Royal Enfield’s Versatile, Enjoyable + Accessible Himalayan Motorcycle

This dual-sport machine provides plenty of bliss on and off the pavement

Spend the Night in Artist Dre Wapenaar’s Tear-Drop Shaped Hanging Tents

Dangling in Belgium’s Borgloon Forest, Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar’s four low-impact “Tranendreef” tree tents welcome visitors for €70 per night through 30 September. Wapenaar initially installed the teardrop-shaped sculptures as part of Pit, a public art exhibition organized by contemporary art gallery Z33. Now, each tent (accessible by ladder) can accommodate up to two adults and two children for the night. These uncommon works provide …

Flower Pitcher


Produced in Austria by the celebrated sixth-generation glassmakers of Lobmeyr, Diptyque’s cut crystal flower pitcher blossoms with a hand-painted green flower motif designed by Tatiana de Nicolay. The pitcher is part of an exquisite new Diptyque collaboration with interior design destination The Invisible Collection. The entire collection (which also includes a jungle flower motif pitcher and glasses that match both) draws inspiration from a journey along …


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Impact Lebanon’s Crowdfunding Effort for Beirut Relief

Non-profit Impact Lebanon has suspended its regular fundraising to focus on a crowdfunding initiative to raise £5,000,000 in disaster relief for Beirut in the wake of yesterday’s catastrophic explosion. Dealing with an economic crisis, rolling blackouts and the global pandemic, Lebanese people were already facing immense hardship. With reports of deaths and injuries from the explosion increasing, some 300,000 residents in the city have also …

Support Struggling Music Venues Across the US with the “Bring Music Home” Initiative

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), roughly 90% of independent music venue owners across the US predict that they will have to close permanently because of revenue lost during the pandemic. Bring Music Home (BMH) wants to prevent that. A photographic and philanthropic endeavor, BMH was conceptualized by Amber Mundinger, Tamara Deike and Kevin W Condon to document …

Jenny Holzer’s New Collaboration with Avant Arte + the New York City AIDS Memorial

Consisting of condoms emblazoned with words by Jenny Holzer and Walt Whitman, housed in a recycled glass pharmacy jar, Holzer’s URGE AND URGE AND URGE artwork was made in collaboration with Avant Arte and the New York City AIDS Memorial. With several of Holzer’s signature phrases (including “MEN DON’T PROTECT YOU ANYMORE”) and excerpts from Whitman’s poem “Song of Myself,” there are eight different condom wrapper …

Pairing Nostalgic Cereal Design with Purposeful Flavors for OffLimits

CEO Emily Miller shares why she founded a cereal company and how she made it look and taste so good

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Supa Balm


Founded by Kristen Noel Crawley and beloved for its lip masks, KNC Beauty also has two rich lip balms available. In mint or rose, these balms are vegan and entirely free of parabens, PEG, D-5, preservatives and petroleum, meaning they are packed with natural essential fatty acids and oils. The intended result is super-hydrated lips that feel smooth and plump.


Blue Oyster Grow Kit


NYC-based mushroom cultivator Smallhold offers at-home grow kits for two varietals: Lion’s Mane and Blue Oyster. The latter is available now, with shipping across the US. A grow kit “block” arrives inside a plastic bag and all you need to do to prep it is cut a small X on both sides of the bag and tightly rubber band the top of the bag shut. …


Indigo Baja Hoodie


Birdwell’s 11-ounce double-looped cotton terry Indigo Baja Hoodie doubles as a light towel, courtesy of its soft and absorbent fabric. Each garment is made in the USA and features a large pocket on the front and split hem sides. A real wood button secures the collar, while herringbone stitch reinforcements at the hood and on the sides prevent wear and tear. Perfect for sunset after …


Elderflower, Mint + Lime Wine Spritzer


Refreshing and relaxing, Cool Cat’s Elderflower, Mint and Lime Wine Spritzer blends California Pinot Grigio with a trio of natural ingredients. At 6.9% ABV, each delivers less alcohol than a traditional glass of wine but pairs quite appropriately with trips to the beach or moments by the pool. Each can is only 150 calories and gluten-free. Cool Cat spritzers come in packs of eight 12-ounce …


Maasho + Sonny Miles: Big Shot

Following his World on Fire EP (from which 100% of all proceeds were donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund), Maasho returns with “Big Shot,” a duet with Sonny Miles. The Raleigh-based artists have created a summery, breezy pop song that glides effortlessly across the 3:30 duration.

Ghost Liotta: i am thoughts

In advance of their debut self-titled album (out 21 August), the electronic supergroup Ghost Liotta follows up lead single “object one” with the mesmerizing, moody new release “i am thoughts.” The instrumental track incorporates various vintage and modular synths, coupled with guitar and drums. The band first came together in 2017, after its members—Christopher Wray (guitarist for Butch Walker), Zac Rae (multi-instrumentalist, producer and Death …

Bevan: Let Me Get To Know You

The lead single from UK-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Bevan’s forthcoming EP, Vacanza, “Let Me Get To Know You” percolates with playful lyrics and textured production. Bevan’s lyrics touch upon the excitement that accompanies the onset of a relationship. The track’s synth-driven sonic profile—with layers inspired by Paul Simon’s Graceland—carries that same sense of exhilaration.

Dominic Fike: Come Here

The attention-grabbing opener to recording artist Dominic Fike’s debut album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, “Come Here” proves brief but big. Over screeching guitars, Fike’s muffled vocals and deep drums provide plenty of rock edge. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? merits a full listen; it showcases the Florida-born musician’s progress as an artist, and “Come Here” is quite the introduction.

Gift Guide: Casual Camping, Kayaking + Outdoor Cooking

Essential items to elevate your next outdoor adventure

ANOHNI: It’s All over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan Cover)

A dreamlike reimagining of a Bob Dylan classic, ANOHNI’s “It’s All over Now, Baby Blue” continues the singer’s impassioned call for justice throughout the world. From 2016’s LP Hopelessness to last year’s charity single, “KARMA,” ANOHNI channels her beguiling vocals into works of intention—with this release dedicated to the fact that “We all know deep down that the continuation of our civilizations for much longer …

Róisín Murphy: Something More

Replete with soaring synths and effortless vocals, Róisín Murphy’s “Something More” (written by Amy Douglas) maintains a slinky, mellow feel throughout, even when the keys appear half-way through—bringing with them all the nostalgia and energy of piano house. The release coincides with an announcement about Murphy’s upcoming fifth solo album, Róisín Machine, made with longtime collaborator Richard Barratt (aka DJ Parrot, aka Crooked Man). Murphy says, …

Bitman Video Bulb

No, it's not high tech chapstick or a mentholated nasal inhaler– it's a Video Bulb. Ryota Kuwakubo is a device artist. His wearable LED animation Bitman, a cute little guy that dances around within the confines of the display edges, has gotten plenty of attention in the art-gadget scene. His latest evolution of Bitman is in the form of this RCA video plug. Just pop …

128 Tea Mugs

Onkar Singh Kular has designed something to help the host with a mean perfectionist streak. Each of the 128 tea mugs is a Pantone shade of brown, which allows people to pick out the mug that matches the way they take their tea. Depending on which one they pick, the host with the most can judge how much milk to put in. Domestic goddess made …

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