Vivino’s User-Compiled Data Catalogs Millions of Wines

Rather than imparting paid suggestions upon users, the app relies on real reviews

This Brainless Blob Can Solve Puzzles, Sleep and More

Officially on display at the Paris Zoo from 19 October, this unicellular organism will be the first-ever “brainless blob” to be showcased in a zoo. Despite not having a brain, the mass can complete a bevy of tasks from improvising music to maneuvering through a maze, remembering which food it likes best, and crossing a bridge covered in a hazardous chemical. While it’s new for …

Packable Slippers


In Japanese households it’s customary to remove your shoes upon entering the home. Thus comfortable and durable house slippers are a necessary accessory. SUBU, a Tokyo brand making such slippers, also makes a packable iteration. With a cushioned sole and a poly fill, they’ll keep your feet comfortable and warm. Available in sizes 5.5 to 12, they’re also available in three colors: gloss black, foil …


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Analogue Announces its Game Boy-like Device, Pocket

Made as a tribute to portable gaming, Analogue’s just-announced Pocket is, as Wired says, “not-a-Game-Boy-but-kind-of-a-Game-Boy.” The company’s first-ever handheld device, the Pocket works with all Game Boy cartridges (including those made for the Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance), which is a good 2,700+ games. Of course, this contemporary device offers plenty of updates including a high-definition screen, longer battery life and stereo speakers. …

Virgin Galactic Unveils Suits for Space Tourism Flights

A departure from the uniforms that NASA astronauts require for trips beyond Earth’s atmosphere, the spacesuits ticketed passengers will wear on Virgin Galactic’s flights are comfy, blood-flow-regulating, and designed by Under Armour. “The big difference between suits of the past and this suit is that those suits were to perform a task, and this suit is to enjoy and savor space on your own terms, …

New Typeface Based on Greta Thunberg’s Handwriting

Greta Grotesk is designer Tal Shub’s typographic ode to Greta Thunberg and references the climate change activist’s handwriting. Shub (co-founder of Uno, an NYC-based company that aims to offer alternatives to single-use plastics), was impressed by the boldness and clarity of Thunberg’s message and its parallels with the lettering on two of her handwritten signs. The typeset Shub developed acts as an additional reminder of …

Behind Eliud Kipchoge’s Record Run

Though Eliud Kipchoge’s record-breaking marathon run in Vienna will not count as an official world record, his feat is proof that a sub-two-hour marathon is possible—under almost perfect conditions. In a video for Wired, sport psychologist Michael Joyner explains just how Kipchoge did it. From the way he followed in his pacers’ draft and ran a course with minimal hills, to the carbon plate-imbedded sneakers …

Interview: Rizon Parein, Founder of Us By Night

We speak with the designer about the dynamic three-day event in Antwerp

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Grand Union: Stories


Grand Union: Stories is prolific author Zadie Smith’s first collection of short stories. The respected and beloved author features her horror tales alongside historical fiction, reflective pieces on modernity, dystopian tales and more. While diverse in subject and genre, Smith’s writing is consistently rich, thoughtful and measured. There are 19 stories within, 11 of which are new and exclusive to this release.


Stripe Throw Blanket


With panels of subtle hues contrasted by candy colors, this knitted throw blanket is undeniably the work of Brooklyn-based Dusen Dusen. Made from 100% cotton, the Stripe Throw Blanket is super-soft and sizable, at 50 by 70 inches.


Luxe Unisex Cashmere Sweater


Crafted from 100% Mongolian cashmere, Naadam’s sweater is ultra-soft and fits as if it were tailored—despite being made for all genders. Best of all, they hand-brush goats, collect the fallen cashmere fibers and spin them into yarn—rather than shearing the animals. The brand emphasizes their sustainability and proves their commitment by giving back: they use clean power at their manufacturing plants, fairly compensate herders, provide …


Peanut Butter + Banana Recipe Biscuits


Taking an all-natural approach to your pooch’s nutrition, Ernest wants to make pet care more healthy and simple. Their Peanut Butter + Banana Recipe Biscuits are made up of just three ingredients—oats, peanut butter and banana—and are wheat-free, making them easier for your dog to digest them. With 14% crude protein and 9% crude fat, they offer plenty of nutrients for your pup.


Steve Lacy: Playground

Psychedelic and groovy, Steve Lacy’s “Playground” pays, both visually and sonically, homage to Prince—via merch, a ruffled shirt, and sparkling purple hues throughout. The track appears on Lacy’s debut solo album, Apollo XXI, and while previously best known as The Internet’s guitarist, he has certainly proved himself as a formidable solo artist. Produced by Kathleen Heffernan and Leah Younesi and directed by Alexis Zabe, this …

Yuna (feat. Tyler, The Creator): Castaway

Pulled from her Rouge LP, Yuna’s “Castaway” glides along, carried by a delicate and lush instrumental and her comforting vocals. Yuna (aka Malaysia-born Yunalis binti Mat Zara’ai) teams up with Tyler, The Creator on the track and, while his style is a stark contrast to hers, the artist fits in seamlessly. His bars are clever and lead into a danceable breakdown that lasts through the …

Interview: MINERAL Founder, Mills Miller

We speak about the brand's full-spectrum hemp products, including the brand new Sousa body oil

Announced today, Austin-based MINERAL reveals the first new product from their highly anticipated full skincare collection, Sousa. The body oil is rich with cannabinoids, and actively reduces inflammation, boosts circulation and cell turnover (aka dead skin cells being replaced by younger cells). Along with CH favorite Maison, the brand’s body salve, Sousa promises to soothe, repair and nourish. MINERAL also maintains a dedication to high-quality ingredients …

Volvo’s First Fully Electric Car, the XC40 Recharge

The new vehicle is another step the brand is taking toward becoming more eco-friendly

Just debuted, Volvo‘s XC40 Recharge will be—when it goes on sale late next year—the brand’s first fully electric vehicle. (Like Tesla, Volvo is happy to let you order yours now, then anxiously wait for its arrival.) Beyond this new model, Volvo plans to add Recharge models across the board—so the Recharge label can mean a hybrid or an EV. In fact, they won’t have an …

Joy Crookes (feat. Jafaris): Early

With a video filmed in her grandmother’s house in Dublin, Joy Crookes’ “Early” depicts a love story doomed or destined to last—depending on how you listen. Aside from Crookes’ soulful delivery, Dublin-based rapper Jafaris contributes a catchy verse and harmonizes with the singer on the chorus. But the pair admits that they “wrote this song called ‘Early’ when were both experiencing the opposite ends of …

Space-Ready Rockets Made by AI-Powered Robots

Within LA-based rocket-maker Relativity’s factory space you’ll find a handful of the largest metal 3D printers in the world working around the clock—as they’re commanded by AI. One 30-foot-tall machine, equipped with two massive robotic arms, is in charge of building rockets up to 95% completion—with wiring, rubber finishing parts and a few other assets to be handled manually. But this isn’t merely an instance …

Hiking Yukon’s Tombstone on Arc’teryx’s New Guided Trips

Dramatic, majestic and challenging, adventures with the beloved outdoor brand

Google Reaffirms its Focus on Hardware at NYC Unveiling Event

From a new Pixel with tiny but mighty upgrades to the Nest Mini's incredible audio, new products from the tech company

Though hardware (phones, speakers, laptops) makes up a small portion of what Google does, their releases remain significant. In fact, with each debut, they come closer to the likes of Apple and Samsung. Especially as Google’s roster of products grows to include smart-home and assistant-equipped products and the fourth generation of its smartphone: the Pixel. Announced today, the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL …

NYC’s Il Fiorista Focuses on a Blossoming Community and Bouquets

The recently opened NoMad restaurant emphasizes the emotional and medicinal properties of flowers

While new restaurants open every day in NYC, Il Fiorista looks a little different. The venue’s window-facing high-top table hosts bountiful bouquets, a circular surface displays individual stems for made-to-order arrangements, and a near floor-to-ceiling wall-mounted display offers dozens of home decor products for sale. And beyond all of these blooms lies the bright, charming bar and restaurant. It’s an eye-catching approach, but it’s more …

Kasper Ledet

Kasper Ledet has an impressive collection of his design, illustration and artwork on his site. The Copenhagen native has worked with a handful of studios including a design in a book produced by Design Is Kinky. What’s most impressive and eye catching about his works unique style is he is only 17 years old and has no formal design training whatsoever. It's very inspiring to …

Bitman Video Bulb

No, it's not high tech chapstick or a mentholated nasal inhaler– it's a Video Bulb. Ryota Kuwakubo is a device artist. His wearable LED animation Bitman, a cute little guy that dances around within the confines of the display edges, has gotten plenty of attention in the art-gadget scene. His latest evolution of Bitman is in the form of this RCA video plug. Just pop …

128 Tea Mugs

Onkar Singh Kular has designed something to help the host with a mean perfectionist streak. Each of the 128 tea mugs is a Pantone shade of brown, which allows people to pick out the mug that matches the way they take their tea. Depending on which one they pick, the host with the most can judge how much milk to put in. Domestic goddess made …