EVENPRIME Skincare’s Comprehensive Future-Forward Design

From rigorous Korean beauty product standard adherence to anime-inspired branding

Innovative Design Shines in the Tour de France

Currently in stage 16, this year’s Tour de France is a brilliant display of endurance, skill and innovative design. Aero and climbing bikes are crucial for standard and uphill stages, whereas time trial bikes are used to shave off seconds and on downhill legs. For a race that is often decided by no more than 1/100 of a second during each stage, and less than …

Smart Wall Socket Four-Pack


With no hub necessary, each Gosund smart wall socket connects through WiFi to its dedicated app, offering control from (one or multiple) smartphones. Whether used to turn electronics on or off remotely, or to pair them with Alexa or Google Home, the multifunctional plug is simple, straight-forward and potentially energy-saving. Further, each plug can be preset to an automated schedule through the app. This is the …


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Disco’s Revenge: House Music

What legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles called “Disco’s Revenge,” house music gathered steam months after Chicago’s “Disco Demolition” in 1979—in which 55,000 fans attended a White Sox baseball game in order to destroy disco records beforehand. They rushed the field, shattered their records, and newspapers proclaimed the death of the genre. The early ’80s, though, saw a rise in house music, which Vox explains was essentially …

How Human Voices Affect Wild Animals

Humans are super-predators—even when we’re not actively behaving as such. A recent study conducted in an English forest documented the reactions beavers had to the sound of wolves, bears and humans. While they ignored the wolf sounds and were “mildly concerned” by the sound of a bear, the beavers were “profoundly disturbed” by the sound of human speech. A different study played human speech in …

Elena Tamburini’s Touch-Encouraging Furniture

Inspired by sex as taboo, especially among older people, Italian designer Elena Tamburini created Filotea—a collection of furniture that encourages physical affection whether solo or with another individual. The range includes several standout pieces: Otello is a mirror surrounded by feathers, which allows the user to caress their own face, and the Filomena is a body brush that stimulates the skin. Our favorite is the …

Documenting Strip Clubs Throughout the American South

French photographer François Prost’s Gentlemen’s Club collection archives the sun-soaked facades of strip clubs across the southern US—everywhere from the beaches of Florida to downtown Houston. Through 193 photos, Prost surveys the design of these buildings, with their “generic signifiers of sex and sensual pleasure,” focusing on parts of the country that have “conservative and puritan reputations.” The exteriors are brightly colored, eerily similar from city …

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From a disco-influenced alt-pop tune to an unexpected St Vincent cameo, our favorite new releases

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“Danger 380 Volts” Pétillant Naturel (2017)


Czech natural winemaker Milan Nestarec’s Danger 380 Volts is a funky and dry pétillant naturel that includes refreshing notes of apple, grapefruit and white peach. Crafted in the pétillant naturel style (aka the méthode ancestrale, in which wines are bottled before initial fermentation is finished, resulting in a natural sparkling), it’s slightly bubbly, cloudy and has an almost cider-like quality.


NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Set


Made in collaboration with NASA, LEGO’s homage to Apollo 11’s endeavor is intended for individuals over 16 years old. It includes a complex lunar lander to assemble, a semi-realistic depiction of the surface of the moon to situate it on, two golden helmet-adorned figures to place and countless exterior features to manipulate. When complete, the final product is a nostalgia-laden depiction of those famed first …


It’s Freezing in LA! Issue 3


Despite the title, UK-based It’s Freezing in LA! focuses on climate change on an international level. Their third issue, titled “Protest,” covers global strikes, marches and walkouts that have been initiated in opposition of fossil fuels, mining, and much more. But, this issue also addresses potential solutions, how new construction adheres to recent legislation and the challenges companies face when switching to electric vehicles. It’s …


Controllers Print


British mixed media artist Joe Webb combines found images to make otherworldly, cosmic scenes. For “Controllers” (a four-color screenprint made in an edition of 75 with Jealous Gallery), Webb plays with proportions and skews the viewer’s perception, placing an astronaut high above Earth but in the sightline of suited men behind a control board. The sky is covered in a black diamond dust overlay—replicating millions …


yeule: Pretty Bones

The dark post-pop tune “Pretty Bones” is the first single from the debut full-length by yeule (aka Nat Ćmiel). The track is layered, gauzy, glitchy and quite ethereal. Its Joy Song-directed video begins with opulent and odd still life images (pearl-encrusted fruit, raw octopus, jewels, flowers and candles) and descends dramatically with Ćmiel destroying everything—punching cakes, crushing sweets—until finally, the screen fills with time-lapse shots …

Masta Ace + Marco Polo: Get Shot

From Masta Ace and Marco Polo’s most recent collaborative album, A Breukelen Story (out on Fat Beats Records), “Get Shot” is old-school hip-hop at its finest, from an artist who’s been dedicated to the genre for 30+ years. Once a part of the Juice Crew (alongside Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne Shanté, Kool G Rap and more), Masta Ace has long insisted on infusing wisdom into …

Bamford Watch Department + Black Badger’s Fordite Watches

Limited to just 10 pieces, a collaboration resulting in unique pieces of art

Black Badger (aka James Thompson) is well known in horology circles as an artist with more than a passing devotion to high-powered lume and hard-to-find materials. If you’re a contemporary watch designer looking to inject a little oomph into your pieces, the chances are Thompson’s on your list. Likewise, Bamford Watch Department is consistently pushing the boundaries of custom watchmaking and when the two collaborate—and …

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Revisited lunar reportage, Wes Anderson-inspired sunglasses, the tale of disco's revenge and more in our roundup of the web

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray Debuts

The brand new car proves General Motors has big plans

Moonchild: Too Much to Ask

Delicately lo-fi but bubbly, “Too Much to Ask” is the first single from the forthcoming LP, Little Ghost, by LA-based trio Moonchild (aka Amber Navran, Andris Mattson, and Max Bryk). Electronic and eclectic, there’s an unmistakable maturity employed here. During the track’s chorus, Navran proposes a question: “Is it too much to ask / for you to love me like that?” It’s hopeful but skepticism remains.

Red Hearse: Half Love

Red Hearse, a new group consisting of Jack Antonoff, Sam Dew and TDE producer Sounwave, just released their second single “Half Love.” It’s brooding and looming but ultimately offset by delicate, high-reaching vocals from Dew. Antonoff’s stroke is recognizable but it’s certainly distant from the work he’s done with Bleachers or the tracks he’s penned for various other singers. The Grant Singer-directed video depicts a …

Empirical Spirits Enters the US Market

A brand new online store expands access to category-defying releases

Founded in 2017 by noma alumni Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, Copenhagen-based Empirical Spirits is set to fill a particular hole in the US spirit industry by expanding their online store (in partnership with Domestique) to ship to customers stateside. Whereas most American distilleries rely on strict, centuries-old spirit category rules, Empirical relies on flavor and flavor alone. Rather than call their product a gin …

TAXA Outdoors’ NASA-Inspired Campers

We speak with Garrett Finney about how designing for astronauts influences his more down-to-earth vehicles

De’Longhi’s La Specialista is an Affordable Espresso Machine with Impressive Precision

Technological advancements in grinding, temperature control and tamping result in the ideal brew

Traditional pump espresso machines often demand careful attention from their users—the grind, tamping pressure, pour and temperature are at best left to their discretion, or at worst left to chance. De’Longhi‘s newest offering, the La Specialista EC9335.M, leaves just about everything to the machine. It has easy-to-use controls that deliver precise grinds, as well as ideal tamping pressure and temperatures for specific pulls—along with the …


Like its name, Scubapunk juxtaposes otherwise unconsidered concepts. The designs (click above to zoom in for a closer look) are a clean and simple interpretations of underwater life. Their site, on the other hand, brings in the more punk side of their personality.

adidas Skywalkers

adidas always has it goin on, but this Fall is really coming together brilliantly. In addition to the Grubers, there will be Skywalkers (see above, click to zoom). The word is that this basketball shoe from outer space was found in a thrift store in Japan and dates back to the early 80's. Inspired by science fiction movies this model now comes back in its …

Exotic Clutch

Sofia Wallin's Bossy Cat handbags collection takes a leisurely jet-set stroll from Africa to Asia, from snakeskin to vintage kimono fabrics, for island-hopping girlfriends around town. Luxurious fabrics, hand beadwork and feather details: irridescent crystal brooches, semi-precious stones, rugged raw Thai Silks and robust suedes. Recline in style, from private beach cocktail parties to dim sum morning dating.