Miami Art Week 2022: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s “Pulse Topology” with BMW at Superblue

3,000 LED bulbs radiate with the rhythm of heartbeats in one unifying installation

New Research Supports the Idea that There Was Once Life on Mars

A recent study from the journal “Earth and Planetary Science Letters” presents new findings about the early evolution of Mars. By creating a newly developed model of Martian atmosphere through time, researchers found that Mars—in contrast to the frozen desert it is now—was born with lots of water and a dense atmosphere that could have harbored warm-to-hot oceans for millions of years. This discovery likens …

Air Eau de Parfum


Air Company‘s proprietary technology transforms excess carbon in the air into refined vodka, sustainable fuel and now, the unique fragrance: Air Eau de Parfum. Subtle and versatile, the scent is inspired by the elements, blending top notes of citrus and fig leaf for Earth, tobacco for the Sun and and jasmine and sweet-water for oceans and air. Each is beautifully balanced, resulting in a complex, …


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Jellyfish Relative Could Improve the Design of Swimming Robots

The Nanomia bijug is a gelatinous marine animal related to jellyfish that uses a dozen or more independent jets to swim. This design enables two swimming styles: one that syncs all of the jets up for increased speed and another that powers jets individually to save energy. The dual-swimming capabilities—which are exclusive to the Nanomia‘s siphonophores taxa as well as barrel-shaped salps—could inform and improve underwater …

World’s Oldest Fossilized Brain Discovered

A 525-million-year-old fossil of an extinct worm-like animal known as the Cardiodictyon catenulum was first discovered in China in 1984, but only recently have scientists found that the barely half-an-inch animal has a brain. Using a technique called “chromatic filtering,” scientists were able to reveal the animal’s nervous system and brain in an unsegmented head. Not only is this finding extremely out of the ordinary—as …

Indigenous Restaurants in Seattle Work to Decolonize Dining

On 29 November, the Indigenous-owned restaurant ʔálʔal Cafe will open in Seattle, joining other Native-owned eateries in the city like the pop-up Native Soul and acclaimed food truck Off the Rez. The new business—which will highlight Indigenous cuisine as well as art—continues the burgeoning movement in Seattle to empower the Native community and educate about their history in the city. Despite being named after Chief …

Digitizing Rare Edwardian Images That Are Too Fragile to Display

In 1903, the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, patented the first widely available color photography process, called autochrome. Their method—which involves dusting a plate with dyed potato starch particles before loading it into a camera—revolutionized photography and cinema, yet autochrome photos are rarely seen today. Extremely sensitive, with a single transparency, these images are ruined when exposed to light and thus hardly displayed—even at London’s …

Miami Art Week 2022: Suchi Reddy’s Ethereal “Shaped by Air” Collaboration With Lexus

On view at ICA, an immersive installation that's informed by movement, emotion and the environment


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Meditation Cushion + Mat Set


Made in Brooklyn with memory foam and a natural buckwheat fill, this two-piece set from Walden provides comfortability as well as ankle and knee support during meditative practice. It’s finished with a modern, sleek design using a premium moisture-resistant fabric. Available in a range of colors, the cushion and mat thoughtfully craft an ideal place for reflection.


OYA Pour Over Set


Made by the staff of POT—a ceramics studio in LA that prioritizes people of color, adult beginners and the LGBTQ+ community—this pink pour-over set is full of levity, featuring a speckled design and a wacky frowny face with eyes made of stars. 100% of the proceeds from purchases of this set go to OYA Studio-Museum in Philadelphia to help Black ceramicists make and acquire art.


Cozy Quilted Jacket


NorBlack NorWhite is Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar’s clothing brand that merges contemporary fashion with traditional Indian craftsmanship. For their Cozy Quilted Jacket, the duo spent three years at various markets sourcing fabric for kambal, a blanket that is often worn like a shawl in India. They then transformed the material into a classic liner silhouette reimagined with vibrant, lush patterns, including this forest green …


Jurassic Flower Candle


Anybody who has visited NYC’s The Mark Hotel will recognize the lush fragrance Jurassic Flower—the hotel’s signature scent made by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle and originally composed by renowned perfumer Carlos Benhaïm. The fragrance—now available as a candle, in a smooth, minimal ceramic vessel that’s meant to resemble magnolia petals—comprises magnolia, peach and apricot, and boasts floral and citrus notes. It provides up to 60 …


Fleetwood Mac: Everywhere

Singer-songwriter, musician and creative force behind Fleetwood Mac, Christine McVie has passed away at 79 years old. Born Christine Perfect, she was part of British blues-rock group Chicken Shack before marrying Fleetwood Mac’s John McVie and joining the band in 1970. She wrote some of the legendary band’s most beloved songs, including “Don’t Stop,” “You Make Loving Fun,” “Hold Me,” and “Little Lies.” Their 14th …

pause: 怠​け​者

Japanese slowcore band pause share their first single “怠​け​者,” a pretty, melancholy song whose name translates to “lazy” in English. It begins with intimate vocals whose gentleness is punctuated by pulsating drums and atmospheric guitar. Toward the end of the near four-minute track, the soundscape expands and envelops, incorporating transcendent synths and a resonant guitar progression.

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Watches of Switzerland’s Limited Edition Speake-Marin One & Two Collaboration

Two bold new colorways released with only 10 watches each

Presented in partnership with Watches of Switzerland + Speake-Marin

From pioneering, independent Swiss watch brand Speake-Marin comes an ultra-exclusive collaboration with acclaimed international retailer Watches of Switzerland. Released in two versions, the Watches of Switzerland Edition One & Two features two bright, bold colorways and glowing lume introduced to the brand’s beloved and deeply expressive dual-time wristwatch. These statement-making timepieces feature an openworked dial design set within Speake-Marin’s signature 42mm Piccadilly case and Big Ben-inspired, …

mui zyu: Rotten Bun

From Eva Liu’s debut album under the moniker mui zyu, Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century, comes the track “Rotten Bun,” which follows “Ghost With a Peach Skin” earlier this month. Liu (the vocalist for Dama Scout) says of the gorgeous, expansive ballad, “‘Rotten Bun’ brings us into the fantasy world where the record is set. Me, you, us, we, ‘the protagonist’ takes in their …

Sophie Faith: Pinky Blues

London-based singer-songwriter Sophie Faith shares her five-track EP The Right Side of Wrong, and from it comes the smooth, jazzy “Pinky Blues.” Across a warm bass track, unhurried, blues-leaning percussion and intermittent guitar riffs, Faith’s soulful vocals and silky runs tackle self-preservation within relationships with palpable, candid emotion.

Testpack: Discover Your New Scent


Comprising five tester-sized (1ml) perfume oils, the Testpack from UNIFROM is a practical way to explore the fragrance house’s divine scents before committing to one. Inspired by multicultural high-rise urban living and founded by Haisam Mohammed, UNIFROM conceptualizes perfumes in Stockholm, develops them in Paris and manufactures them in Grasse. The five-pack includes Dawn, Bliss, Limbo, Cassis and Maghrib—which span scents from smoky and woody …


Emotional Oranges: On My Way

R&B duo Emotional Oranges experiments with new sounds on their latest single, “On My Way.” Grooving on lush percussion and sensual lyrics, the track sees the pair trading their laidback, pop-leaning sound for a fresh, rhythmic and lively soundscape, inspired by South African amapiano. Dance-worthy and bright, it’s the final single for their upcoming album, The Juice Vol III (out 9 December).

Raquel Martins: Fragile Eyes

Singer, songwriter, musician and producer Raquel Martins comes for fragile masculinity in her vibrant new track. Portugal-born, UK-based Martins blends alt-soul and jazz with Latin-influenced percussion to create an upbeat, infectious song that comes for feeble men who are intimidated by strong, successful women. The track is set to appear on her upcoming EP, Empty Flower.

Sexy Bachelor Pad: Designing for the Single Male

by Tisha Leung The bold motto—"You bring her home. We'll make sure she stays."— drives the unabashedly masculine interior design firm Sexy Bachelor Pad. Aimed exclusively at single men who have reached the pinnacle of success but continue to come home to a futon from college and a cardboard box for a coffee table, the Sexy Bachelor Pad specializes in turning living spaces into, well, …

New Balance x 580 Snowboarding Boot

Although I'm melting away in high summer (and enjoying it), seeing the 580 x New Balance Snowboarding Boot at the Agenda apparel trade show in Huntington Beach last week made me long for the flurries to start falling. The result of a collaboration between snowboarding apparel company 686 and New Balance, the boot intertwines the hallmarks of a New Balance sneaker (its Rollbar stability and …

Grado SR60i and New GR8 Headphones

For over fifty years Grado has been making audio equipment in Brooklyn, introducing high-end dynamic headphones in the late '80s. We've been using the small company's entry-level SR60i headphones (pictured right), a pair that for the $80 price tag delivers high-quality, crisp sound that competes with the larger, pricier brands. The SR60i's bare-bones design wins points for its utilitarian appeal, fitting comfortably around noggins. While …