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Lexus’ Vehicular Visions for the Moon

For Document Journal’s Fall/Winter 2019 print issue, editors asked Lexus designers a question: “How will we navigate the moon’s low-gravity, rocky terrain?” Using their current models as starting points, the designers drafted seven concepts up for the task and Ian Cartabiano, Lexus’ Design President, explained each one to Document Journal’s Maraya Fisher. “We were trying to create a very futuristic and avant-garde statement that still …

Dream Nighttime CBD Gummies


Each of Colorado-based Mandara’s Dream CBD gummies boasts 30mg of oil extracted from refined, THC-free hemp plants. Though full-spectrum oils offer a suite of benefits, CBD isolate (as it appears here) works with melatonin to help users fall asleep—and stay asleep. Third-party tested, Farm Bill compliant, and grown without the use of pesticides or GMOs, Mandara’s source hemp proves to be a sound introductory to …


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Fortnite Video Game Now An Official High School and College Sport

The incredibly popular multiplayer game Fortnite is now a regulated high school and college sport, courtesy of a partnership between Epic Games (the studio behind the game) and PlayVS, the governing body that handles registering individual schools and teams. Since the game’s release in July of 2017, it has logged 78.3 million users, raked in just under $2 billion in annual profits, and successfully attracted …

Pigalle Basketball Court’s 2020 Makeover

The beloved Pigalle basketball court (located on Rue Duperré in Paris’ 9th Arrondissement) has received a makeover, the first since its bright gradient look from three years ago. The Pigalle brand (founded and helmed by Stéphane Ashpool) joined forces again with creative agency ILL-Studio and Nike for the gaming-inspired refresh, which features only recycled materials and”blocks of color intertwined with graphic icons, including arrows, plus …

Inside Cruise’s Fully Autonomous Vehicle

With similar measurements as most SUVs, a new vehicle by Cruise (a subsidiary of GM) requires passengers to forfeit all control of the car. Without a steering wheel or pedals, the interior design references subway cars, rather than buses or vans. Officially named Origin, the first model is most obviously different from competitors’ autonomous rides in the absence of the option to take control should …

One of a Kind Machine-Made Ceramics

Israeli designer Ofri Lifshitz’s “Industrial One Of” addresses our fear of automation overtaking craft. Lifshitz created a machine-run reproduction of a ceramic jigger that can produce impressive plates and bowls—complete with unique inclusions and a maker’s signature. The deviation is made using a string she programmed to stroke at a particular moment in the process, but each remains slightly different due to the jigger’s sporadic …

DTLA’s Death & Co Serves Dual-Identity, Multi-Sensory Experiences

From design to drinks, this subterranean bar matches its NYC and Denver counterparts, while offering something unique

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Blak Matriarchy T-Shirt


Made in the colors of the Aboriginal Australian flag, this T-shirt by Gammin Threads (a company owned and helmed by a descendent of the Yorta Yorta, Taungurung, Boon wurrung and Mutti Mutti nations) celebrates black women. On the front of the 100% combed cotton top are a couple red and yellow flowers and, on the back—in bold and exultant type—is the statement, “respect blak matriarchy.” …


Wrappers Delight


Published by FUEL and compiled by Trunk Records owner (and self-proclaimed nostalgia lover) Jonny Trunk, Wrappers Delight features 500+ images of British drink, confectionary, and candy packaging from 1950 through 1980. “Decisions about what to include were based on three parameters set by FUEL and myself,” Trunk writes in the book’s introduction. “1) We had to like the item for nostalgic reasons. 2) We had …


The Vines Piston Jacket


California’s Taylor Stitch is selling three limited edition corduroy Piston jackets in an online auction right now, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. Each jacket is chain-stitched, and our pick of the three is by Tina Vines, with lettering from Golden West Sign Arts. Retro-tinged but concurrently timeless, this 100% organic cotton jacket is versatile and its …


Supreme Models: Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion


Stylist and journalist Marcellas Reynolds’ Supreme Models: Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion comprises 256 pages of black models and their accomplishments over the past 70 years—including magazine covers, editorials, catwalk images and more. Beginning with Iman, Beverly Johnson and Donyale Luna and ending with Adwoa Aboah, Jourdan Dunn and Joan Smalls, the book celebrates not only beauty, but also boldness and strength. It also touches …


PREP: Love Breaks Down

A blend of pop, yacht, disco and funk, PREP’s “Love Breaks Down” is an infectious arrangement of synths and computer claps. It’s altogether enjoyable and easy to dance along to, especially when the bass and electric organ kick in toward the end of the track. “It came to life after we decided to write a party track—something that would work well in our live show …

(Sandy) Alex G: Bad Man

(Sandy) Alex G’s “Bad Man” originally appeared on the artist’s 2019 album, House Of Sugar. Unexpectedly, the artist released an alternate version of the track, and an accompanying video directed by Zev Magasis. The 2020 take on “Bad Man” trades the twangy accent and generated drums for a pared-back piano and mandolin, and far more emotional and resonating vocals. Paired with the lo-fi visuals, the …

Live at Montage Deer Valley Performance Series for Sundance 2020

An exclusive series of evening events with WhistlePig Rye Whiskey

As roughly 50,000 festival-goers pass through the charmed ski town of Park City, Utah for Sundance, cultural events crop up along Main Street, neighboring towns and in the mountains, too. Once again, the exquisite Montage Deer Valley will host programming to accompany the premieres and parties downtown. Set during the evening, the Live at Montage music series features surprise performers in an intimate environment. It’s an …

UNDONE’s “Blank” Watch Collection With Topawards Asia

Six designers radically reimagine the brand's wristwatches

Historically, wristwatch design has been beholden to function. Wearers had to be able to tell time quickly and easily. As more (or most) people learn the time from their smartphones, the role of the watch has become more personal, either for the sake of ornamentation or self-expression. With that in mind, Topawards Asia tapped six veteran designers—Alan Chan, Theseus Chan, Noritake, Ordinary People, Ryosuke Uehara …

Too Free: No Fun

“No Fun,” the second single from trio Too Free’s forthcoming debut, Love In High Demand, features an intergalactic instrumental full of synths and encouraging lyrics from vocalist Awad Bilal. “‘No Fun’ is a series of affirmations that I wanted to speak into existence. Reclaiming agency over your mind and your body—accepting love and using it to activate others,” Bilal says. The song’s video, which leans …

Joe Hisaishi: Summer

Originally a part of the score for the 1999 film Kikujiro, prolific composer Joe Hisaishi’s “Summer” (which reappears, now remastered for an upcoming “best of” compilation) delicately balances piano and orchestral instruments to form a soundscape of immense depth. With an accompanying black and white video of Hisaishi guiding the ups and downs of the track’s introduction and subsequently playing the piano, “Summer” reenters listeners’ lives …

Stephen Malkmus: Xian Man

A single from Stephen Malkmus’ forthcoming solo record, Traditional Techniques, “Xian Man” is far more acoustic and western rock-influenced than his previous release—an electronic album titled Groove Denied. The guitars (which act as the song’s guiding force) flow together until separating at the onset of a 12-string solo. Reminiscent of work by the Velvet Underground, this release will please longtime fans of the genre and …

Ten Virtual Reality Highlights from Sundance 2020’s New Frontier Program

Technology meets storytelling in these mind-bending creative projects

Remembering Artist Lynne Golob Gelfman

Reflecting on the late artist's legacy, life, and works left behind

“The artisan has a plan, but they’re free to meander and do what they want. The spirit of that is deeply embedded in everything I do,” Lynne Golob Gelfman, lifetime artist and self-proclaimed trickster, told us in 2018 ahead of a solo show at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. It was here, in the very same city, that Gelfman lived and worked until her passing …

Royal Salute Scotch Whisky’s Liquid Developments

Global ambassadors Malcolm Borwick and Barnabé Fillion guide us through two new expressions


Ready for Denton's next big thing? Kinja, the blog of blogs, launches today.

Puma Irie + Fass

Puma is sponsoring the Jamaican relay team at this Summer's Olympic games. Inspired by these runners comes a new line of sneakers and track suits. The Irie (left) and Fass (right) are definitely the best of the lot. more at the puma store


Marcos Weskamp has completed his most recent project, Newsmap— the most impressive news headline visualization software I have ever seen. Many designers have attempted to create new formats for communicating recency, relevance and volume for news headlines, and the results have often been pretty. Newsmap is visually stunning, but it goes a step further than the others by being useful and usable as well. Newsmap …