Ghetto Gastro + CRUX’s Collaborative CRUXGG Kitchen Appliance Line

Seven appliances in colors that reference the Pan-African flag

NASA Ships its Space-Ready Bathroom to the ISS This Week

Finding the perfect toilet for space has stumped researchers and designers at NASA for some time—so much so that they opened a crowd-sourced design competition looking for a better option. Now, NASA announces, they’re going to send a new bathroom option to the International Space Station. The $23 million set-up proves 40% lighter and 60% smaller (by volume) and helps NASA reach its goal of …

X-Large Embroidered Tote


From beloved Philadelphia design shop YOWIE (founded by Shannon Maldonado) comes an extra-large, extra-useful tote. Handmade and printed in Los Angeles, it measures 21 inches wide and 15 inches tall, with a 5.5-inch gusset and thick practical straps. It’s perfect for groceries, a picnic or even as a beach bag—and also reps one of our favorite stores.


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All-Black Staff to Run David Zwirner’s New Gallery

Helmed by Ebony L Haynes (formerly the director at Martos Gallery and guest professor at the Yale School of Art), the newest David Zwirner gallery will be run by an all-Black staff. Zwirner tells The New York Times that he and Haynes began discussions in January, and after she explained her vision, he decided to offer her full autonomy over the still-unnamed Manhattan space. “There …

The Bushcamp Company’s Fundraiser for Their “Begins At Home” Charity

Typically, The Bushcamp Company‘s charitable initiative, called Begins At Home, remains financed thanks to a daily fee for safari attendees. As expected, the number of tourists, and thus the amount of money raised, is exceedingly low this year so they are hosting a two month-long fundraiser, with $50 donations adding up to 10 entries in a competition to win a week-long safari stay for two—with …

Highlights from the 2020 Beijing Auto Show

Originally set for March, the Beijing Auto Show is on now and marks the first large-scale trade show for the industry since the onset of the pandemic. It makes sense that this be the first, given the industry’s reliance on Chinese buyers to rebound the global economy—and especially the car market. There were a handful of notable unveilings—Kiwigogo’s flying concept, Citroën’s smart tire prototype and …

JUICE Craft to Search for Life on Jupiter’s Galilean Moons

The European Space Agency plans to send the JUICE (short for Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) spacecraft on an expedition to three of Jupiter’s 79 moons for various reasons—one being the potential for life. As the vessel’s name suggests, it will be surveying the icy Galilean moons—from deep ice wells on Ganymede, to an ocean on Callisto and abnormalities within the “most promising place to look for …

Interview: Róisín Murphy

The pop vanguard on her new album and making club music during isolation

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Mochi Ice Cream 12 Flavor Gift Box


New York-based Mochidoki’s signature collection gift box includes 24 mochi ice cream in 12 different flavors—from classics like matcha, black sesame and red bean to delectable concoctions like salted caramel, vanilla chip and raspberry crunch. Founded by Ken Gordon in 2015, the brand utilizes the highest-quality ingredients under the watch of its culinary director, chef Natsume Aoi—who grew up making mochi in her grandmother’s Okinawa …


Vinegar Duo


Produced with fruit carefully selected from a family-run farm in California’s Central Coast, Brightland’s two double-fermented table vinegars—PARASOL, a zingy champagne vinegar, and RAPTURE, a luscious balsamic vinegar—exemplify quality in the category. Made in California (much like the brand’s high-quality olive oils), these vinegars incorporate fresh chardonnay and zinfandel grapes, triple crown blackberries and navel and valencia oranges. Both are distinct enough to punch up recipes …


Happy Campers Wearable Treatment


As the weather gets colder and harsher, many people begin the search for hydrating skin- and hair-care.  A leave-in treatment that nourishes your hair, evo’s Happy Campers can be sprayed throughout your tresses or pumped into one’s hands first to create a creme effect that’s even more concentrated. Either way, the formula hydrates and smooths, while protecting from heat and UV rays without leaving hair …


Field Mag DangleBong Blaze


In a bold, limited edition colorway, Dangle Supply’s collaborative Blaze Orange Titanium DangleBong Water Pipe was imagined in partnership with the design-forward outdoor publication Field Mag. That bright orange represents durable powdercoat finishing atop the sturdy but lightweight aerospace-grade titanium, making this a tool that’s easy to transport and use outside. The purchase of each bong comes complete with one 50/50 hemp-cotton blend Blaze Beanie. …


Molchat Doma: Ne Smeshno

A pre-pandemic live favorite from Belarusian post-punk trio Molchat Doma, “Ne Smeshno” (which loosely translates to “not funny”) now appears as a cryptic music video—complete with unexpected dance numbers and zombie-like characters. Both the track (which is drawn from the band’s forthcoming album, Monument) and the video feel yanked right out of the ’80s. That said, there’s something prescient to their presentation—and it’s danceable, too. …

Spillage Village: Hapi

Spillage Village (aka J.I.D, 6LACK, EarthGang, Mereba, Hollywood JB, Jurdan Bryant and Benji.) was founded in 2015, but formalized and expanded later with the signing of J.I.D and EarthGang to Dreamville Records and the addition of Pittsburgh-based rapper Benji. in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The group released their fifth studio album, Spilligion, this week and its most soulful single (though all bear gospel references), the …

Potatohead People + De La Soul feat. Posdnous + Kapok: Baby Got Work

For “Baby Got Work,” the second single from Mellow Fantasy by Potatohead People (aka production duo Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical), the Vancouver-based outfit tapped vocalist Kapok and hip-hop legend Posdnous of De La Soul. The lyrics tell the story of putting in work to make change, atop a jazzy melody replete with horns, keys, a funky bass line and an over-arching mellowness.

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Bearcraft: Where the Sun Sets

From Bristol, UK-based Bearcraft comes the tantalizing electronic track “Where the Sun Sets.” A mix of unsettling lyrics and moody composition, the song could be the soundtrack to a real-life occult mystery. It’s another treasure from the band’s recently released album, Fabrefactions, and comes with an equally haunting music video, directed and shot by Paul Johnson. The visuals features eerie, obscured and occult moments—many of which …

Google Removes Street View Images of Australia’s Uluru

In a move to prevent people from virtually climbing Uluru—a sacred, 600-million-year-old sandstone rock formation in Australia’s Northern Territory—Google removed images of the site from the internet. The Anangu people (the traditional owners of Uluru and its surrounding land) banned visitors from clambering the site a year ago, but many have defied the law and traversed the spiritually significant formation through “virtual walking tours” thanks …

São Paulo Fashion Week: Summer 2008 Summary


LiMAC, billing itself as the Lima Museum of Contemporary Art, is in fact a fiction. It inhabits no physical space; it commissions no works; it does not host any real exhibits. The art, though, is real, taken from actual catalogs around the world to create an interesting visual visit. While not a brick-and-mortar institution, it has replicated the trappings of an art museum complete with …

New Balance Super Team 33, Fanzine 1400s

Inspired by homemade publications, this limited-edition series of New Balance 1400s, called "Fanzine," is designed by NB's European team. It's the third and latest collection from their Super Team 33 (ST33) line, named for the 33 artisans who hand make the shoes in Skowhegan, Maine. A print evoking black-and-white photocopies that lines the socklining (and also shows through a translucent sole) features text that translates …