NYC’s Cannabis Design Shop Alcove Launches eCommerce

Weed accessories and CBD goods crafted with the utmost care, now online

3D Light Projecting the Buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in danger, the Buddha complex and surrounding cliffs and valleys in Bamiyan, Afghanistan survived 1,500 years before the Taliban blasted away the two giant statues in 2001. Today, many archaeologists oppose restoration for fear of future Taliban action and concerns that the damage is already far too great. While the focus turns to conservation and stabilization, Chinese family Janson Hu …

UNTITLED. (2018)


Richard Colman’s exquisite work blends figurative imagery, geometry and delicious hues. The six-color screen-print, “UNTITLED.” (2018) is available in an edition of 45 and each is numbered and signed by the artist. Price is in Euros.


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The Trevor Project’s Largest National Survey on LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health

This month, LGBTQ+ suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization The Trevor Project released their annual survey results incorporating data from 34,808 respondents aged 13 to 24 years old—their largest number to date. The statistics behind these human lives are startling: LGBTQ+ youth who experienced discrimination were twice as likely to attempt suicide, for example. The study—and their annual Live event, where we were the guest …

Arctic Saver Tower Concept Seeks to Slow Ice Melting

The futuristic Arctic Saver Tower—designed by Yiyang Xu and Jingyi Ye of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology—aims to keep glaciers frozen and prolong winter in the region, thus extending the migration periods for many different animals there. The creation would function both above and below sea level. One unit underneath stores seawater, while two units above “are exposed to cold air during …

Seven Oft-Overlooked Queer Activists

Pride season, as Them says, oftentimes doubles as queer history month. While many people are aware of significant names like Harvey Milk, Martha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, there are countless lesser-known individuals who played (and continue to play) vital roles in fighting for rights, representation and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. From Karl Heinrich Ulrichs to Harry Hay and Victoria Cruz, Them has created …

Climate Neutral Certification Organization to Launch at Outdoor Retailer

Launching at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (which begins on 18 June), non-profit organization Climate Neutral will certify brands that meet extensive criteria and educate others on the value of offsetting carbon emissions. Carbon Neutral also wants to demonstrate that achieving a green mission doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, the cost to offset a winter jacket (which requires 15 kg CO2e to produce) is …

Word of Mouth: Shelter Island

A verdant respite with plenty of creature comforts above the Hamptons

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The Bastard Cookbook


Rirkrit Tiravanija and Antto Melasniemi’s The Bastard Cookbook is part cooking guide and part exploration of cosmopolitanism. Inside there are recipes from Tiravanija and Melasniemi (aka the “Bastard Brothers”) accompanied by interviews with chefs and purveyors, insights from journalists and scholars and plenty of photography. The pair has cooked together everywhere—from Bangkok, Venice and Stockholm to Basel, Hong Kong and NYC—and The Bastard Cookbook is …


Glass Sip Straws


Available in three iterations (smooth, swirl or dot), HAY’s Sip Straws are made from colorful, dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass. Crafted to resemble plastic straws, these eco-friendly versions can be used with hot or cold drinks. Each set comes with six straws in six different hues—and a cleaning brush.


édition 3 Low Sneakers


A collaboration between two future-forward French brands, high-quality footwear producer National Standard and active tailoring fashion house éclectic, the édition 3 sneaker features an attractive, uncommon Airnet upper. The honeycomb patterning of this very light, water-resistant material adds character to the playful shoe, which has been handcrafted in Portugal.


Kigelia Corrective Moisturizer


Made with certified organic, sustainably sourced Kigelia africana, this cruelty-free moisturizer both corrects and nourishes skin. The Kigelia fruit is traditionally used by South Africans to soothe skin and by Malawians for medicine. The potion by LUXE Botanics also includes vegetable glycerine, lemon, lavender and more, and the result is a light gel that’s perfect for hot, humid summer days. Full of antioxidants and free of …


Devendra Banhart: Kantori Ongaku

A tribute to Japanese pop act Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haruomi Hosono, Devendra Banhart’s new single “Kantori Ongaku” taps into the singer/songwriter’s specific vein of clever, eccentric folk. The track, whose title translates to “country music,” releases with an absurdist, surreal and theatrical video directed by Giraffe Studios. “Kantori Ongaku” is from Banhart’s newly announced album, Ma, his first full-length in three years.

Spoon: No Bullets Spent

Spoon’s first new music since 2017’s Hot Thoughts, “No Bullets Spent” is an infectious pop-influenced post-punk tune that’s inimitably of the Austin band. With snappy, spry percussion, crisp riffs and frontman Britt Daniel’s vocals, the song will appear on the band’s best-of album, Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon (out 26 July) and will surely make an appearance during their US tour this summer.

Direct From NYC to Prague With United

Beginning at the sweeping Polaris Lounge, this business class experience offers plenty for long-haul travelers

United launched daily direct flights from NYC/Newark to Prague 7 June and we were aboard the inaugural trip—with access to the Polaris lounge and cabin. From the lounge to landing, we found the experience offers exactly what most air travel lacks: space. The sweeping 27,000-square-foot Polaris lounge at Newark is open and airy, yet separated in a manner that makes sense. The NYC Polaris lounge …

Great Jones Merges Passion for Cooking and Design

Cookware born from real-life city apartment kitchen experiences

If cookware recommendations naturally oscillate between the two poles of cost and quality (with hollow valleys between professional-grade, wedding-grade, and sufficient-enough-for-a-bachelor) newcomer Great Jones is adding another dimension to the conversation: style. Recently launched kitchenware start-ups tend to spout paraphrased direct-to-consumer talk, but lose sight of the larger picture by hyper-focusing on general specs. The women behind Great Jones—first-time entrepreneurs Maddy Moelis and Sierra Tishgart—exude …

Danish Design Brand Vipp’s 80th Anniversary Products

Celebrating the legacy with their first-ever chair, French artist Vahram Muratyan's commemorative bin and new furniture

Luke Temple: Wounded Brightness

From his upcoming album Both-And (out this August on Native Cat Recordings), Luke Temple’s song “Wounded Brightness” is exquisitely tranquil. With gentle bossa nova percussion, the song floats along delicately for the most part, but surges beautifully at times—especially at its almost-frenetic final moments. This is Temple’s first solo work since he released music under the Art Feynman moniker two years ago.

KT Tunstall: Little Red Thread

A sweeping orchestral remix of KT Tunstall’s most recent single “Little Red Thread” finds the original track’s guitar work replaced with a Matthew Sheeran score performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. The crisp acoustic string work accents Tunstall’s captivating voice—enhancing its dramatic highs. A video, directed and edited by Mark Haldane, pairs live footage from the vocal and orchestral recording sessions to great effect.

G-RO’s Push Forward Carry-on, the SIX

Another ergonomic development from the travel innovator

A quick glance at the SIX offers a hint at the groundbreaking industrial design team behind this new, push-forward carry-on suitcase. Those two patented GravityRoll wheels are in fact a descendant from the first and second iteration of axle-less wheels released by G-RO—the record-holder for most successful crowdfunded luggage campaign. The goal with this product, however, is to advance the push-forward carry-on to meet the …

Costa Rica’s Eco-Friendly Kasiiya Papagayo Retreat

A rejuvenating sanctuary set oceanside

Interview: Artist Ugo Rondinone

Insight from the sculptor in advance of his Sunny Days exhibition at Guild Hall

Mobile Grit on IDANDA

My camera phone photo series, IDANDA . Here’s an excerpt: New York-based artist Josh Rubin uses the humble cell phone to create Mobile Grit, his series of rather beautiful abstract images. Given Rubin's background at Motorola (and now at mobile technology company, Upoc), it's not surprising that he's given the matter some thought. We talk to him about his imagery and philosophy. full story at …

Mini Convertible

Mini has just announced the Cooper Convertible. There are lots of pictures over at Mini2 , as well as a copy of the press release . It’s pretty cute, but something about the design just isn’t doing it for me. Maybe it’s the color of the model. When checking out the pictures, be sure to note some of the small, but smart updates to the …

Mechanical Graffiti

A spray can is mounted in a contraption that can press the nozzle and is connected to two cables that move it to any point on a canvas. All this is run by software that controls the contraption to draw pictures. The images it makes are pretty cool, but watching the thing in action you see the real beauty. Check out the movie and images …