1914 Book “The Surf Riders of Hawaii” Pioneered Sport Magazines + Photography

On auction through Sotheby's, A.R. Gurrey Jr's hand-assembled book mixes print photography, poetry and action

Edible Ramen Packaging Seasons The Noodles It Covers

Inspired by the “irony that a dish that was designed to be cooked and eaten in under 10 minutes comes in packaging that takes upwards of eight decades to decompose,” product designer Holly Grounds set out to find an eco-friendly solution to ramen packaging. The recent graduate from Ravensbourne University London then developed a clever yet simple edible option. Eschewing the many plastic sachets that come with …

Montecarlos Snapchilled Coffee


Founded by engineer David Dussault, Elemental Beverage Company uses proprietary technology to “snapchill” hot coffee in seconds. This process maintains lighter, fruiter, and acidic notes without dilution or drawn-out freezing and thawing processes. These innovations benefit the brand’s canned collaborations, special blends made with a roaster. Elemental worked with George Howell, a Boston-based coffee company, to produce a snapchilled can of coffee from the Montecarlos …


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Bas Sterwijk’s AI-Generated Portraits of Historical Figures

Amsterdam-based freelance photographer Bas Sterwijk utilized GAN (generative adversarial network) technology through the program artbreeder to construct the hyper-realistic photographs of famous historical figures for his A.I. Generated Portraits series. Sterwijk feeds the deep-learning network numerous images—often of paintings or sculptures—and then edits the resulting “genuine portrait.” From Queen Elizabeth and Jesus to Michelangelo’s David and Van Gogh, the photographer’s subjects come to life in …

Pantone’s Super-Fast Color Match App

With a pocket-sized card and an app, Pantone has made identifying colors incredibly easy and fast. Users simply download the Pantone Connect app (available on iOS and android), place the laminated card over the hue they want to match (with the card’s window exposing the selected color), and align their phone to the correct angle for the app to snap a picture and find the …

The History of the Firehouse Pole

During the 19th century, firefighters in the United States had two ways to make their way from their beds to their horse and buggy: “spiral staircase—installed to keep wayward horses from wandering upstairs—or through a tube chute.” That was until the ingenious David Kenyon installed a pole at Chicago’s all-Black firefighter Company 21 firehouse. Kenyon had seen a colleague use a “wooden pole normally used …

Don’t Back Down! Art Initiative

With 100% of their proceeds directed to Inner-City Arts, The Okra Project and Equal Justice Initiative, the new artistic initiative Don’t Back Down! sells limited edition prints by emerging and beloved artists including Jamel Shabazz and Brad Elterman. Customers will find well-known images (like some of  David Corrio’s work) and those they’ve never seen before; everything is imbued with beauty, charm and value. Each artwork …

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Available in black or white, Humanhome’s LYNEA lamp uses a standard North American outlet as its anchor and its flat powder coat aluminum neck runs upward against the wall from there. The innovative design renders any sort of internal wiring—like the type done to install a wall sconce—unnecessary. A brass hook provides added support. Though there are other heights available, this 40-inch iteration proves most …


Linen Sheet Set


Linen bed sheets promise to be cozy in the cold and breathable in the heat—making them ideal for those who run warm or colder. These 100% linen sheets from Linoto (a company founded in 2007 by fashion industry veteran and textile expert Jason Evege) are handcrafted in New York’s Westchester County. They’re also available in an incredible 13 sizes (for different bed dimensions across the …


Raw Recycled Plastic Denim Trucker Jacket


Cut and sewn in NYC, this NICOLE ZÏZI STUDIO jacket resembles the classic boxy denim trucker, but is crafted from 19% recycled PET and 81% cotton. Bright blue buttons also add contemporary flair. Each jacket is made to order by employees who are paid a fair wage to work in safe spaces. It’s available from XS to XXL and intended for wear by all genders.


Artist Togs Apron


Available in 11 different colorways, these 100% cotton denim aprons from Big Bud Press are designed, sewn and dyed in Los Angeles. The inclusion of 42-inch straps and an adjustable neck strap allow each to fit people of all sizes. With big pockets for paintbrushes, markers, tools or even cooking utensils, the utilitarian design promises to be both practical and durable.


The Go! Team: Cookie Scene

The Brighton-based six-piece The Go! Team returns with “Cookie Scene,” featuring Detroit rapper/singer IndigoYaj and musician Sarah Hayes on flute. Infectious and playful, with a schoolyard chant element, the track channels their signature sound. Ultimately, the buoyant song is an ode to resilience and self-celebration, thanks to its chorus: “Heartbreak but I’m OK / Imma wipe my tears no fear this way / ‘Cause baby …

Nana Adjoa: No Room

Dutch-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa’s new song “No Room” (from her upcoming debut LP, Big Dreaming Ants) feels at once mellow and spirited. Adjoa builds the energetic, dreamy tune upon delicate guitar, gentle handclaps, percussive back-up vocals and her lovely voice. Along with the sublime song, the video directed by Robbert Doelwijt Jr features several visual references to Ghanaian culture—from fabrics to fans and games. Big Dreaming Ants …

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From a color-matching app by Pantone to the history of the fire pole and a profile of the keepers of NYC's community fridges, our round-up from the web

Iceland’s DesignMarch: Highlights From 2020’s Remote Festival

Repurposed stadium seating, lighting inspired by volcanic landscapes and a museum dedicated to the natural scents of Iceland

Tour the Remote Westman Islands with Hidden Iceland

Personalized experiences on the remote volcanic archipelago

The Altons: Over And Over

A track from “souldies” band The Altons’ new, double-sided vinyl release, When You Go (That’s When You’ll Know), “Over And Over” burns slowly, led by vocalist Bryan Ponce’s impressive range and vintage-sounding delivery. It’s altogether reminiscent of Smokey Robinson’s Motown-era outfit, The Miracles. Though the vinyl pressings have sold out—because they’re released in that format first—the track is now available on all streaming services, courtesy …

Steve Arrington: Keep Dreamin’

Following the release of the blissful “The Joys of Love” in May, funk legend Steve Arrington announces his first album in 11 years and debuts “Keep Dreamin’,” a positive tune with glamorous accents. The album, Down to the Lowest Terms: The Soul Sessions (due 18 September via Stones Throw Records) took at least 10 years to make, according to Arrington, who says, “No matter what, no …

Circular Life

I don't know much about the project entitled Their Circular Life, other than that it's an exploration of human behavior with the help of a beautiful flash interface, deep sounds and interesting images. They used some technology to film a full day and nights action at a few locations– and then built an interface where the user can view and observe the day, navigating it …

Imperfectionist: Wallpaper

Remote Control Finder

Attach this little yellow doo-dad to your remote control and whenever you whistle it will light up and make noises so you can find it. And it's not just for remotes, you can attach it to anything– annoy your cat, find your keys, play high tech Marco Polo, whatever. $18.90 at Compact Impact