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Ginormous diamonds, living robots made from frog stem cells, and more from around the web

Louis Vuitton Purchases The Second-Largest Rough Diamond Ever

Found inside a mine in Botswana last April, the second-largest rough diamond ever documented—at a whopping 1,758 carats—recently sold to Louis Vuitton. While the brand is best known for their leather goods and apparel, the purchase of the Sewelô (as the stone is called) is evidence of their commitment to the high-end jewelry market. This comes shortly after parent company LVMH’s acquisition of Tiffany & …

Limited Edition Lunar New Year Gift Set


To honor the Lunar New Year, celebrated Speyside brand The Macallan has crafted a new limited edition gift set that includes two bottles (perhaps one to gift and one to keep) of their Double Cask 12 Years Old single malt scotch whisky. This year’s gift box and label incorporate tradition knot imagery, in red and gold, as well as an illustration of the rat zodiac …


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Stories from around the web that we think you should read

Mojo Vision’s Smart Contact Lens Prototype

After five years of testing, Mojo Vision (a company comprised of former Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft executives and engineers) officially toured their smart contact lens prototype. The lens would act as an internal interface, letting the wearer peruse their calendar, devise a route home, and even skip songs currently playing within their earbuds. Though the product’s arrival remains years away, testing involves a VR …

Preserving the Scents of Everyday Life

Researchers at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage are working double-time to identify and catalog scents that exist all around us—from the smell of an old book, to a pub at a particular time of night, and worn-in leather. Many of these are disappearing right under our noses. For example, as we collectively move deeper into a digital age, books are being read on phones …

Airbus’ “Flying Whale” Beluga XL Aircraft Enters Service

With a bulbous nose, the Airbus Beluga XL aircraft delightfully resembles the underwater mammal it was named for. Referred to as the “flying whale,” the plane’s whimsical design was selected through a poll of roughly 20,000 Airbus staff members (it garnered 40% of the vote). One of the biggest planes to the take to the sky, this super-transporter cargo vessel will fly aircraft components between …

World’s First Living Robots Assembled from Frog Stem Cells

“These are entirely new lifeforms. They have never before existed on Earth,” Michael Levin, the director of the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, tells The Guardian. “They are living, programmable organisms.” Levin and other researchers in the US have created the first-ever living machines: robots composed of biological tissue, assembled from African clawed frog (xenopus laevis) stem cells and designed on …

Australia Bushfire Benefit at NYC’s Sonnyboy

All proceeds will be donated to GIVIT, a 100% non-profit that purchases goods for those who have lost so much

Buy Guide

The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Limited Edition Notebook


Prominently featuring the Chinese Fú character (福) for good luck and good fortune, this limited edition Moleskine notebook features many nods to Chinese tradition. From the red and gold endpapers to the knot motif, as well as the two enclosed lucky red envelopes, Chinese culture is celebrated here, but beyond that, it’s up to the user as to what goes on the acid-free pages within—be …


Plush Rat Toy


Made in Bolivia by a team of indigenous women, Oeuf’s plush rat toy is crafted from 100% baby alpaca yarn, with a poly blend inside. The yarn boasts a natural water-resistance and an ultra-soft touch, so it’s perfect for little ones. It’s also an eco-friendly alternative to cotton or synthetic fabrics. This woven toy is also fair trade, so the women who made it are …


NO Throw Blanket


Designed in Brooklyn by Bien Mal, this super-soft, 100% cotton throw balances a bold statement with exquisite details. In contrasting white knit, “NO” is obviously spelled out. On the backside, NO remains, this time in black on a rainbow weave. The item is framed by multi-color fringing on the two longer sides, and black and white fringing on the others. Measuring 60 by 50 inches, …


Year of the Rat Kitchen Bundle


Featuring a variant of their beloved Always Pan, Our Place’s Year of the Rat Bundle nods to the Chinese New Year and the delicious meals made during the celebration. Included in this four-piece ensemble are the 10,000 Abilities 万能 Always Pan in red, a circular Fair Weather 好云 Platter, an elongated Tip the Scales 龙运 Platter, and a super-handy Eternal Strength 永力 Cleaver. Each was …


Soko: Being Sad Is Not a Crime

The first release from Soko’s forthcoming full-length, FEEL FEELINGS, “Being Sad is Not A Crime” channels emotional lyrics through the French singer’s signature croon. Directed by Gilbert Trejo, the music video features puppets from the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, where it was filmed. Soko’s son Indigo also plays an important role. It’s the first time Soko has not directed her own music video but Trejo …

dvsn: A Muse

New from Canadian duo dvsn (aka singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85), “A Muse” is a slinky, sublime song. Beginning with the pared-back keys of Lonnie Liston’s “A Garden of Peace” (also sampled by Jay-Z on “Dead Presidents” and Mary J Blige on “Take Me As I Am”), the bass soon kicks in, along with plenty of ’90s R&B influences. A diversion from their somewhat-trademark …

Perso, an AI-Assisted Makeup Station by L’Oréal

Hyper-personalized lip, skin, and foundation suggestions that reduce packaging

The benefits of using L’Oréal’s Perso station are two-fold. First, the seven-inch-tall device can customize lipstick, foundation and skincare treatments for specific wearers. Second, because it relies on three cartridges with seemingly endless final forms, it drastically reduces packaging and product waste. Traditionally, if one were to desire a specific shade of red lipstick, color-matching would require buying a new product encased in new packaging. …

Year of the Rat Gift Guide

An animal that's respected for its resourcefulness, the little rodent is celebrated in each product here

Bulgari Bolsters Their Octo Finissimo Collection with Impressive Additions

Five slender new models fuse advanced Swiss engineering with elegant Italian design

To understand the majesty of Bulgari‘s record-breaking Octo Finissimo collection—and its most recent additions, in particular—requires holding each, as we did during LVMH Watch Week. All of the new models, from an ultra-thin rose gold minute repeater to a sandblast-polished ceramic automatic, exemplifies the geometric perfection that the brand strove for since launching the Octo in 2013. Of greater importance, the mechanical manufacture movements within …

Ultraísta: Tin King

Upbeat and infectious, “Tin King” by experimental rock band Ultraísta leans into house and electro influences. The band—comprising of Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, and Laura Bettinson—based the entirety of their forthcoming album, Sister, on improv sessions, recording bits and pieces and then addressing them in depth later. “Tin King” certainly feels like a product of improvisation, but the result is a calculated chaos that has …

Thundercat, Steve Lacy + Steve Arrington: Black Qualls

By Thundercat (aka Stephen Lee Bruner), Steve Lacy (of The Internet) and the legendary Steve Arrington, “Black Qualls,” is smothered in funk. With familiar but contrasting vocals from Bruner and Arrington atop the rich, layered track, this song warrants repeat listens. The lyrics explore the mindset of many young black Americans at the moment, as Bruner explains, “What it feels like to be in this …

Advancements in Mobility That Will Change Travel

From air cabs to cars that can converse, innovations to take us on all kinds of journeys

On NEON’s Ambitions for an Artificial Human

The company's prototype personality mirrors goals and fears in tech-fiction television

Zenith Channels the Next-Generation Defender in their DEFY 21 Land Rover Edition Wristwatch

A limited edition ode to the all-terrain vehicle's return

With greater frequency, brands from disparate industries partner on products they hope will represent the values—aesthetic and other—of both. Rarely do they succeed at the level of Zenith’s DEFY 21 Land Rover Edition Wristwatch, a timepiece that’s as visually cohesive as it is technically superior. This isn’t the first time the British automaker linked up with the Swiss luxury watchmaker, but this particular limited edition …

Design to Inform

Next week in New York the AIGA presents a lecture Design to Inform: How can design make information accessible, usable and perhaps even sublime? Visual presentations and a panel discussion of designers and a design critic will address the role design plays when trying to foster civics, give vital information clarity or make large databases public. A panel discussion with Antenna, creators of the MTA …

Dog Names

We’re getting another dog in a couple weeks and have been working through several name possibilities. It would be nice if there was a way to search for names by the number of letters. Alas, not that many people are freakish enough to care about the number of letters. Anyway, here is a good long list of names.

Girl Skater

Cherry Skateboards are supposed to be for girls, but I like them too. Nice deck designs!