RIMOWA’s Special Edition Attaché Gold Briefcase

The luxurious handheld holiday release references their storied history

DATAMONOLITH_AI Transforms The World’s Oldest Data Into a Digital Sculpture

Currently on display as part of the Future And The Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life – How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow exhibition at Tokyo’s Mori Museum, Ouchhh Studio’s digital artwork DATAMONOLITH_AI comprises three billion pixels, each projecting centuries-old data. As the name suggests, generative adversarial networks, machine learning, and AI algorithms peruse data from the ancient architectural site Göbekli Tepe (9600–7000 BC), ultimately creating an …

Patterned Wallabee


For their first-ever collaboration, Todd Snyder and heritage shoemaker Clarks Originals have reworked the classic Wallabee, a signature design that combines the moccasin and boot. The limited edition shoes reference Clarks’ origins as a rug-making company and Todd Snyder’s midwest upbringing. Employing one-of-a-kind paisley upholstery fabric for their exterior, they have a leather interior and it all sits atop the usual crepe sole. With leather …


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Massive Attack and Manchester University Track Music Industry’s Carbon Footprint

Legendary Bristol-based outfit Massive Attack is turning over data from various tours and recording stints to Manchester University in the name of research. The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research will use the volunteered information to assess the primary sources of carbon emissions within the industry, from “band travel and production, audience transport and venue.” Massive Attack has already been attempting to offset their carbon …

Michael Apted’s 56-Year Documentary Project Concludes

With the release of Seven Up! in 1964, filmmaker Michael Apted introduced a documentary series that would become one of cinema’s most ambitious, groundbreaking and beautiful projects. Every seven years, Apted has produced an installment that follows the same 14 British people—from age seven to this year’s final installment, in which they’ve reached 63 years old. Apted (himself now 78) has recorded each session and …

The Arrivals’ Cell Signal-Blocking Parka

NYC-based brand The Arrivals has designed a new parka with the intention of wearers reconnecting to nature. Inside, the puffer jacket (called the Aer) features a Faraday pocket made from a blend of polyester, copper and nickel. This combination blocks radio-frequency identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC), electromagnetic fields (EMR and EMF) and radiation signals—all the methods of delivery to mobile phones for push notifications, …

Plastic Bubble Subs Grant Humans Access to the Deep Sea

As we continue exploring space, there’s a large subset of researchers and investors that are working their way into the depths of our oceans—of which we have discovered 5%. Most of those scientists are using technology that originated in the ’80s: bubble crafts. But clever, contemporary upgrades are making these spherical vessels more efficient than ever. These days, the vessels cost between $2 million to …

Norway’s Beloved Outdoor Brand Norrøna Expands Stateside

The team at the 90-year-old company discusses sustainability, functionality and pragmatism

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Brass-Topped Decanter


Made by Anna Karlin Studios, this lovely bulbous decanter has been handblown from sturdy food-grade glass. Standing at seven inches tall, it holds up to 1,300ml. With a neck measuring almost three inches in diameter, it’s stopped by a solid brass sphere—creating a sophisticated and slightly retro look. This, and other pieces by Karlin, are available at NYC’s Coming Soon.


IRIS: A Space Opera VHS Collectors Set


Justice’s IRIS: A Space Opera is a filmic transformation of their adored live performances of Woman Worldwide. This unique performance series was conceptualized explicitly for cinema, using special access, angles, and effects for a more expansive experience. While it was originally shown to a limited number of audiences in select cities, the cinematic release now hits DVD, streaming, and, in this set, VHS. It comes complete with a …


Natural Wool Cap


Handmade in Japan by a master milliner that studied hat-making under legendary designer Jean Barthet, this natural-hued wool cap comes equipped with antimicrobial features and a unique softness—afforded by a process that uses untreated material exclusively. The resulting fit is looser and more unstructured but far more comfortable. FEIT worked closely with the milliner through each step of the process.


AirFly Pro


As Bluetooth earbuds and headphones become more prevalent, many users are now accustomed to frustration when confronted by entertainment systems on airplanes, in gyms or rental cars. Allowing you to connect your wireless headphones to these screens is the AirFly Pro: a dongle that plugs into a standard jack. This little gadget can wirelessly connect to two sets of headphones and has a 16+ hour …


Khruangbin + Leon Bridges: Texas Sun

Fusing Texas trio Khruangbin’s physchedelic style and Leon Bridges’ soulful sounds, “Texas Sun” pays homage to the collaborators’ home state without succumbing to stereotypes. Khruangbin (aka Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald Ray Johnson on drums) handles the instrumental, while Bridges lends his rich vocals. Southern twang surfaces from time to time, but the track is more hazy and heady than …

Tame Impala: Posthumous Forgiveness

Another single from Tame Impala’s forthcoming album, The Slow Rush (out 14 February), “Posthumous Forgiveness,” proves far more personal than the band’s typical releases. Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker lucidly details several moments that he longs for with his late father: “Wanna tell you ’bout the time / I was in Abbey Road / Or the time that I had / Mick Jagger on the phone …

Miami Art Week 2019: Gagosian + Jeffrey Deitch’s Must-See “The Extreme Present” Exhibition

The fifth installment of an annual series at the iconic Moore Building in the Miami Design District

Test Drive: 2019 Maserati Levante Trofeo

We drive the luxurious SUV through historic Fredericksburg, Virginia

Holiday Gift Guides 2019: Sportsball

Some of our favorite equipment, apparel and more for active people

SiR (feat. Zacari): Mood

Lighthearted and groovy, SiR and Zacari’s “Mood” burns at a steady tempo, highlighted by falsetto from both singers. Zacari ( Zacari Pacaldo) commands the chorus, while SiR (Sir Darryl Farris) leads the verses with breathy, layered vocals. The Mez for Heirs-directed video puts the pair into an action movie, culminating war scenes from Farris’ nightmarish dreams. The west coast-influenced track appeared on SiR’s recent Chasing …

Kilo Kish: SPARK

Digital and distorted, Kilo Kish’s “SPARK” proves catchy and enjoyably offbeat. Comprised of a glitchy, buzzing synth, the every-so-often output of a drum machine and Kish’s drawn out vocals, the single deviates from the artist’s recent releases, but does so in a way that feels natural. “This time, I really lost it / Don’t know where you are / Let’s hope I come across it / …

Jonas Wood Monograph


Jonas Wood’s gloriously lush paintings have garnered him plenty of praise throughout the years, but this paperback is the first monograph dedicated to the LA-based artist. With 200+ photos and illustrations, ranging from family photos to baseball cards and other artists’ work (including his wife, Shio Kusaka), the book offers insight into his many influences, inspirations and nuances. With contributions from curator and writer Helen …


Interview: Hans Neuendorf + Jacob Pabst on 30 Years of Artnet

The father/son team address transparency, tech and collecting work today

“Mama Knows Best” Cashmere Sweater


Hand-stitched in NYC, Lingua Franca’s “Mama Knows Best” sweater matches each sale with a $100 donation to Every Mother Counts—an organization dedicated to improving access to quality, respectful maternity care all over the world. Every 100% cashmere garment is embroidered to order and can be customized, but customers should note that will take about two weeks. This charcoal-colored sweater is available from XS to XL.


Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge

Magnetically balanced bow-and-arrow? All-terrain wheelchair? These and more will compete to be the 2006 Modern Marvel of the Year. As Americans we like out inventors to be iconoclastic eccentrics working out of their garages. There's more appeal to this iconic individual than an large-scale operation. In a move to reenforce this most American of traditions, the History Channel together with the National Inventors Hall of …

Peter Sutherland: Coming Home

Neil Young has a song called "Country Home" about a city boy who goes home to the country. Every time the photographer Peter Sutherland goes home, he takes pictures of what was always around when he was growing up. Now, his new citified perspective allows him to notice things in a new light. What seems normal to people in Colorado Springs, through Sutherland's lens, looks …

Reload Bags

The greatest dilemma of the iBook generation has nothing to do with relationships or religion. Our most dire predicament is finding a backpack or cargo bag we can take everywhere and doesn’t fall apart after six months. And if it's maybe stylish as well, is that too much to ask? Straight out of Philadelphia, Reload Baggage Inc., with their ultra-sturdy handmade bags, is here to …