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The Brooklyn Public Library’s Nationwide Library Card to Access Banned Books

For a limited time, the Brooklyn Public Library is offering a free electronic library card to any person ages 13 to 21, anywhere in the US. This move, which grants access to 500,000 digital works (including an array of books banned in certain states, like Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird) is an attempt to combat …

FUKU Jacket


FUKU is a kimono-style garment, lined with a soft fleece for extra warmth and comfort. From the Japanese brand Prospective Flow, the traditional jacket (with roomy pockets and a single button closure) is relaxed but imbued with sophistication.


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Pelican Cargo Is the Largest, Autonomous Electric Cargo Plane

From California-based aviation startup Pyka comes the world’s largest, autonomous electric cargo plane, Pelican Cargo. Capable of carrying a payload of 400 pounds in 60 cubic feet of cargo volume, the plane has a range of up to 200 miles and is powered by a 50kWh lithium-ion battery pack, four 25kW electric motors and triple redundant batteries. Its autonomy is guided by six processors, two …

Elephants Contribute to the Fight Against Climate Change

A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that elephants—some of the last remaining megaherbivores in rainforests—are crucial to protecting the planet. Analyzing the animals’ feeding habits in Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in the Republic of Congo and LuiKotale, researchers discerned that elephants are picky eaters whose choices aid the capture of carbon. They tend to opt for leaves from …

1.2 Million-Year-Old Workshop Reveals Early Humans Were Skilled Crafters Earlier Than Believed

In Melka Kunture, Ethiopia, researchers found 575 obsidian hand-axes that are 1.2 million years old and believed to have come from a dedicated workshop. The discovery means that hominins (early humans and ancestors) may have been skilled craftspeople capable of working with obsidian some 500,000 years earlier than scientists believed. A volcanic glass that is fragile and sharp, obsidian requires a certain level of skill to …

A Robot That Melts and Reforms

Researchers have devised a robot that can liquefy and then reform—an characteristic inspired by sea cucumbers that rapidly change their stiffness. The shape-shifting invention can move between liquid and solid states by making clever use of materials. It’s composed of a metal with a low-melting point called gallium which researchers then embedded with magnets to control movement. Through the process of induction the robot melts …

Early Majority Prioritizes People Over Product

A new multipurpose capsule from the world's first fashion degrowth company


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The Onassis Foundation Presents: GEORGE by Efthimis Filippou


In a limited edition of 300, FourFour Records’ black vinyl pressing of The Onassis Foundation Presents: GEORGE by Efthimis Filippou arrives in an orange clothbound box with letter-pressed text and includes a booklet of the complete script. Filippou, the acclaimed Greek screenwriter behind Dogtooth, The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and more, penned the descriptive, enveloping and theatrical work about the last days …


The Door Amulet


Made in collaboration with Luis Alberto, The Door Amulet from Sage & Salt uses the evil eye symbol to bless the home and all who enter. Handcrafted with inlaid quartz, lapis and obsidian, the brass amulet is delicate, mystical decor and a way to thoughtfully set intentions for a space.


Wall Vase


Handcrafted in the south of France, the “Wall Vase” by designer Lola Mayeras is soft and sophisticated. Featuring rounded, familiar forms and a beige glaze, the earthenware’s flat backside means it can hang flush with the wall—or rest on its side or back for a touch of whimsy. Price is in Euros.


“Bad Hands” Print (Night Pink)


LA-based artist Rob Sato’s Bad Hands series is composed of hand-printed lithographs in various colorways. Essentially a chart of hand and finger configurations (some of which are impossible), the print is on Cougar cover stock paper and is available in an edition of 60.


Lucinda Chua: Echo

Singer-songwriter Lucinda Chua announces her debut album, Yian (meaning swallow in Chinese, paying homage to her Chinese heritage), with the enchanting “Echo.” A minimal, haunting piano ballad, the track comes accompanied by a Jade Ang Jackman-directed video for which Chua worked with movement director Chantel Foo. The London-based artist says it’s “a pop song about ancestral trauma,” and its minimal but powerful lyrics illustrate pain, defiance …

Jana Horn: After All This Time

Jana Horn’s upcoming album, The Window Is The Dream, is set for release in April and from it comes the lead single, “After All This Time.” Horn’s featherweight vocals float over the track’s soft percussion, gentle cello and guitar. The album “began as a failed program,” says the Texas-based artist in a statement. “I wrote these songs in the thick of a writing program. I was reading …

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Esukolaal: Bapaalaay (Friendship)

Released by Smithsonian Folkways (the Smithsonian Institution’s non-profit record label), the Senegalese ekonting track “Bapaalay (Friendship),” by the band Esukolaa, will appear on the forthcoming album Ears of the People: Ekonting Songs from Senegal and The Gambi (out 4 February). The band includes Elisa Diedhiou—one of only a few women who play the ekonting, which is a musical ancestor to the banjo. The melodic track …

Tonic Generative Art Platform’s First Release, Chromesthesia: Ascend

Abstract generative art with colors informed by sound

Founded by Susannah Maybank (former head of digital at Gagosian) and Mariam Naficy (founder of design marketplace Minted), Tonic aims to make collecting digital art—and the entire world of blockchain art—more appealing, accessible and approachable. Rather than focus on collectible profile pictures, their platform features carefully curated fine art that will hopefully entice new audiences—even those more accustomed to real-life galleries. Today, Tonic drops its inaugural …

Notes: Sundance Film Festival’s Return to Park City

Thoughts surrounding the community of filmmakers and movie fans

Vic Mensa feat. Thundercat: Strawberry Louis Vuitton

Chicago-based rapper Vic Mensa teams up with singer and musician Thundercat and R&B vocalist Maeta for the glorious “Strawberry Louis Vuitton.” Produced by Mensa, Thundercat, El Michels Affair and Johan Lenox, the soulful love song was partly inspired by Virgil Abloh. “I made ‘Strawberry Louis Vuitton’ while watching one of Virgil’s last LV films; the one with Saul Williams,” the rapper explains in a statement. …


“LUV (I KNOW I WANT THIS FOR REAL)” is another ’80s-inflected jam from singer-songwriter Q (aka Q Steve Marsden). Following the thread of his previous singles “TODAY” and “STEREO DRIVER“, the latest track encapsulates Marsden’s genre-defying panache: it’s retro with synths and an alluring, compressed beat but remains contemporary. With the artist’s soulful vocals and robust percussion, the single is a lush bop.

Viesso Hang & Paste Wallpaper

Known for their brilliantly-easy customizable furniture, Viesso recently launched an equally successful wallpaper boutique, Hang & Paste. With favorites like Cole & Son Fornasetti and independent illustrators proffering enticing motifs, Viesso brings an exciting atmosphere to a design element that has in recent years become considered outdated, making it welcome in any home. Navigable by brand, style or color, the site is an efficient and …

Julie Parker Black Jewls Collection

by Rebecca Harkins-Cross For the Tin man and Scarecrow in all of us, Julie Parker's latest collection Black Jewls offers an exquisite range of anatomically-correct wearable human organs cast in solid sterling silver and strung on hand-finished chains. Packaged in glass test tubes with cork stoppers, the collection of bodily charms include hearts, brains, vertebrae, ribcages and livers. By externalizing human internal organs, the Melbourne-based …

Mormor Tableware by Gry Fager

An intelligent riff on kitchen textiles, Gry Fager's Mormor collection of tableware for Normann Copenhagen combines modern form and traditional pattern with the most gratifying results. Mormor's distinct patterns—a graphic interpretation of the typical blue and white tea towel and a textural nod to the classic dish cloth—grace a variety of dining objects such as bowls, cups, platters, plates and decanters. The collection manages to …