Interview: The Finch’s Michelin-Starred Chef Gabe McMackin Takes on Troutbeck

Amenia, New York's design-driven hotel augments its culinary excellence

Elena Tamburini’s Touch-Encouraging Furniture

Inspired by sex as taboo, especially among older people, Italian designer Elena Tamburini created Filotea—a collection of furniture that encourages physical affection whether solo or with another individual. The range includes several standout pieces: Otello is a mirror surrounded by feathers, which allows the user to caress their own face, and the Filomena is a body brush that stimulates the skin. Our favorite is the …

Controllers Print


British mixed media artist Joe Webb combines found images to make otherworldly, cosmic scenes. For “Controllers” (a four-color screenprint made in an edition of 75 with Jealous Gallery), Webb plays with proportions and skews the viewer’s perception, placing an astronaut high above Earth but in the sightline of suited men behind a control board. The sky is covered in a black diamond dust overlay—replicating millions …


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Documenting Strip Clubs Throughout the American South

French photographer François Prost’s Gentlemen’s Club collection archives the sun-soaked facades of strip clubs across the southern US—everywhere from the beaches of Florida to downtown Houston. Through 193 photos, Prost surveys the design of these buildings, with their “generic signifiers of sex and sensual pleasure,” focusing on parts of the country that have “conservative and puritan reputations.” The exteriors are brightly colored, eerily similar from city …

Revisiting the New Yorker’s Coverage of the Apollo 11 Landing

In the Talk of the Town section of The New Yorker’s 26 July 1969 issue, reporters visited eight moon-landing parties—and documented the excitement that unfolded. From 50th Street and Sixth Avenue to the headquarters of NBC at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, audiences tuned in to the incredible quest and watched anxiously as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ventured into the unknown. Spliced with footage from the …

Tens Sunglasses’ Wes Anderson-Inspired Filtered Lenses

Expanding upon their line of stylistically filtered eyewear, Tens Sunglasses adopts a rich, warm hue for their newest release, the Spectachrome, now available to back on Indiegogo. Complete with a quirky video, these sunglasses set their wearer into a color spectrum and texture that matches Wes Anderson-directed films. And, not only are the glasses a trip into his vision, but they’ll protect yours too—with UV400 …

Sam Jacob Studio Designs London’s Cartoon Museum

Housing some 6,000 pieces of art and an 18,000-volume library of cartoons and comics, London’s Cartoon Museum has a new, permanent home designed by Sam Jacob Studio. Be it the two main galleries or the education room (accessible by a door hidden in a bookcase), bright and bold graphic features define the interior experience. It’s a well-matched design for the works within. Read and see more …

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Silk NASA Dress


Crafted from sand-washed silk habotai with satellite images printed all over, RÆBURN’s flowing NASA dress documents the environmental changes due to climate change. The oversized dress features slits on either side and a v-neck, and is a loose, lightweight option that will transcend seasons. The brand uses the same NASA images on plenty more garments too—shorts, pants, coats and accessories for all genders. Each is …


Moon — The Area of Influence


Legendary DJ/producer/composer Jeff Mills (aka The Wizard) is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing by releasing a conceptual album inspired by the moon. Available as a double-LP (or on CD), the record, called Moon — The Area of Influence, will be made up of Mills’ nuanced, cinematic and Detroit-rooted techno. In his words, “This album and the imagination that helped to produce it …


C1 Moonglow with Milanese Bracelet


Using the brand’s in-house modified Calibre JJ04 automatic moon phase movement, Christopher Ward’s 40.5mm C1 Moonglow watch keeps the time and carefully guides two illuminated 3D moons around the dial. With a stark black face, punctuated by white hour and minute hands and a red seconds hand, the watch is undoubtedly dignified. Just like the Apollo 11 landing, which it commemorates, the timepiece features plenty …


Tropic Zine Issue #2


Issue #2 of Honolulu-based, artist-led Tropic Zine focuses on the Filipinx diaspora—aiming to “decolonize, deconstruct, and reimagine” what it means to identify as such. The publication has been printed in an edition of 500 and includes contributions from Leah Danze, Catalina Africa Espinosa, Jasmine Wenzel, Calla Camero, Taissa Fromme, Azuré Keahi, gentofish and many more.


Jay Som: Tenderness

This delightful bit of indie and bedroom pop will appear on LA-based Jay Som’s forthcoming album, Anak Ko (out 23 August). It starts off simply—filtered vocals with drums and guitar—and Som is the star until the track breaks open and rhythmic bass and psych-influenced ambience pours out. The Weird Life-directed video provides a visual portrayal of the track’s sonic essence, too. A special purple tie-dye …

Wilco: Love Is Everywhere (Beware)

From Wilco’s forthcoming album, Ode to Joy (out 4 October), “Love Is Everywhere (Beware)” is a sprawling and steady folk song with lots to love. “Right now I’m frightened how love is here / beware / our love is everywhere,” the band’s frontman, Jeff Tweedy, sings atop jubilant guitar riffs. In a statement to announce the track, album and coinciding tour, Tweedy says, “There must …

Terra Glamping Spoils Guests With Natural Splendor

From kayaking to water views, this semi-permanent site in the Hamptons has it all

Sigil Scent’s Patrick Kelly Hand-Blends Sophisticated Fragrances

Perfumes that conveys the beauty of nature

Handmade in California, Sigil‘s scents are rich and complex without using artificial additives or encompassing fillers. The brand’s founder and alchemist, Patrick Kelly, relies on his own nose and his memory of scents to combine real ingredients until he’s happy with the final product. And, while many natural fragrances are muddled and overly earthy, Sigil’s are layered and delicate—they melt into the skin and resurface …

Word of Mouth: Prague

Art, design, wine and more in the glorious Czech capital

Shura: The Stage

From London-born and Brooklyn-based artist Shura (aka Alexandra Denton) comes “The Stage,” a disco-influenced alt-pop tune about a date—specifically, her first with her current girlfriend. “And we’re done with music / so if you’re assuming / you’re coming back with me / then maybe yes you can,” she sings. It’s glitzy, romantic and reflective of plenty of influences (and events). Shura’s second album (which follows …

The Creative Class is Growing in Smaller Cities

Using data from the US Census American Community Survey, CityLab’s Richard Florida and economist Todd Gabe tracked the growth of the creative class across the country. Popular belief assumes that talent is concentrated in bigger cities (NYC, LA, SF) but data actually supports the opposite. In fact, the aforementioned cities have experienced the slowest growth since 2005. Instead, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Grand Rapids …

Aperol Celebrates its Centennial Anniversary

An apéritif and its signature cocktail swept the world

Studio Visit: Surfboard Shaper Paul Surf

At Rockaway Beach, owner Paul Schmidt crafts boards that can be put to use just a few feet away

Geoff McFetridge Vandal Supremes

Update: 24 January 2004 I just found a pair of these for $110 at Barney's New York (Madison Ave, NYC Store). Firstly, it’s amazing that Barney’s now sells Nike, secondly the Hanon’s deal must not have been an exclusive after all. Regardless, these kicks are pretty fresh. The under layer has a funky silver print on it. —- These Vandal Supremes are designed exclusively for …

Digital Sundial

Like a digital clock, the digital sundial displays the current time using digits. In the true tradition of all sundials, the device is purely passive – it operates without electricity, and has no moving parts. Instead, the sunlight is cast through two cleverly designed masks in the shape of numbers that show the current time of day. The sundial is available in two versions, for …

MyOrigo MyDevice

MyOrigo is a Finnish company developing a new smartphone called the MyDevice. Despite this branding disaster, the device looks like it will be pretty interesting. The feature set is standard for a smartphone -calling, messaging, personal info mgt, camera, etc. It’s the UI that makes it unique -including 4 new ways of browsing information on the phone: motion control, mirroring, the “Touch and Feel” screen, …