The Art World’s Very Own Indiana Jones

Dubbed the “Indiana Jones of the Art World,” Dutch detective Arthur Brand has just recovered a stolen Picasso painting worth $28.2 million. Like the storyline of a heist movie, the 1938 painting Buste de Femme (Dora Maar)—depicting one of the artist’s mistresses—was stolen in 1999 from “a Saudi sheikh’s yacht on the French Riviera.” Brand (who spent four years on the hunt) says the painting was …

Menu Wire Pot and Oil Lamp Planters


From Danish designers Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, these minimal wire frames comes in three different sizes—with three different top options. The simple but dynamic base can be completed as an oil lamp, a planter or a marble tabletop. This outdoor sets also allows for customized arrangements (if you buy one of each).


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The Overdue Successes of Older Black Artists

After decades of indifference from the art world, many African American artists in their 70s and 80s are finally garnering the attention, bidders, invitations to lectures, panels and shows—and, of course, income—they deserve. These overdue successes result in mixed reactions, and rightly so. Sculptor and teacher, Melvin Edwards says, “It’s about time the art world caught up.” While painter Howardena Pindell has “a different kind …

Smart Trash Can Works to End Food Waste

Developers at Winnow Vision may have figured out a preventive solution for food waste. The second generation of their smart trash can, currently operating in all of IKEA’s UK and Ireland locations, uses AI to photograph, identify and assign a cost to the food that’s tossed. Annual food waste costs about $1.2 trillion, but if the trash can is able to identify trends in consumption …

Museum Attendance Under the Beyoncé Effect

With Art Newspaper’s annual international survey, Art’s Most Popular, to be published this week, details are already emerging about a milestone year in attendance. The Louvre saw more than a quarter more visitor than in previous years—a boost attributed to the Beyoncé and Jay-Z music video “Apeshit.” Elsewhere, the Tate Modern surpassed the British Museum for the first time in nine years. Portraits of President and …

Glorious Photo Series Protests Russian Anti-LGBT Laws

Defiant, powerful and gloriously triumphant, Roman Gunt and Nick Gavrilov’s new photo series captures young couples kissing in front of various state institutions, landmarks and more—in support of Chechnya’s queer youth and in protest of Russia’s anti-LBGTQ+ laws. Debuting exclusively at Dazed, the images are “subversive postcards of radical love.” Created as a response to the prosecution and torture of LGBTQ+ people in Chechnya, the …

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The ABCs of Triangle, Square, Circle


First published in 1991, The ABCs of Triangle, Square, Circle: The Bauhaus and Design Theory is a collection of essays that traces the origin and impact of the movement. From graphic design to psychoanalysis, childhood education and beyond, its influence is undeniable. Along with typographical design, diagrams, symbols and various illustrations, it’s a fascinating lesson in a wildly significant movement.


Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef.


Written by James Beard Award-winners, Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay, Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef. is the ultimate guide to assessing, preparing and cooking steak. Complete with variations for every single cut and plenty of tips on how to build your fire (whether that be on a grill, in a pit, or on the stove), everything is covered. In just over 200 pages, Franklin …


Curious No. 1: Negroni


Curious Elixirs’ drinks are complex and nuanced takes on classic cocktails, without alcohol. This one—billed as something somewhere between a Negroni and an Old Fashioned—is herbaceous, bitter and boasts notes of pomegranate and orange peel. Plus, every bottle comes packed with an adaptogen blend designed to supply the body with antioxidants, increase and improve circulation and fight usual fatigue. In this lightly carbonated iteration, there’s …


Ria Headphone Bag


Made in collaboration with Kvadrat and Raf Simons, B&O’s new headphone case is made from Ria 0281 fabric—new worsted-spun wool with just a little nylon and viscose. The organic-looking pattern reflects the sustainable nature of the material, and the fabric-covered inner helps to protect your headphones. With a simple zip closure, this case is a super-practical but sophisticated accessory.


Lee Fields & The Expressions: You’re What’s Needed In My Life

With a discography dating back to 1969, Lee Fields—now of Lee Fields & The Expressions—hasn’t slowed at all. Their newest tune, “You’re What’s Needed In My Life,” is a classic love song with horns, a bluesy guitar and soulful back-up singers. Chivalrous, jubilant and gushing, Fields croons about his love’s endless list of qualities—it’s delightful listening for all ears. The release will appear on the …

Phum Viphurit: Hello, Anxiety

Packed with funk- and disco-powered riffs and breakdowns, “Hello, Anxiety” is the newest single from Bangkok-based Phum Viphurit. The 23-year-old made noise with last year’s “Lover Boy,” and this new release is an encouraging and understanding tune about coping (and sometimes not coping) with anxiety. With a video by Khamkwan Duangmanee, that ends in a cheerful dance party, the song is ultimately hopeful and supportive—and …

Act + Acre Hair and Scalp Products

More than just shampoo and conditioner, from the new brand

In a time when we carry around tiny supercomputers, shampoo feels far from revolutionary. Whether at the drug store or salon, many hair products seem interchangeable. All of these then build up and must be clarified with yet another special product. Even the new wave of suds-free “co-washes” or “cleansing cremes” oftentimes feel like conditioner repurposed as shampoo. It’s through this lens that we learned …

Native Instruments Launches NOIRE

Nils Frahm’s custom concert grand piano gets transformed into an inspiring software instrument

Nils Frahm—known for blending traditional and electronic instruments to reach ethereal dimensions—will tell you that no two pianos, even of the same model, sound the same. “Even the best manufacturers struggle to make instruments of the same quality,” he says. “It is a very, very complex physical system and you need a little bit of luck to make an instrument that goes beyond, in terms …

Tame Impala: Patience

Straying a bit from his familiar take on psych-pop, Tame Impala (aka Kevin Parker) has returned with “Patience.” Led by piano sequence that swirls into a disco beat, Parker appears and carries the euphoric track through various phases—drums come and go (as does the piano), while synths interject at the song’s highest points. “I’m just growing up in stages,” he sings—an apt lyric for Parker’s …

Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

Piercing out of the water and onto the shoreline of Båly in Norway is Under, an underwater restaurant by Snøhetta. Essentially a concrete tube, the restaurant is constructed out of a 34-meter-long and 1/2-meter-thick slab of concrete—allowing for an organic appearance and ample protection from the surrounding water. Diners enter above sea-level and descend down a flight of stairs to the main dining room and …

Mondaine Honors the 75th Anniversary of the Swiss Railway Clock

Time-telling tools from an independent brand known for impeccable design and equal precision

Whether you’ve traveled through Switzerland and seen it in real life or not, the Federal Swiss Railway clock is an icon of modern time-telling. In the years since its 1944 release, it has achieved a particularly beloved place in global design recognition. Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB) engineer Hans Hilfiker imagined the original—which would come to represent the precision of the transport system—but since 1986, Swiss watch …

The Ashhole

As an ex-smoker I really find the habit quite gross. So it's with great apprehension that I mention this product, but the fact of the matter is that it's a pretty brilliant design solution. Instead of putting butts in empties and making a mess along the way, pop on an Ashhole and get the benefits of an ash tray without the need to clean it …

The Art of Puma

The Art of Puma is a basic white high top with 80s style illustrations that will be released exclusively in Japan, UK , Germany and France. Neither subtle nor sexy, they do embrace a certain creative chaos circa 1988. They also further today's notion that white high tops are canvases. Definitely collector's items– grab a pair if you can find them.

iPodify Your Photos

For iPod advertisement fans who lack Photoshop skills comes iPod My Photo. For $19.95 they'll turn any digital photo you send them in to an iPod ad styled image. Once you get the image from them, it's up to you to do with it as you please– make holiday cards, print it on a t-shirt or plaster it all over town. Update: Similar, yet different …