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Captivating electronic work from Flume, a track with 100+ featured vocals, a poignant debut and more new music

Climate Neutral Certification Organization to Launch at Outdoor Retailer

Launching at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (which begins on 18 June), non-profit organization Climate Neutral will certify brands that meet extensive criteria and educate others on the value of offsetting carbon emissions. Carbon Neutral also wants to demonstrate that achieving a green mission doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, the cost to offset a winter jacket (which requires 15 kg CO2e to produce) is …

Universal Pride Flatform Sandals


From the top, these sandals look like classic Tevas. But from the side, a stacked rainbow flatform celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. With $15 from the purchase of each pair going to the Tegan and Sara Foundation, buying these sandals means sending support to an organization that contributes to summer camp scholarships for LGBTQ+ kids. While made for all genders, they’re listed in traditional women’s sizes.


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Bronze Age Bagels Were Bite-Sized

In Austria, artifacts from an archaeological excavation in the ’70s prove to be pieces of 3,000-year-old bagels. The charred bread, which was likely baked or air-dried in ovens researchers uncovered nearby, was prepared by mixing finely ground flour and water (ultimately making a “wet cereal mixture” dough) and measured an inch and a half in diameter. The discovery is rare, researchers admit, because food materials …

The State of the Art World According to Art Basel

Despite there being nearly 300 art fairs globally, none come close to the prestige and forecasting power of Art Basel, currently in the midst of its 50th edition. The fair offers an opportunity to catch developments in the primary market, where art is sold by galleries for the first time (quite different than auction prices or other secondary market ones). This year, “The gallerists have …

Evidence of Ancient Pot-Smoking Discovered

Buried in the 2,500-year-old Jirzankal Cemetery in the eastern Pamirs region of Central Asia, newly-found traces of potent cannabis offer rare archaeological evidence of pot-smoking. Researchers analyzed 10 bowls found at the site—all contained “small stones that had been exposed to high heat” and nine of them contained cannabis. More importantly, the strain was THC-dominant and implies it was used for its psychoactive properties. Mark …

Inside the Encyclopedia of Strangely Named Animals, Volume One

Documenting the undersea Wunderpus photogenicus, sarcastic fringehead and the scuttling Sparklemuffin, the Encyclopedia of Strangely Named Animals, Volume One basks in the silliness of animal names—both scientific and common. Within, children’s book authors Fredrik Colting and Melissa Medina explore a menagerie of creatures, and the stories behind their names—and Artist Vlad Stankovic provides watercolor illustrations that are reminiscent of biology books from yesteryear. Altogether, it’s …

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An ambitious architectural project, strangely named animals, ancient marijuana-smoking and more from around the web

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Componibili Bio


Iconic design brand Kartell teamed up with bioplastic producer Bio-on for a “fully sustainable” iteration of their Componibili storage unit. This particular design (which has been available for 50+ years) is made from biomass constructed from agricultural waste that’s fermented by bacteria and turns into natural polyesters. It looks and feels like plastic. Available in yellow, pink, grey and green, this is the first ready-to-buy product made …


The Plant Shoe


A first-ever for the sneaker industry, Native’s The Plant Shoe is a low-cut silhouette made entirely from plant-based materials. From the eucalyptus pulp lasting board to the pineapple husk upper, the sneaker adheres to 100% zero-waste biodegradability standards, is aerobically compostable and is Certified Animal Free. The cork midsole (something a few brands are turning to for its antimicrobial properties) lends comfortability, while a cotton …


PRISM Exfoliating Glow Potion


Made by Herbivore Botanicals, with no additives or dyes, this serum gently exfoliates with 5% natural fruit acid. As application creates a subtle tingling on the skin, this potion helps shed dead skin and clears pores. It can be left on all day and the result is a clearer, smoother complexion. For Pride, the brand will donating $5 from the sale of each product to …


Moto Boot


Made in Portugal from Italian, vegetable-tanned leather, Aether’s moto boots—which are specifically designed for motorcycle riding—include a bounty of built-in safety features. From the internal D3O ankle-protection pads to the double-layered leather toe to prevent wear, fine details abound. Of course, there is a heavy cut sole for foundational protection, as well. Each pair also comes with extra black laces—so you’re not beholden to the …


Flume feat. London Grammar: Let You Know

The newest release from Flume (aka Harley Streten), “Let You Know” is an intergalactic track that’s certainly of the producer’s sonic style, but undeniably fresh. Vocals by London Grammar’s Hannah Reid lend to the song’s vibrancy. This is the second single since the release of Streten’s EP, Hi This Is Flume, earlier this year. Flume is also embarking on a world tour beginning 2 August …

Jacob Collier: Moon River

Made using hundreds upon hundreds of recordings of his own voice and over 100 more features, Jacob Collier’s “Moon River” is an a cappella rendition of the Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer classic. Inflecting his voice to cover the track’s high, low and more symphonic moments, Collier’s version grows and bellows out into a massive, orchestra-like performance. Herbie Hancock, Daniel Caesar, Ty Dolla $ign, Lianne …

Word of Mouth: Wrigleyville, Chicago

Fresh fare, sophisticated hotels and more in the iconic baseball neighborhood

Highlights From the Inaugural EDIT Napoli

An exciting contemporary design fair set inside a Gothic-era church and monastery

Zenith’s 50th Anniversary El Primero A384 Revival Wristwatch

Celebrating a design icon and the first automatic chronograph movement within

Zenith shook an industry and design community when it brought the El Primero A384 wristwatch to market in 1969. The iconic timepiece acted as a debut vessel for the brand’s El Primero automatic chronograph calibre—making it the world’s first high-frequency automatic chronograph. From the black and white “panda” tachymeter dial to the faceted stainless steel case, the design enchanted collectors and influenced other watch designs …

Slow Hollows: Get Along

From LA-based Slow Hollows’ highly anticipated new album, lead single “Get Along” beguiles with dizzying beauty. An earnest message underscores the lyrics, delivered with quiet wonder by lead singer Austin Anderson. He and Slow Hollows bandmate Daniel Fox produced the track, along with additional composition from Björn Yttling (of Peter Björn and John). The American Millennial-directed music video counterbalances the mundane with the magical—often through …

Ron Arad’s “Upside-Down” ToHa Tower

Ron Arad’s new 29-story ToHa Tower in Tel Aviv widens as it rises from two separate ground-level starting points. A resulting X pattern forms, though connected at the top. For the 200,000-square-meter building’s mesmerizing cladding, Arad used 300,000 square feet of Dekton by Cosentino in 10,000 custom shapes. Further, the windows for the office floors feature glare-preventing glass. Read more about the “upside down” building at …

Premiere: “My Girl” by George Eve

Playful lyrics and a big production make for a successful debut single

From its opening bars, George Eve‘s solo debut single “My Girl” telegraphs the bright, brilliant anthem to come. Sonically, the track aims to weave Eve’s background in guitar music with his interest in the production power of the likes of Avicii and Mark Ronson. Eve worked with producers Ben Baptie and Benjamin Miller after a months-long writing session in isolation, in Joshua Tree. “My Girl” …

Pride Style 2019

Real support for the LGBTQ+ community through clothing and accessories from brands that give back

Behind the Wheel of the Brawny Bugatti Chiron

A wildly powerful—and unexpectedly easy—ride

Toyota Z-Capsule

Treehugger about Toyota’s continued push for environmentally friendly transportation. The hybrid car manufacturer will be testing a new lower impact, mass transit scheme this March in Japan. The Z-Capsule bus runs on a low-emission, compressed natural gas engine. But to further minimize impact, they will run on an Intelligent Multimode Transport System (ITMS) that will automatically adjust schedules and route based on rider demand. Oh …

Vase of Phases

Scott Wotherspoon

There was this other beautiful illustration of birds that Scott Wotherspoon did for the Balcony Jump Artists identity that I considered putting up, but I just couldn't help myself. Deviance should never be dished out in moderation! Anyway, other than having a really cool last name, Scott is an illustrator based in lovely London whose personal and commercial work is light, clean, and playful. Plus …