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Virgin Hyperloop’s Passenger Experience Concept Video

In a new step-by-step concept video, Virgin Hyperloop walks viewers through the entire Hyperloook passenger experience. With utopian serenity, and portal design by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and pod designs by Teague, the journey portrays a commute at supersonic speed with structure and ease. “Hyperloop technology—and what it enables—is paradigm-shifting,” Sara Luchian, Virgin Hyperloop’s Director of Passenger Experience, says. Luchian, one of the first people …

Shearling Crew Sweater


For an added layer of warmth (that also offers moisture-wicking), Holden Outerwear’s shearling crew sweater supports body temperature through PolarTec’s synthetic shearling. The cut is akin to a classic crewneck, but the waist cinches with a drawcord and the cuffs feature an elasticated quick-dry poly. It’s comfy and reliable for active use in winter weather.


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Apple Celebrates Black History Month With Maps + More

Apple’s Black Unity Collection of products and accessories painted in the Pan-African Flag’s colors caught headlines this week, but another set of initiatives will prove more impactful. During Black History Month, Apple will support several global organizations (including the Black Lives Matter Support Fund, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the European Network Against Racism); host a Black-owned and -developed hub within the App …

11 Ways to Support Travel, Hospitality and Domestic Workers

From the onset of the global pandemic, many individuals with the financial capabilities to do so have donated to various organizations and local mutual aid initiatives. Still, countless industries continue to suffer. Two of the hardest hit remain hospitality and tourism—which go hand in hand. Here Magazine has a list of 11 ways to support travel, hospitality and domestic workers without traveling or dining out. From …

Southampton Now Requires Vacant Storefronts to Display Local Art

The population of the villages within Long Island’s eastern end diminish severely as the summer season ends. With reduced foot traffic, businesses tend to shutter, casting a blight upon the other seasons. To breathe life into one town, and provide exposure for local artists, Southampton mayor Jesse Warren’s Storefront Art Project requires that landlords fill their vacant storefronts with art or receive a fine. This …

Researching The Theory That Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Whether or not money buys happiness remains a collective fixation—and many scholars endeavor to answer the question through countless studies. In a much-cited paper published in 2010, psychologist Daniel Kahneman and economist Angus Deaton determined that an individual’s life satisfaction improved as their income increased, but emotional wellbeing plateaued once a household achieved an income of $75,000 (equal to about $90,000 now). Around the same …

Sundance 2021: New Frontier Highlights

From home, you can now participate in the film festival's cutting-edge virtual vertical

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The Roots “Do You Want More?!!!??!” Deluxe Edition


To celebrate the 26th anniversary of their brilliant Do You Want More?!!!??! album, The Roots will release an expanded vinyl reissue. Officially out on 12 March via Universal Music Group’s Urban Legends imprint, the deluxe edition comprises three LPs—two remastered from the original tapes, and the third composed of bonus tracks selected by Questlove. There’s also a booklet with photos, liner notes, and essays by …


Smokey Non-Alcoholic Spirit


Beverage brand Optimist Botanicals specializes in distilled, non-alcoholic spirits. Their Smokey iteration—available now in 500ml bottles—employs clove, ginger, sage, bergamot, cinnamon leaf, habanero and angelica root to replicate the experience of sipping an ultra-smooth, subtle mezcal. A suggested serving entails mixing one part Smokey and two parts sparkling (tonic or club). We found, though, that mixing equal parts proves even more pleasant on the palate.


Jaeger-LeCoultre: Reverso Book


Coinciding with this year’s 90th anniversary of the iconic Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, Assouline’s 200-page hardcover tome celebrates the wristwatch’s origins, distinct design development, global reception and cultural influence. Author and historian Nicholas Foulkes penned the text, which accompanies 150 images—both archival and original—that highlight more than 50 Reverso calibers (with several hundred dial variations, too). Fans of the timepiece, and horology, will delight.


Origami Dripper M


The ceramic Origami Dripper M features 20 ribs to maximize airflow and increase flavor in pour over coffee. Made from porcelain, the dripper boasts high thermal conductivity, which makes it ideal for maintaining high temperatures as steam separates from hot water. The shape of the structure also slows water absorption into the ground beans. The Origami Dripper M is also dishwasher and microwave safe and …


Photay feat. golda may: Villain

Woodstock, NY-based producer Photay crafted his newest single, “Villain,” featuring vocalist golda may, using a mix of dramatic elements and eclectic electronic sounds. The video—directed and animated by Sarina Nihei—doubles down on the track’s psychedelic vibe by drawing the audience into the adventures of a young character and their cast of fictional friends: two furry guardians, a synchronized squad of similar figures, melting dogs and …

serpentwithfeet: Fellowship

The wildly talented serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) returns with “Fellowship,” a touching song about friendship written and produced by the LA-based artist, along with Sampha and Lil Silva. Layered and textured, the song (from the upcoming album DEACON, out 26 March) is rich with off-kilter percussion and serpentwithfeet’s immediately familiar ethereal vocals. The lyrics are more literal and straightforward than many of his previous offerings, …

Premiere: “Ghost Noise” by BOYO

Director Corey Watson animates the LA-based recording artist's melodic, melancholic track

Fossils Suggest Earth’s Largest-Ever Land-Dwelling Animal

In 2012, when paleontologists began excavating a massive set of 98-million-year-old fossilized bones located at the Candeleros Formation in Argentina’s Neuquén Province, they didn’t realize how big (literally and figuratively) their discovery would be. The research team now believes that the enormous dinosaur—a long-necked, plant-eating titanosaur—could be larger than the 122-foot-long Patagotitan. So far, mostly vertebrae and some pelvic bones have been uncovered, but once …

Designer Greg Lauren on Sustainability, Access + His Eponymous Label

From sourcing vintage garments to embracing more sustainable practices, the 10-year-old brand continues to evolve

Scout Quadcopter Set For First Fully-Autonomous Drone Flight

The USA’s Federal Aviation Administration has approved Marlborough, MA-based American Robotics’ fully-autonomous drone for flight this week, a first-ever for the aviation industry. When the drone (the brand’s Scout Quadcopter) takes off, it will reach a maximum altitude of 400 feet (out of the line of sight) and fly exclusively over rural areas. A remotely located pilot will stand by as back-up and will be …

Beeper Unifies 15 Chat Services Through One Inbox

If you’re plagued by reliance on numerous messenger apps—bouncing from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Telegram, Discord and more—Beeper is a new singular inbox solution developed by the founder of the wearable device Pebble. The smart inbox unifies 15 services—all of the aforementioned, along with Signal, Twitter, Slack, Hangouts, Instagram and others—in one app. It’s currently rolling out to a waitlist and it won’t be …

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