Holiday Gift Guides 2019: Gifts That Give Back

Giving a gift to a loved one as well as a person you'll never meet is special, significant and satisfying

43,900-Year-Old Cave Art Depicts Ancient Hunting Scene

Predating the next oldest depiction of a human/animal hunting scene by 4,000 years, this 43,900-year-old scene painted on cave walls on Sulawesi (an island in central Indonesia) is now believed to be the oldest—and includes one of the most complex discoveries yet. It reshapes our long-held conceptions about the practice of hunting by depicting therianthropes, predominantly human figures with a distinguishing animal feature. In this …

Dope Girls Zine: Volume 7


Featuring work by talented women and non-binary writers and artists, the newest edition of the Dope Girls Zine explores the theme ENDINGS, but the publication isn’t folding. Issue 7 (which is available for pre-order now) includes pieces by Kristen N Arnett, Chynna Jenkins, Peyton Fulford, Mattiel, Audra Melton, Amber North, Chelsea G Summers and many others. The zine was founded back in 2016 by Beca …


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Google Launches Assistant Interpreter Mode

Available today on iOS and Android, Interpreter Mode translates conversations in real time through a process similar to Google’s preexisting Translate page. According to the company, the feature can be prompted by saying phrases like, “Hey Google, help me speak Thai” or “Hey Google, be my German translator.” Simply recite a phrase and an automated process will translate it and play it back in the …

Tabasco’s New 3D-Printed Neighborhood

Helmed by housing non-profit New Story (in partnership with Icon and Échale), the city of Tabasco’s 3D-printed neighborhood has received its first two homes. Using a 33-foot Icon Vulcan II printer, New Story built the pair of 500-square-foot, single-story cement houses in significantly less time and for less money than traditional homes. The walls went up in 24 hours and then human workers added the …

Hawaii Moves to Ban Single-Use Takeout Containers

Part of a comprehensive plan to drastically reduce single-use plastic reliance within the state, Hawaii passed a ban on plastic takeout containers—plates, bowls, cups, utensils, straws, foam containers, and more. The plan (formally named Bill 40) will roll out over two years, allowing restaurants and other purveyors the opportunity to convert to more sustainable options. Two exceptions will remain even after two years: raw fish …

The World’s First Fully-Electric Commercial Flight

Though it was a seaplane and not a jet, Harbour Air and magniX’s fully-electric flight was a first-ever for the industry, signaling potential for adoption on larger planes. That change surely would be welcomed by travelers, who’d see no notable difference in their flight experience but the output of emissions would be drastically reduced. This is especially pressing as emissions from commercial flights are set …

From Celebration to Serenity Inside The Jaffa, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Tel Aviv

Perched at the pinnacle of hospitality, a property with views of Jaffa's historic port

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Great Lash Mascara Pipe


Made by artist Seth Bogart, this ceramic piece is both an objet d’art and a functional pipe. An ode to what is perhaps the most recognizable mascara ever, each Great Lash Mascara Pipe is handmade in Bogart’s California studio, and is therefore unique. Each piece measures approximately four inches tall.


Tequila Casa Dragones Joven


Sophisticated and exquisitely crafted, Casa Dragones Joven is a small-batch, master blend of 100% Blue Agave silver and extra-aged tequila. This liquid is complex and nuanced, but soft, smooth and satisfying; ideal for sipping slowly on its own or pairing with food. With notes of citrus, florals, spice and vanilla, it’s a bright and elegant tequila. Not only is the liquid impeccably made, but each …


Speedmaster 38 Co-Axial Chronograph


One of five models to celebrate luxury Swiss watchmaker OMEGA’s partnership with Orbis International (a non-profit NGO that helps with critical eye care worldwide), this stainless steel Speedmaster 38 Co-Axial Chronograph features a self-winding movement and 52-hour battery reserve. Several design touches—the Orbis Teddy Bear counter-weight on the seconds hand, in particular—nod to the welfare organization. For each watch sold, OMEGA donates a portion of …


“Charity In Bloom” Bouquet


Subtle but dually lush and gorgeous, this bouquet of green and ivory roses and winter foliage from Winston Flowers is available in five different sizes and can be delivered anywhere in the United States for the month of December. Beyond a pretty posy, the purchase of this gift benefits the brand’s Charity in Bloom program, with 20% of the purchase price given to the Boys …


KAYTRANADA feat. Pharrell Williams: Midsection

Pulled from Haitian-Canadian producer Kaytranada’s newest album, BUBBA, “Midsection” interpolates genres from the acclaimed artist’s birth nation into his modern, ultra-successful song structure. With house music force and a drum-along Caribbean rhythm, this track leans into its lively energy. Sometimes claps chime in, other times the track’s lone feature, Pharrell Williams, chants alongside drums and funky riffs. Altogether, it’s a lovely reference to both artist’s more …

Phoebe Bridgers feat. Fiona Apple and Matt Berninger: 7 O’Clock News / Silent Night

With 100% of the profits from this recording donated to Planned Parenthood, Phoebe Bridgers’ collaborative cover of “7 O’Clock News / Silent Night” arrives with meaning and purpose. Fiona Apple harmonizes on the haunting track and The National’s Matt Berninger narrates the “7 O’Clock News” segment that runs throughout, referencing the 1966 Simon & Garfunkel classic but updating the news cycle with impactful recent events. …

Test Drive: Mercedes-Benz’s GLB SUV and CLA Sedan

Comparing contrasting vehicles, both with plenty of impressive qualities

In order to concurrently keep up with and set themselves apart from competitors, Mercedes-Benz employs a somewhat shotgun approach, with lots of cars starting in the mid-to-high $30K range. Their newest being the seven-passenger GLB SUV, built on the same platform as the brand’s CLA—which first debuted in 2013. The brand is going after younger buyers with the $38,600 250 4Matic GLB, an ideal car …

Live Resin Project, a Cannabis Brand Focused on the Plant’s Purest Essence

Focusing on the complexity of fresh frozen flowers, the brand brings forth each strain's specific flavor, aroma and character

Test Drive: 2020 Porsche Macan S

Behind the wheel of a crossover that draws inspiration from the beloved 911

At-Home Artificial Insemination Tool

Typically, artificial insemination is a sterile, clinical process, but Polish designer Kamila Rudnicka is changing that with an at-home tool that doubles as a sex toy. This pink-hued dildo, called Way, allows those hoping to conceive to make insemination part of their sexual experience. It’s also a practical and playful way for the non-conceiving partner to be involved. The device can be used two ways: …

Explore Google’s Summary of 2019

Annually, Google surveys its own data to offer insight (through graphs and detailed rankings) on the lifespan of news cycles and cultural interests, and, perhaps solely for our entertainment, they present a handful of the funniest searches we’ve all made. From a list of the US population’s most searched babies (number one was Baby Yoda from Disney+’s The Mandalorian) to the most sought after recipes …



With 100% of the purchase price going to the Pupils Project (which provides eye exams and glasses to kids in NYC and Baltimore, with the ultimate intention of ensuring that every US public school student’s needs are met), Jimmy Fallon’s collaborative sunglasses project with Warby Parker contributes to vision protection. The eyewear itself is also good-looking—with a classic mid-century silhouette and matte black color—and unexpectedly …


Matcha Gift Set


A matcha gift box of three teas, this Ippodo set spans light to rich flavors. Ideal for seasoned enthusiast as well as those new to matcha, there’s a tea here for every mood: refreshing Fuku-mukashi, balanced but slightly bitter Kan-no-shiro, and umami-leaning, emerald-colored Seiun. Comes with a guidebook and the option for gift-wrapping.


Camouflage Zine

Camouflage is an 'experimental' design zine distributed via download from their Web site. The 3rd issue is now out and features some pretty cool mixed media design schtuff.

Pocket Vault

Chameleon Networks has started taking orders for, Pocket Vault, a new device that holds all your credit card information and reprints it on demand to a reusable Chameleon Card. All you do is select the credit card you want to use and it spits out the Chameleon Card with the appropriate imprint and magnetic strip. The Pocket Vault includes a fingerprint reader so that only …

Comparing the World’s Subways

Fake is the New Real has a nice comparison of many of the worlds subways/ What makes it interesting is the fact that they are all presented on the same scale. It provides a different angle on understanding urban population and density.