Digital Exhibition ‘AS A FORM OF’ Addresses Everyday Instances of Resistance and Liberation

Through the lenses of POC, this online art show presents poetry, photographs and profound realization

Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles Will Shift to Solar Energy

With the aid of funding from Kickstarter Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles (once the Santa Monica Museum of Art, before its move downtown) intends to rely entirely on solar energy. ICA hopes “to raise $25,000 to install 206 solar panels and six inverters across the museum’s 12,000 square feet of rooftop space,” according to Artnet. This would remove the museum from the …

Non-Toxic Pillow


Vegan and handmade, Avocado’s non-toxic pillows are crafted from multiple layers of materials approved by the Global Organic Latex Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard. Certified organic latex provides structure while Kapok fill offers comfort and a cotton cover wraps it all up. These pillows also keep cool and feel smooth to the touch.


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Anastasia Samoylova’s “FloodZone” Documents the Uncertain Future of Miami

Anastasia Samoylova’s FloodZone series depicts the people and infrastructure that are adjusting to life in one of the USA’s epicenters of climate change: Miami. “You will find no images of catastrophe in Anastasia Samoylova’s FloodZone,” The New Yorker’s David Company writes. “She is looking for other things, the subtler signs of what awaits the populations that cluster along shorelines. What is it to live day …

Washington, D.C.’s First Elevated Public Park

With construction set to break ground in 2021 (and be completed in 2023), Washington, DC’s 11th Street Bridge Park will connect Anacostia to Capitol Hill by way of a 1.45-mile-long elevated public park. Envisioned by OMA and OLIN, the park will feature an environmental education center, public plaza, amphitheater, hammock grove and more. Further, the green space aims to be a resource for the residents …

The Resiliency of the Smiley Face

Originally designed by Harvey Ball in 1963, the Smiley Face has become an immediately recognizable symbol the world over. In the early ’70s two Hallmark reps copyrighted the design and later a French journalist claimed it through the Smiley Company—that same company made $420 million in 2017 by licensing the logo, claiming it’s more than an icon, it’s “a spirit and a philosophy.” In recent …

Pompeii’s Unearthed Stash of Ancient Charms and Amulets

When Pompeii met its sudden end more than 2,000 years ago, the city was buried with many treasures intact. With every archaeological dig there, remarkable insight into Roman life is revealed. A recent dig inside the House of the Garden unearthed the remains of 10 people and a collection of gems, beads, shells and amulets—once housed in a wooden box. There are phallic charms oftentimes …

Gift Guide: More Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

Upgrades for your kitchen that are functional, design-forward and kinder to the environment

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3D National Park Prints


From Mesa Verde and the Great Sand Dunes to the Great Smoky Mountains and the Grand Canyon, Scott Reinhard’s three-dimensional, collage-like depictions of National Parks captivate. The designer places a digitally rendered 3D elevation map on top of a United States Geological Survey map to create pieces that toy with the eye. Each is a chromogenic print that uses traditional color photography development on lustre …


Bonticou Crag Straight Rye Malt Whisky


New Paltz, New York’s Coppersea Distillery is a founding member of the Empire Rye consortium—a coalition that designates whiskies and distilleries as being of and interested in elevating a given appellation and area. This rye malt whisky, named after a peak overlooking their farm, is the distillery’s first Empire Rye expression. It’s made from 100% Hudson Valley rye, “sourced directly from its own and neighboring …


Citizen Edition 1


Published by the London School of Architecture, Citizen is a quarterly publication for “everybody engaged with the challenge of designing innovative proposals to bring about real improvements to the city” and aims to bring together readers from all spheres from academics to professionals and beyond. Their first issue—which tackles the aesthetics of city life—seeks to explore design as a “transformative force” rather than a discipline …


21 Seasonal Coffee


From perhaps the most transparent coffee purveyor on market, Coffee Manufactory, comes a seasonal release: 100% Peru Roger Chilcon Flores. Full bodied and packed with rich notes of plum, blackberry, clove and dark chocolate, these beans will consistently deliver a delicious cup—and you can trace them back to the very farm from which they were sourced.


Mura Masa feat. Clairo: I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again

Initially more reminiscent of Clairo’s recent work, “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again” grows into a true duet—with her voice nuzzling seamlessly into Mura Masa’s mold. With sometimes sweet, sometimes distorted vocals by Clairo (aka Claire Cottrill) the song’s video follows suit, with wholesome images in nature becoming glitchy and trippy. All the while, the instrumental builds. With handclaps and a thumping bass-line, …

Burna Boy: Pull Up

From his critically acclaimed album African Giant, Burna Boy’s “Pull Up” is a lively Afro-fusion track with massive pop appeal. In the new Meji Alab-directed video Burna (aka Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu) is seen riding through London pleading his case to various of women. The sultry Afro-Caribbean rhythm bopping under Burna’s effortless, soulful vocals proves to be infectious.

Kokoro Care Packages Offer Japanese Rarities and Essentials

Available four or 12 times a year, these boxes include ingredients unique, hard to find and high-quality

Unlike many other subscription boxes that try to embody a culture, Kokoro Care Packages works directly with hyper-local purveyors to create selections that are full of delicious, surprising (even after months-long retention) and inherently true to Japanese cuisine snacks and ingredients. Oftentimes the items included are limited in quantity or difficult to find. Subscribers have the option of signing up for the Nourish Essentials package …

Cracking Open Finland’s Long Drink

The legendary gin-based beverage enters the US in a can

It’s OK to be afraid (or suspicious) of cocktails in cans. For the most part, these drinks agitate rather than inspire a night of fun, but the Long Drink isn’t a canned cocktail. This category of alcoholic beverage—the long drink—was invented by the Finns in 1952 to meet the needs of the massive tourist influx for the Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki. Post-WWII, they sought …

berhana: Health Food

With a debut album due later year this year, berhana teases audiences with lead single “Health Food,” a playful, disco-tinged track about balancing the good with the bad. The accompanying video—directed by Sam Guest and Julia Baylis—was shot on 16mm and depicts berhana in a maze-like set wherein junk food abounds and green juice is heavenly reprieve. Altogether it’s funky and lighthearted, and leaves audiences …

Inspectah Deck: Can’t Stay Away

Taken from Wu Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck’s Chamber #9 album, “Can’t Stay Away” pays homage to those who inspired his younger self. Backed by an instrumental built from dozens of samples (including The Fascinations, Eric B & Rakim and others) Deck recalls rappers and DJs he grew up admiring: from Mr Magic and DJ Kay Slay to Chuck Chillout to Jazzy Jeff. While he …

Tuxedo: The Tuxedo Way

Accompanied by a video directed by choreographer Ian Eastwood, Tuxedo’s “The Tuxedo Way” (from the new album Tuxedo III) is an anthem and a sonic mantra. The duo—comprised of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One—is dead-set on resurrecting funk, complete with plenty of R&B, boom-bap and disco influences. While the tune is nostalgic (with just the right amount of self-aware kitsch), it’s also contemporary—and undeniably infectious.

Dancer, a Gantri-Developed 3D Printer With Unmatched Efficiency

This printer will be the first-ever version intended to produce consumer goods at scale

Founded by Ian Yang, light-producer Gantri is a hotbed for innovation. They’re well-known for 3D-printing their products using sustainable materials—corn-derived bioplastics included—and offer designers the opportunity to submit original designs, producers insight into how to self-manage most of their supply chain, and material engineers plenty of competition. They’ve done all of this on outsourced printers, but they company is now spearheading a project to bring …

Test Ride: Cake’s Street-Legal Kalk&

Made for commuting and adventuring, the new bike is ready for the road

Lapiz Matte Body Oil


Born from her grandmother’s legacy of pressing oils and making tonics in Greece’s Cyclades, Athena Hewett’s skincare brand Monastery is focused on natural ingredients of the highest quality. The new Lapiz Matte Body Oil is a lightweight potion that doesn’t feel greasy on the skin, despite it being a water-free moisturizer. While many of the oils included are nourishing, pink peppercorn offers stimulation that perks …


Footwear News: Small World

Cool Hunting sneaker freaks around the globe are taking their latest obsession online– and discovering they’re not alone. “Similar to any other topic, the Internet has helped spread communication more quickly,” said Josh Rubin, founding editor of, a New York-based blog he began just over two years ago as “a running database of things I like. In the case of sneakers, news used to …

Nike Stash and Futura Dunk

255, the Nike iD boutique in Manhattan's Nolita, typically plays host to a small group of invited guests. Sometimes, though, larger parties are thrown. Such was the case a couple months back when Stash and Futura brought along 30 friends. That night the graf artist and the shop keep designed a shoe together and even made a logo to go along with it. And Nike …

Lounges by Brodie Neill

We don't know much about the works of Aussie designer Brodie Neill except that his space-age furniture designs appeal to both our minds and behinds. Two low-lying lounges by the young RISD graduate particularly caught our attention: his curvaceous ML61K bench (above) and his plywood-based SKL seat (below). While we aren't sure where you can buy them, you can certainly ogle these and other designs …