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An innovative orange juicer, how science fiction inspires science, a stadium-sized nature installation and more from the web this week

Legendary Art Director Peter Saville Designs the New PornHub Award

PornHub has revealed their new award, created by legendary English art director and designer Peter Saville. Eschewing the cliche and crass, the bright orange trophy is based on the molecular structure of sex hormones—resulting in an abstract and appealing shape. Saville tells Ad Age, “My intention was to maintain a degree of ambiguity in the final form the award took, with respect to the sexual …

Anti-Aging Face Cream


Filled with 13 peptides, actives and antioxidants, Mad Hippie’s face cream comes in a travel-friendly 30ml bottle and combats signs of aging while offering hydration. The cream is gentle on sensitive skin and free from parabens, petrochemicals, phtalates, synthetic dyes and fragrances. Coconut and argan oil add a rich texture, contributing to the feeling of nourishment.


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Gucci Will Become Entirely Carbon Neutral This Month

Fashion is one of the largest polluting industries. In reaction, Gucci has committed to becoming carbon neutral by the end of the month. Marco Bizzarri (the Italian luxury brand’s chief executive) announced that they will include their entire supply chain in this move. Everything from sustainable and low-impact alternative fabrics to “reduction, elimination and offsetting what it calls ‘unavoidable emissions [including travel to runway shows],’” …

MIT’s New Color-Changing Ink, PhotoChromeleon

From MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory comes a product that could calm the nerves of fickle consumers. PhotoChromeleon is a high-tech ink that changes color through “reprogramming.” This means exposing the ink to UV light to activate or deactivate some of its components, which include “a scientific mix of cyan, magenta, and yellow photochromic dyes,” according to Fast Company. The sprayable ink can …

Steven Holl Architects’ Experimental “Crinkle Concrete”

Developed for Washington DC’s John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Steven Holl Architects’ experimental “crinkle concrete” treatment gives walls in the new expansion, known as The Reach, the appearance of crumpled paper. More than an aesthetic development of an ancient material, the cast-in-place concrete diffuses sound and offers additional acoustic support in performance spaces. In a detailed interview with CityLab, Garrick Ambrose, the project …

National Geographic on How Science Fiction Informs the Future

Word would travel of scientist Giovanni Aldini’s electric reanimation experiments on dead criminals in 1803 to author Mary Shelley before the 1818 publish of her book Frankenstein. It was an instance of science informing fiction. In turn, Shelley’s masterpiece would then inspire scientist Earl Bakken to develop the first wearable, battery-operated pacemaker. This is only one example of science fiction triggering the pursuit of scientific …

September Scotch: Glenfiddich’s French Cuvée Cask-Finished Grand Cru

A refined 23-year-old tipple from one of the biggest names in single malt scotch

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Fragrance-Free Hand Soap


While “fragrance free,” Faith in Nature’s hand soap has a very faint, pleasant scent from its seaweed-base. The aforementioned seaweed is wild-harvested and boasts helpful antioxidants, minerals and proteins. Packaged in recycled cardboard, the vegan soap is free from parabens and SLS. It produces a rich lather and leaves skin feeling clean, but soft and nourished. Price is in Pounds.


Vans Chukka MS


Shepherd Tartan uppers—crafted from premium Scottish wool—pair with a classic waffle sole in the second collaboration between NYC’s Noah and SoCal’s Vans. The debossed adjustable strap and nickel buckle lend the footwear an aesthetic lightning bolt that connects traditional references and punk style. Altogether, they’re a successful representation of both brands involved.


Timor Desktop Calendar


The brilliance of Italian modernist artist and furniture designer Enzo Mari’s calendar (which he created in 1966) lies in its limitlessness. The user simply flips the adjustable arm to reflect the right day, month and year combination. Designed by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano, the calendar reflects the era within which it was launched and makes a glorious and functional design piece for a work …


Cloud Loom Organic Towels Set


Made from 100% organic cotton, Coyuchi’s Cloud Loom towels are produced by sustainable practices (avoiding pesticides and with less water). The ultra-absorbent fabric stays soft through countless uses and remains lightweight even when wet. This luxuriously cozy set is comprised of two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths.


Bruno Major: Nothing

A delicate tune led by the charmed croon of English singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bruno Major, “Nothing” tiptoes through a loving relationship on top of sweetly sincere lyrics (co-written with Raelee Nikole). Major released the track as a surprise to fans after honing a live version through his North American tour and completing the songwriting over dinner in London. It follows up 2017’s exquisite album, A …

Daniel Johnston: True Love Will Find You In The End

An inspiration to so many other artists and musicians, Daniel Johnston‘s vast contribution of simple, honest and haunting works find balance between outsider art and mainstream acceptance. The singer/songwriter and visual artist’s laundry list of accolades ranges from inclusion in the 2006 Whitney Biennial, adoration for this “Hi, How Are You” mural in Austin, a brief stint signed to Atlantic Records, performances on MTV and …

Former El Bulli Chef Jaume Biarnés Digón Caters Proenza Schouler’s Backstage

An all-vegan, Yondu-seasoned menu before the runway show at New York Fashion Week

“We know that, for our health and the health of the planet, we must eat more plants,” Chef Jaume Biarnés Digón explains to us backstage at the Proenza Schouler runway show this fashion week. In an industry that’s always been food-conscious, and increasingly (finally) environmentally aware, chef Digón’s presence signifies something more. Formerly at El Bulli—arguably once the world’s most important restaurant—chef Digón would help chef …

The Lush Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo

A vibrant retreat that blends into the beauty of the landscape

Merci’s “Upcycling” Collection Spotlights Sustainable Luxury

Coinciding with Paris Design Week, the high-end concept store's shoppable installation

Merci, an eclectic concept store in the Marais, contributes to the lengthy itinerary of Paris Design Week (6-14 September) this year with an exhibition of their own. The shoppable display, titled Upcycling: A New Lease on Life, features dozens of products made by skilled craftsmen and talented designers—each employing sustainable materials or highlighting a reused object. The collection comes complete with call-outs to the source …

Kills Birds: Worthy Girl

“Worthy Girl,” by LA-based rock band Kills Birds, holds no punches during its brief but raucous runtime. A searing evaluation of self-worth, the track’s propulsion comes from lead singer Nina Ljeti’s empowered delivery, paired with wild guitar work and booming bass and drums. The basement setting for the Cris Gris-directed music video supports the DIY aesthetic of the whole unit.

Charli XCX feat. Troye Sivan: 2099

A sonic, synth-driven tease to the future, “2099” once again sees Charli XCX collaborate with Troye Sivan. Rather than look back for inspiration, as they did with their 2018 hit “1999,” they’ve developed a futuristic soundscape of electronic accents and modified vocals. It captivates from the start and doesn’t let go. The track is set to close out Charli XCX’s LP Charli, released this Friday.

From Athens to Crete With The Autograph Collection

In Greece, the Academia of Athens boutique and Domes of Elounda resort embrace the culture

Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Grooming Products

While we wait for big corporations and governmental change, we can all do a little better

Champagne Besserat de Bellefon’s Future-Forward Design Developments

From biodynamic farming to all-new bottles, an elegant advancement for the historic brand

Where Design Comes From

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DURKL reinvents 1988 designs with a more contemporary humor. In his own words "DURKL is Knight Rider with a Hummer." All these T-shirts and more are for sale on their site.

Camo Tote

Was LL Bean trying to be trendy when they introduced this rockin camouflage tote? I kind of doubt it. Who cares, anyway? It's a great looking and water resistant bag for get-away-from-the-city weekends or for all your hunting dog's acessories.