which explores the pressures upon youth (from self-esteem to consumerism and predatory behavior) through the struggles of a cartoon princess. It is the artist’s first …

New York Public Library’s Massive Renovation

The beloved New York Public Library has undergone a massive $200 million renovation that’s resulted in an extra 180,000 square feet of space and amenities. Across the street from the well-known Stephen A Schwarzman location (replete with the familiar marble lions) now sits the new Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library which features “an increase in public seating areas, a whole floor dedicated to children, a new …

Apple Messages’ Forthcoming “Shared with You” Feature

For anyone who ever lost track of a link or photo that was sent their way (by not remembering who sent it when), a new feature—announced at Apple WWDC 2021—will aggregate items people receive through iOS within Shared with You, a dedicated content section within multiple apps. This strengthens the integration of Apple Messages with others applications like Apple Photos, Music and News (even Apple TV), which …

The World’s Biggest + Deepest Pool, Blue Abyss

Measuring 50m by 40m, with a 16-meter-wide shaft plunging to a depth of 50m, the research pool within Cornwall, England’s Blue Abyss aquatic center will be the biggest and deepest in the world. When it is completed in 2023, it will contain more than 42,000 cubic meters of water—and its salinity and temperature will be able to be controlled. Designed by British architect Robin Partington, …

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Luna Candlestick


Lewes, UK-based artists (and sisters), Liv and Dom Cave-Sutherland make a number of lovely stoneware candlesticks—each one hand-built and hand-glazed, with no cast or moulds used. Selene, the goddess of the moon, inspired the the Luna iteration. Standing about 19cm (7.5 inches) tall, the piece is perfectly functional, but looks glorious even when not in use. Price is in Pounds.


Water I Won’t Touch


A portrait through poetry of a trans person’s experience, Kayleb Rae Candrilli’s Water I Won’t Touch runs powerful, emotion-laden language through moments of trauma, tenderness and joy. Candrilli’s accolades—as a 2019 Whiting Award Winner in poetry, a 2017 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in transgender poetry, and many more—are deserved, and this latest 96-page book further reveals their distinct, necessary voice.


Blanco Tequila


While founded 25 years ago, Tepozán tequilas (blanco, reposado and añejo) are now available in the United States. Made using traditional techniques, these tequilas are entirely grown, distilled and bottled at the source—in the highlands of Jalisco. Additive-free, the brand’s offerings are crafted with fully matured, estate-grown blue agave; volcanic-filtered water; and local, natural yeasts. The ingredients and method lend a verdant, bright flavor, along …


Soft Science


Franny Choi explores queerness, femininity, identity and autonomy as an Asian American woman in Soft Science, a book of poems that often center on futurism and technology in a remarkably human manner. While cyborgs feature as a vehicle for otherness, Choi also uses them in many other nuanced ways. Rhythmic and melodic, her poems enthrall readers.


Alice Coltrane: Krishna Krishna

From Alice Coltrane’s Kirtan: Turiya Sings (out in July) comes “Krishna Krishna,” one of the nine devotional songs on the record. In 1981, Coltrane (aka Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda) first put the music on cassette for members of her ashram—and now the tranquil tunes are being released into the world. “Krishna Krishna” almost immediately puts listeners in a meditative state, thanks to its soft organ and …

Fousheé: my slime

From Fousheé‘s debut album, time machine, “my slime” provides fans with more of her mellifluous melodies, honeyed vocals and whimsy. The track is accompanied by a playful, modern-day Bonnie and Clyde (or Harley Quinn and Joker) type video—perfectly fitting considering the lyrics, “You’re my slime / my partner in crime / we just blew a day but you’re still on my mind / let’s go to …

Premiere: “Right Here” by KODO, Emilíana Torrini + The Colorist Orchestra

The traditional Japanese drumming collective collaborates with an Icelandic vocalist and Belgian concept act

Interview: Record Label Founder Zack Bia

From creating playlists to seeking out the next big artist, a pioneering path in the music industry

Yumi Nu: Pots and Pans

New from LA-based, Japanese-Dutch artist Yumi Nu, “Pots and Pans” exudes a breezy, dreamy and summery vibe—despite its subject being the demise of a relationship and the rebuilding that comes next. The singer-songwriter and model says on Instagram, “After long relationships end, sometimes that means rekindling old friendships, getting a new apartment (new kitchenware) and starting fresh.” This theme follows through to the artwork by …

The Felice Brothers: Jazz On The Autobahn

A second release from The Felice Brothers’ forthcoming From Dreams To Dust album (out 17 September via Yep Roc Records), “Jazz On The Autobahn” finds the band at their finest, from engrossing narrative lyricism to vibrant alt-folk sonic stylings. The track is accompanied by a stop-motion music video, painted and put together by band member Ian Felice. He explains in a statement, “This song is …

Ivy Sole feat. Kingsley Ibeneche: Dangerous

Philadelphia-based Ivy Sole teams up with Kingsley Ibeneche for “Dangerous,” an enchanting song about unreciprocated love. The singer/rapper bounces between soothing, soulful vocals and melodic rap, while Ibeneche adds sweet falsetto. As the mellow beat fades, Sole muses, “I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m still learning how to belong to me / Even though it feels like I belong to you, y’know?”

Vinyl Is Forever

In the spirit of classic slogans like I ♥ NY and Virginia Is For Lovers, Soundscreen Design pays tribute to the continual obsession of music junkies' everlasting love of vinyl records with a series of collaborations wherein designers and studios create iconic interpretations of the phrase Vinyl Is Forever. Hamburg-based graphic design and illustration studio, Human Empire inaugurates the collection of limited edition shirts, hoodies …

CH Gift Guide: Speakers That Rock

With the vast amount of speakers and docking stations available for your iPod or MP3 player these days, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. We've picked our top ten and put them in our 2008 Gift Guide, and to help you out we've included a range of styles and prices for everyone, from the Lego lover to the serious sound junkie. For a full look at …

Second-Hand Chandeliers x Floto & Warner

Sculptors/photographers/all-around creative cats Floto + Warner have discovered a bright new idea in re-purposing cast-off keepsakes. Their brilliant new Pendant light is crafted almost entirely from recycled and second-hand necklaces and pendants scored at the Goodwill and Salvation Army. The completed designs range in size, but even the smallest ignites a glittering chandelier feel. Read more at Refinery29.