Word of Mouth: Tbilisi, Georgia

A convergence of culture and historic influence form this exquisite capital city

Microsoft Launches Closed Beta of Augmented Reality Minecraft Earth

Now in closed beta through London and Seattle, and set to roll out further this summer, Microsoft’s AR update to Minecraft—dubbed Minecraft Earth—will hope to reach all 91 million of the classic game’s users around the globe in due time. The game enables users to build digital cities on top of the real world, either alone or in collaboration with other players. Fast Company had …

Edgemont Sunglasses


Designed in collaboration with the very talented, multi-disciplinary artist and designer Geoff McFetridge, Warby Parker’s new “Edgemont” sunglasses are vintage-tinged and available in two colorways—peppercorn tortoise or (our pick) rosemary crystal. Crafted from hand-polished cellulose acetate, they feature scratch-resistant lenses, which protect wearers from 100% UVA and UVB rays.


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Airbus Unveils “Bird of Prey” Hybrid Plane Concept

One component of Airbus’ goal of cutting aerospace emissions in half by 2050, the “Bird of Prey” concept debuted at the Royal International Air Tattoo airshow. This hybrid-electric engine passenger plane aims to mimic birds in various ways. Not only does it have a long tail and sprawling wings, it will arch like an eagle, have individual “feathers” that can be controlled on their own …

Innovative Design Shines in the Tour de France

Currently in stage 16, this year’s Tour de France is a brilliant display of endurance, skill and innovative design. Aero and climbing bikes are crucial for standard and uphill stages, whereas time trial bikes are used to shave off seconds and on downhill legs. For a race that is often decided by no more than 1/100 of a second during each stage, and less than …

Disco’s Revenge: House Music

What legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles called “Disco’s Revenge,” house music gathered steam months after Chicago’s “Disco Demolition” in 1979—in which 55,000 fans attended a White Sox baseball game in order to destroy disco records beforehand. They rushed the field, shattered their records, and newspapers proclaimed the death of the genre. The early ’80s, though, saw a rise in house music, which Vox explains was essentially …

How Human Voices Affect Wild Animals

Humans are super-predators—even when we’re not actively behaving as such. A recent study conducted in an English forest documented the reactions beavers had to the sound of wolves, bears and humans. While they ignored the wolf sounds and were “mildly concerned” by the sound of a bear, the beavers were “profoundly disturbed” by the sound of human speech. A different study played human speech in …

EVENPRIME Skincare’s Comprehensive Future-Forward Design

From rigorous Korean beauty product standard adherence to anime-inspired branding

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Cold Café Au Lait


A non-alcoholic standout in Suntory’s beverage portfolio, BOSS Coffee is a line of canned, caffeinated drinks. One of our favorites from the range, the Cold Café Au Lait, is now available stateside. Its perfectly proportioned formula of flash-brewed coffee, cream and sweetness afford easy drinking in all seasons. For the listed price you’ll receive 12 eight-ounce cans—which are best served cold or over ice.


Smart Wall Socket Four-Pack


With no hub necessary, each Gosund smart wall socket connects through WiFi to its dedicated app, offering control from (one or multiple) smartphones. Whether used to turn electronics on or off remotely, or to pair them with Alexa or Google Home, the multifunctional plug is simple, straight-forward and potentially energy-saving. Further, each plug can be preset to an automated schedule through the app. This is the …


“Danger 380 Volts” Pétillant Naturel (2017)


Czech natural winemaker Milan Nestarec’s Danger 380 Volts is a funky and dry pétillant naturel that includes refreshing notes of apple, grapefruit and white peach. Crafted in the pétillant naturel style (aka the méthode ancestrale, in which wines are bottled before initial fermentation is finished, resulting in a natural sparkling), it’s slightly bubbly, cloudy and has an almost cider-like quality.


NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Set


Made in collaboration with NASA, LEGO’s homage to Apollo 11’s endeavor is intended for individuals over 16 years old. It includes a complex lunar lander to assemble, a semi-realistic depiction of the surface of the moon to situate it on, two golden helmet-adorned figures to place and countless exterior features to manipulate. When complete, the final product is a nostalgia-laden depiction of those famed first …


Ty Segall feat. Shannon Lay: Ice Plant

Initially obscure (with various sound effects and jazzy percussion) and shifting with delicate, layered vocals, Ty Segall’s “Ice Plant” is a “fever dream of my childhood,” he says. The majority of the song (from his forthcoming album First Taste) is occupied by Segall and Lay’s a cappella vocals—a far cry from the previous fuzzy, psychedelic, garage rock tracks from the record. It all floats along …

yeule: Pretty Bones

The dark post-pop tune “Pretty Bones” is the first single from the debut full-length by yeule (aka Nat Ćmiel). The track is layered, gauzy, glitchy and quite ethereal. Its Joy Song-directed video begins with opulent and odd still life images (pearl-encrusted fruit, raw octopus, jewels, flowers and candles) and descends dramatically with Ćmiel destroying everything—punching cakes, crushing sweets—until finally, the screen fills with time-lapse shots …

Creatives Drink Event Series Brings Local Talent Together

Pittsburgh's ideal indoor venue plays host to a milestone gathering

The free Pittsburgh-based event series Creatives Drink, which was founded by Cody Baker (a photographer and event planner) and Chancelor Humphrey (a photographer and radio DJ) in 2015, is celebrating its 10th iteration at the city’s most recognized venue, Stage AE. The multi-functional destination will afford the duo more space than ever before—as their ambitious programming occupied coffee shops and bars before sizing up to …

Bamford Watch Department + Black Badger’s Fordite Watches

Limited to just 10 pieces, a collaboration resulting in unique pieces of art

Black Badger (aka James Thompson) is well known in horology circles as an artist with more than a passing devotion to high-powered lume and hard-to-find materials. If you’re a contemporary watch designer looking to inject a little oomph into your pieces, the chances are Thompson’s on your list. Likewise, Bamford Watch Department is consistently pushing the boundaries of custom watchmaking and when the two collaborate—and …

Masta Ace + Marco Polo: Get Shot

From Masta Ace and Marco Polo’s most recent collaborative album, A Breukelen Story (out on Fat Beats Records), “Get Shot” is old-school hip-hop at its finest, from an artist who’s been dedicated to the genre for 30+ years. Once a part of the Juice Crew (alongside Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne Shanté, Kool G Rap and more), Masta Ace has long insisted on infusing wisdom into …

Moonchild: Too Much to Ask

Delicately lo-fi but bubbly, “Too Much to Ask” is the first single from the forthcoming LP, Little Ghost, by LA-based trio Moonchild (aka Amber Navran, Andris Mattson, and Max Bryk). Electronic and eclectic, there’s an unmistakable maturity employed here. During the track’s chorus, Navran proposes a question: “Is it too much to ask / for you to love me like that?” It’s hopeful but skepticism remains.

Red Hearse: Half Love

Red Hearse, a new group consisting of Jack Antonoff, Sam Dew and TDE producer Sounwave, just released their second single “Half Love.” It’s brooding and looming but ultimately offset by delicate, high-reaching vocals from Dew. Antonoff’s stroke is recognizable but it’s certainly distant from the work he’s done with Bleachers or the tracks he’s penned for various other singers. The Grant Singer-directed video depicts a …

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2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray Debuts

The brand new car proves General Motors has big plans

Core77 Reports on CES

Core77, the Industrial Design Supersite, was also present at the global electronics spectacle we know and love as CES. Sure, it was a few weeks ago, but there was just so much to see that you can't possibly be done trying to get the details. Offering a designer's eye view, the Core77 CES Review is now live.

Boost Mobile’s Woodie

Boost Mobile, the youth market flavor of Nextel, is offering limited edition versions of the Motorola i860 handset. There's a tattoo version, which walks a fine line between good and cheesy. The most recent style is this one featuring wood-grain details on the inside and top face. It's a pretty elegant contrast of tech and retro. Boost is definitely doing good things despite the challenging …

Kasper Ledet

Kasper Ledet has an impressive collection of his design, illustration and artwork on his site. The Copenhagen native has worked with a handful of studios including a design in a book produced by Design Is Kinky. What’s most impressive and eye catching about his works unique style is he is only 17 years old and has no formal design training whatsoever. It's very inspiring to …