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SingleCut Beer Launches in Japan With Gamified Cans

Celebrating US songs that were popular in Japan and SingleCut’s launch in Tokyo, the brand’s new tropical and dense IPA (aptly named “Big In Japan”) features four different can variations—all with their own cartoonish QR code. The codes are comprised of motifs that act as hints to a song title and, when they’re scanned, they prompt Spotify to open and play the track—ultimately revealing whether …

Instructions for a Funeral


Penned by Man Booker-nominated author David Means, Instructions for a Funeral is a poetic and poignant collection of short stories. From a tale about fatherhood to one that follows two FBI agents on a stakeout, the stories offer lifelong lessons about compassion, love, addiction and more. Each unlike the last, these tales not only thrill, but also also provoke contemplation.


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MIT Scientist’s Quest For a Bot That Can Smell As Well As a Dog

“We have $100 million worth of equipment downstairs. And the dog can beat me?” MIT scientist Andreas Mershin asks. “That is pissing me off.” Mershin aims to develop a bot that detects an antigen that can be an indicator of prostate cancer. It’s one that properly trained dogs can sniff out with 90% accuracy. The physicist’s lab, Label Free Research Group, is attempting artificial olfaction, …

1 Terabyte MicroSD Cards Hit Shelves

For $450, one can now buy a 1 terabyte version of SanDisk’s Extreme microSD cards. While the announcement was made back at Mobile World Congress, the product is now officially available on the SanDisk site. Current read speeds reach 90MB/s, and write speeds rise to 60MB/s—and an even faster version is expected in the near future. As Tech Crunch notes, many may “have a nightmare …

National Geographic’s Tips on Ethical Wildlife Tourism

In an attempt to navigate tourists away from problematic and unethical wildlife experiences, National Geographic has published five tips for tourists.  To prevent animals’ suffering, one must tread lightly and look for red flags. Research, of course, is most important. As tourists love animals and the industry can be responsive, we must all look through potentially misleading terms like “gives back to conservation,” “sanctuary,” and “rescue,” …

The 79th Whitney Biennial Curators on the Show’s Influences

From complex appreciation to declarations of pleasant and considerate curation and calm amidst controversy, the reviews for this year’s Whitney Biennial vary—as one would expect of an exhibition tasked with representing the immediate state of art in the USA. Curators Rujeko Hockley and Jane Panetta (members of the museum’s curatorial staff) selected 75 participants—with a successful focus on diversity and representation. Further, three quarters of the …

The Ultra-Safe, Semi-Autonomous Concept: Mercedes-Benz 2019 ESF

Insight into what designers and engineers are doing to make driving safer

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Bike Bag


Made in Colorado from 1000D Cordura® and 400D nylon, this Topo Designs bike bag is made to be strapped to your handlebars, but doubles as a mini tote. Weatherproof all the way down to its waterproof zipper, the nifty triangle-shaped bag will hold bike tools, as well as a couple small items. With a secret interior pocket and daisy-chain webbing on the outside (making attaching …


Crocodile Rock Towel


Super-absorbent, Sunnylife’s Crocodile Rock towel features plenty of contrasts—including color and also texture, thanks to its soft velour front and terry back. Made from heavyweight 520 GSM cotton, it will hold up after repeated use—even on the sand and through exposure to salt water.


Ambrosia Candle


Part of their new Chromesthesia series (made up of three scents), Ambrosia candle by Boy Smells entices with its distinct but subtle fragrance. The candle offers notes of mandarin peel, rosemary, galbanum, iris, hinkoki and vanilla—all the while avoiding being too zesty or citrusy. Made from a blend of food-grade coconut and beeswax, this candle offers 50+ hours of burn time. Like the others in …


Take! Bamboo Chair


Made in Japan, Snow Peak’s Take! chair is a six-pound, collapsible seat that’s easy to transport on all your summer adventures. Constructed from laminated bamboo and aluminum, it’s lightweight but still sturdy—and that goes for canvas seat covering too. Available in two sizes.


GoldLink feat. Maleek Berry + Bibi Bourelly: Zulu Screams

Fusing go-go, African and Caribbean rhythms and hip-hop, “Zulu Screams” is an upbeat bop outfitted with smooth verses from DMV-raised GoldLink and Nigerian-Brit Maleek Berry, with vocals from singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly (who wrote “Bitch Better Have My Money” for Rihanna). The accompanying video—directed by Meji Alabi—takes place in a dark, chaotic warehouse party and features a hologram version of GoldLink, who seems summoned by the …

Heather Strange: Ruthless

Baby Alpaca frontman Chris Kittrell returns as Heather Stranger, his moniker for a glitzy solo project that strikes deep. With production by Dave Sitek and Christopher Hines, lead single “Ruthless” tucks Kittrell’s Morrissey-like vocals into thoughtful, pop-friendly instrumentals. Underneath it all, however, is a song about doubt and defying insecurity. A message that works well with the glittery Bryan C. Watkins-directed video.

Venice Biennale 2019: The Art of Leftovers

From ceramic clothes to an inside-out plane, powerful pieces that use repurposed materials

Harry Fonesca’s “Coyote Leaves the Res” at The Autry

Playful, personal and political—a chronologically displayed collection of the beloved artist's work

Artist Harry Fonseca‘s work may look familiar—even if viewers have never seen it before. There’s an element of recent nostalgia underlining his work; a late 20th century charm that straddles traditional folk, pop and contemporary native art styles. His playful yet meticulous use of bright colors and bold patterns permeate the new show at LA‘s Autry Museum. Called Coyote Leaves the Res: The Art of Harry …

Giorgia Lupi on Joining Pentagram, Data and Finding Inspiration Everywhere

The information designer is the first new partner at the NYC studio in seven years

As one of the most respected design studios in the world, Pentagram selects their partners incredibly carefully. There’s no surprise then that somebody as talented as Giorgia Lupi is the company’s first new NYC partner in some seven years. From installations to brand identities, architecture and advertising, Pentagram’s disciplines are vast. Unlike other studios, the owners also create the work—meaning everybody in the company must …

Slow Pulp: Do You Feel It

Roaring and somewhat reminiscent of a staticky space transmission, Slow Pulp’s “Do You Feel It” turns from a minimal soundscape into a classic—almost hair metal—anthem. Guitars slowly creep in as steady drums keep it all together. There’s an almost live quality to the track—which emits incredible energy over its short but sweet two minutes.

Tyler, The Creator: A Boy Is A Gun

Off Tyler, the Creator’s newest album, Igor, “A Boy Is A Gun” is a genre-blending track that highlight’s Tyler’s best qualities: his ability to slip into deep-voiced verses soon spliced with an imperfect falsetto, all to form intricate soundscapes and, most of all, to make his tracks instantly recognizable. Undoubtedly his most anticipated release, Tyler delivers and then some with Igor.

Georgian Contemporary Art Organization Propaganda’s OXYGEN_Tbilisi No Fair

One non-commercial exhibition of epic proportions

Series 1 Vaporizer


A no-mess vaporizer, the Omura Series 1 Vaporizer heats (rather than burns) whole flower, which is packed into a tiny, pre-dosed stick. The stick (which is available in packs and sold separately) is tucked into the vaporizer and to smoke it, users simply press the button until the device vibrates—then inhale as it heats. The smoke is much less harsh than a joint, but you …


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Reebok Pump 2.0

Tonight, 15 years after introducing the Original Pump, Reebok launched the Pump 2.0 running shoe. With a pump mechanism built in to the heel, the foot cradling bladder fills as you begin to run, making this the first-ever automatic custom fit shoe. The idea that you can just slip on the shoe and it tightens itself as needed is pretty exciting. When you're all done, …

SMS Guerilla Projector

The SMS Guerilla Projector is a high powered, home made projection device that can be used to project SMS messages on to buildings, signs or any other surface. Made by Troika, the London based collective of designers and artists, it consists of a mobile phone, camera lens and slide projector. Be sure to check out their site for other brilliant work including an electroprobe that …


detailed instructions for making one yourself. via design sponge