The Bodrum EDITION Embraces the Aegean Topography

A decadent hotel offering stunning views, delicious dining and glorious wellness programs

Human Bacteria May Be the Secret to Athletic Endurance

A study published in Nature Medicine reveals that the secret to athletic endurance and heightened performance, isn’t creatine, chia seeds or beet juice, but rather a group of bacteria found in the gut of elite-level runners. By isolating the group, known as Veillonella, researchers were able to test its impact on mice post-ingestion—and those that ingested the bacteria ran 13% longer than mice that were given …

Turmeric + Ginger Hemp Drink


Leaning into traditional medicine that’s healed for thousands of years, PLNT Blend packs turmeric and ginger into a hemp-based drink in order to help cleanse and calm your gut. With 15mg of full-spectrum hemp, the beverage offers a sense of ease, while the ginger provides plenty of zest. Available by the case, you’ll get six bottles for the listed price.


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Land on the Moon with Smithsonian Channel’s Augmented Reality App

Not only does the app Apollo’s Moon Shot let users explore the moon through augmented reality, it does so set in the year 1969. Available for Apple and Android devices, the AR app incorporates engaging information from the groundbreaking first landing—now 50 years after Neil Armstrong’s steps. Two games in the app also let users attempt a landing themselves. Real 3D scans were employed to …

The Elusive Smile in Art History

It’s a common misconception that the reason subjects in portraits of yesteryear didn’t smile is because of unappealing looking teeth. In fact, the reason is quite logical: smiling for hours on end is awkward and straining for models. In an essay on the topic, writer Nicholas Jeeves says, “A smile is like a blush. It is a response, not an expression per se, and so …

Snøhetta’s New “Peace Bench” at the United Nations

Officially named The Best Weapon, a “peace bench” installation designed by Snøhetta will take up a temporary position outside the UN Headquarters in NYC starting this Nelson Mandela Day (18 July). Fabricated with the assistance of Hydro and Vestre, the six-and-a-half meter-long arc (or smile) is composed of anodized aluminum. After NYC, the bench will move to its permanent location in Oslo—closer to its commissioning …

Norwegian Island Wishes to Eradicate Time

On the island of Sommaroey, which doesn’t see a sunset for 69 straight days each year, residents are lobbying for a “time-free” period in which no one abides by the ticking of the clock. Traditional business hours would be pushed aside and bedtimes would occur naturally in an effort to allow citizens to enjoy the sunny months—as their situation is inverted from November to January …

The Pink Experience from Provence’s Château Gassier

A picturesque celebration of rosé at the acclaimed winery

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Travel Tripod


Peak Design’s new easy-to-transport tripod is capable of more than almost any other iteration. Its telescopic legs are shaped to maximize space when packed (they’re not round) and break down to the point that the tripod measures a mere 15.5 inches long. Plus, it weighs just over three pounds. It can lower to almost ground-level for hard-to-get shots—even on uneven surfaces. Whether using it with …


Amore Flirt Bikini


Color-blocked and high-cut, Ack’s made-in-Italy bikini is a retro-inspired delight. Embellished with silver-tone rings, the top is underwired for extra support. The bold combination of berry red and orange is just one colorway (this swimsuit also comes in single hues) and the polyamide, spandex and elastane blend is machine washable.


Sriracha Sunshine Chickpea Puffs


Gluten-free and vegan, Hippeas chickpea puffs are high in fiber and protein but low in fat. The super-crunchy snacks are made with all-natural ingredients and come in various flavors (from BBQ to vegan cheddar), but our pick is the zesty and slightly spicy Sriracha Sunshine.


Himalayan Pink Salt Chicken Chips


Wilde Brands recently debuted a Himalayan Pink Salt flavor for their chicken chips (thinly cut pieces of chicken fried with tapioca flour) and it offers a complex, delectable taste, along with the high-protein nutritional value that their other snacks do. With zero grams of sugar and a low carb count, these will satisfy even the biggest potato chip enthusiast. A box includes four bags of …


Moto Bandit: Keanu: Weaponized

Spirited and a little silly, Nashville-based Moto Bandit (aka Ben Merlotti and Dennis Pickett) has just released their debut, “Keanu: Weaponized.” The track is intoxicatingly upbeat and anchored by surf-rock and pop-punk influences. From the duo’s off-beat lyrics (“Skinny dipping to the rhythm / I need a burger and a side of fries”) to the track’s steady crescendo, it’s a brief but infectious ride that …

Blood Cultures: Best For You

Blending together glitchy vocal samples and dark electronic, Blood Culture’s “Best For You” is a triumphant second single from the band’s forthcoming album, Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs. The group has been relatively absent since their 2017 debut record, Happy Birthday, but they’ve been teasing a return since the release of “Flowers For All Occasions” earlier this year. As mysterious as the band may be, …

HYT Debuts Limited Edition SOONOW Watch Collection

A not-so-subtle reminder that time is precious from an innovative brand

The core concept—both poetic and technical—within avant-garde Swiss watch brand HYT is a demonstration of the fact that time flows. Their unique system to indicate the passage of minutes and hours involves the movement of a colorful liquid through a tiny capillary, pushed along by a patented micro-fluidic module. We, and many others, have obsessed over this development since the brand’s launch. But with the …

Ryan Hewett’s “New Paintings” at Unit London

11 works of brooding portraiture and figurative anatomy

A geometric extension of the eerie, abstract portraiture that South African painter Ryan Hewett presented at Unit London back in 2016, New Paintings sees 11 provocative pieces take the spotlight. Hewett’s fourth exhibition with the gallery broadens the artist’s subject matter to include complex, figurative anatomy. Together, layers of tone and form birth colorful characters that truly captivate. Hewett’s latest happens to also mark the occasion of Unit London’s one year …

LUMI, the Smart Piano Instructor

With an illuminated keyboard and an accompanying app, ROLI's newest device helps you master the instrument your own way

LUMI teaches you to play the piano by tapping into nostalgia and memory. Using songs you know and love (their library includes pop hits and indie gems), you’re led through each note sheet with familiar, almost video game-like instructions. As the notes flow toward you, you’re instructed to hit the appropriate key as each one appears at the foot of the screen. This simple, clever …

Yellow Days: Just When

Beaming with funk and soul influences, “Just When,” the newest song from Yellow Days (aka George Van Den Broek), is delightfully slow and croon-filled. The solo indie project, according to Van Den Broek, is about youth but this track feels unmistakably mature. With production assistance from Nate Fox, it’s a tune that demands repeat listens.

Michael Kiwanuka feat. Tom Misch: Money

British artists Michael Kiwanuka and Tom Misch connect on an infectious track that’s heavily influenced by disco and funk. “I think I want everything,” Kiwanuka calls out at the track’s start. The tune is fun at heart, but as the breakdown begins, Kiwanuka chimes again, this time noting, “I’m spending without being ashamed / spending ’cause I’m all alone.” Despite the lyrics warning about the …

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1,000 Living Botanicals Dangle Below a Sliver of Rolling Hill at Maison St-Germain

An NYC-based landscape design firm translates St-Germain liqueur into an artistic floral landscape

Inside Brooklyn‘s Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, a 1,200-square-foot vegetal installation floats 40 feet in the air. From afar, it appears that a sliver of rolling hill has been plucked from a mystical, green landscape. Up close, however, one learns that its underside is a dangling root system composed of more than 1,000 flowers. This is the centerpiece for the third annual Maison St-Germain, a homage to …

Oki-Ni adidas Tennis Hi

Oki-Ni and adidas have recreated the Tennis Hi, circa 1974. This new version is produced in dual layers of nylon webbing over a lemon peel weave and has full-grain leather overlays in optical white. Similar, yet way more aggressive than the Ginga and like a Stan Smith on acid, the shoe features dual branding of Oki-Ni and adidas on the in-sole and tongue. Only 300 …

Take a Ride on The Adam Brown

Plates And Dishes: The Foods And Faces Of The American Diner

Plates and Dishes is a new photographic journal by Stephan Schacher that captures the food and personalities of American diner culture. The portraits are fresh and the colors subdued, and it's easy to live vicariously through Schacher's journey across America and parts of Canada as he explores the country through its diner food and the people who serve it.