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From forest art in Japan to flight suits for space tourists, a brainless blob and more

Toshihiko Shibuya’s Tiny Art Resembles Blossoming Life

Displayed at a random location within the woods of Tomakomai in Japan, Toshihiko Shibuya’s most recent installation mirrors the emergence of biological life using 1,500 individual, pastel-colored pushpins meant to look like spores. These woods in particular serve as a surreal setting for the work as the trees here cannot root deep enough to sustain growing to great heights. Thus, they fall once they’ve grown …

Mirka & Georges: A Culinary Affair


Part art book, part cookbook, part biography, Mirka & George: A Culinary Affair documents the life of Mirka and Georges Mora, Melbourne-based couple by way of Paris. Their apartment became a hub for the artistic community and their restaurants accommodated the overflow. This book—through photos, prints of their art, recipes and more—explains why the pair were so beloved and became icons of the Australian city.


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This Brainless Blob Can Solve Puzzles, Sleep and More

Officially on display at the Paris Zoo from 19 October, this unicellular organism will be the first-ever “brainless blob” to be showcased in a zoo. Despite not having a brain, the mass can complete a bevy of tasks from improvising music to maneuvering through a maze, remembering which food it likes best, and crossing a bridge covered in a hazardous chemical. While it’s new for …

Analogue Announces its Game Boy-like Device, Pocket

Made as a tribute to portable gaming, Analogue’s just-announced Pocket is, as Wired says, “not-a-Game-Boy-but-kind-of-a-Game-Boy.” The company’s first-ever handheld device, the Pocket works with all Game Boy cartridges (including those made for the Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance), which is a good 2,700+ games. Of course, this contemporary device offers plenty of updates including a high-definition screen, longer battery life and stereo speakers. …

Virgin Galactic Unveils Suits for Space Tourism Flights

A departure from the uniforms that NASA astronauts require for trips beyond Earth’s atmosphere, the spacesuits ticketed passengers will wear on Virgin Galactic’s flights are comfy, blood-flow-regulating, and designed by Under Armour. “The big difference between suits of the past and this suit is that those suits were to perform a task, and this suit is to enjoy and savor space on your own terms, …

New Typeface Based on Greta Thunberg’s Handwriting

Greta Grotesk is designer Tal Shub’s typographic ode to Greta Thunberg and references the climate change activist’s handwriting. Shub (co-founder of Uno, an NYC-based company that aims to offer alternatives to single-use plastics), was impressed by the boldness and clarity of Thunberg’s message and its parallels with the lettering on two of her handwritten signs. The typeset Shub developed acts as an additional reminder of …

CH Japan: Tokyo DesignArt Week Exhibition

Celebrating the artisanship of Amami Oshima Tsumugi fabric with an installation of objects

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

The Decalogue Deluxe Vinyl LP


Composed by Sufjan Stevens and played by Timo Andres, this ballet score for a Justin Peck-choreographed dance performance (which premiered with the New York City Ballet in 2017) impresses with its subtlety and emotion. Far from merely background music, the 10 tracks (referencing the collection’s title Decalogue, which means 10 commandments) dip, accelerate, crescendo, and sometimes even pause entirely to afford the performers solemnity. The …


Spencer Throw


Featuring a design by Guadalajara-based artist Daniel Barreto, Slowdown Studio’s 100% cotton Spencer Throw measures out to 54 by 70 inches—meaning it’s big enough for a couch or bed, or as a wall-hanging. Featuring Barreto’s wavy, organic plants, the blanket’s palette is subtle but with pops of jewel tones. Spun and woven in the USA, it’s manufactured from yarn made from 70% recycled cotton.


Packable Slippers


In Japanese households it’s customary to remove your shoes upon entering the home. Thus comfortable and durable house slippers are a necessary accessory. SUBU, a Tokyo brand making such slippers, also makes a packable iteration. With a cushioned sole and a poly fill, they’ll keep your feet comfortable and warm. Available in sizes 5.5 to 12, they’re also available in three colors: gloss black, foil …


Grand Union: Stories


Grand Union: Stories is prolific author Zadie Smith’s first collection of short stories. The respected and beloved author features her horror tales alongside historical fiction, reflective pieces on modernity, dystopian tales and more. While diverse in subject and genre, Smith’s writing is consistently rich, thoughtful and measured. There are 19 stories within, 11 of which are new and exclusive to this release.


Perfume Genius: Pop Song

The delicate new “Pop Song” by Perfume Genuis (aka Seattle-based Mike Hadreas) is actually quite experimental, ethereal and not quite a pop track at all. The tune is from The Sun Still Burns Here, a touring dance and music project that Hadreas created with choreographer Kate Wallich and her company YC. Textured and layered, the song features minimal vocals, but when his delicate falsetto appears …

Steve Lacy: Playground

Psychedelic and groovy, Steve Lacy’s “Playground” pays, both visually and sonically, homage to Prince—via merch, a ruffled shirt, and sparkling purple hues throughout. The track appears on Lacy’s debut solo album, Apollo XXI, and while previously best known as The Internet’s guitarist, he has certainly proved himself as a formidable solo artist. Produced by Kathleen Heffernan and Leah Younesi and directed by Alexis Zabe, this …

Frieze London 2019: Whimsical Sculptures

Colorful, strange, charming and intriguing pieces from the fair

This year’s Frieze London was met with plenty of rain, but that did nothing to dissuade the crowds. The fair has long been held at Regent’s Park with an incredibly compelling exhibition of sculptures outside in the park, but the artworks inside the tents deserve recognition too. There were so many whimsical sculptures evoking wonder and fancy, and transporting viewers to other imagined worlds. We’ve …

Vivino’s User-Compiled Data Catalogs Millions of Wines

Rather than imparting paid suggestions upon users, the app relies on real reviews

Interview: MINERAL Founder, Mills Miller

We speak about the brand's full-spectrum hemp products, including the brand new Sousa body oil

Announced today, Austin-based MINERAL reveals the first new product from their highly anticipated full skincare collection, Sousa. The body oil is rich with cannabinoids, and actively reduces inflammation, boosts circulation and cell turnover (aka dead skin cells being replaced by younger cells). Along with CH favorite Maison, the brand’s body salve, Sousa promises to soothe, repair and nourish. MINERAL also maintains a dedication to high-quality ingredients …

Yuna (feat. Tyler, The Creator): Castaway

Pulled from her Rouge LP, Yuna’s “Castaway” glides along, carried by a delicate and lush instrumental and her comforting vocals. Yuna (aka Malaysia-born Yunalis binti Mat Zara’ai) teams up with Tyler, The Creator on the track and, while his style is a stark contrast to hers, the artist fits in seamlessly. His bars are clever and lead into a danceable breakdown that lasts through the …

Joy Crookes (feat. Jafaris): Early

With a video filmed in her grandmother’s house in Dublin, Joy Crookes’ “Early” depicts a love story doomed or destined to last—depending on how you listen. Aside from Crookes’ soulful delivery, Dublin-based rapper Jafaris contributes a catchy verse and harmonizes with the singer on the chorus. But the pair admits that they “wrote this song called ‘Early’ when were both experiencing the opposite ends of …

Volvo’s First Fully Electric Car, the XC40 Recharge

The new vehicle is another step the brand is taking toward becoming more eco-friendly

Just debuted, Volvo‘s XC40 Recharge will be—when it goes on sale late next year—the brand’s first fully electric vehicle. (Like Tesla, Volvo is happy to let you order yours now, then anxiously wait for its arrival.) Beyond this new model, Volvo plans to add Recharge models across the board—so the Recharge label can mean a hybrid or an EV. In fact, they won’t have an …

Interview: Rizon Parein, Founder of Us By Night

We speak with the designer about the dynamic three-day event in Antwerp

Stripe Throw Blanket


With panels of subtle hues contrasted by candy colors, this knitted throw blanket is undeniably the work of Brooklyn-based Dusen Dusen. Made from 100% cotton, the Stripe Throw Blanket is super-soft and sizable, at 50 by 70 inches.


Ghetto Fab: The Photo-Graf Collection

Carol Chung reports on Ghetto Fab: The Photo-Graf Collection Public urban art!!… scaled down for your viewing pleasure. Last Thursday was the opening night of the month long Ghetto Fab: Photo-Graffiti exhibition. As the title implies, it contains photographs of graffiti mural art from the boroughs of New York City. The photographer, Jonathan Singer, is hailed as “The Ansel Adams of Graffiti Photography.” There are …

Barking Irons

Barking Irons uses photo-chromic and glow in the dark inks to compliment their already striking designs. Inspired by 19th century New York flash culture they translate antique American iconography on the more contemporary medium of fine jersey Ts.

Guardian: Cool Hunting

Josh Rubin's blog is subtitled "stuff from the intersection of design, culture and technology" and concerns itself with tracking down the coolest new gadgets, toys and T-shirts available – one bearing the slogan "Everything you like I liked five years ago" sums up the mood nicely. There is plenty of leering over advancements in sneaker technology, with peeks at the new Nike-Newson Zvezdochka jelly shoes …