Interview: Róisín Murphy

The pop vanguard on her new album and making club music during isolation

Google Removes Street View Images of Australia’s Uluru

In a move to prevent people from virtually climbing Uluru—a sacred, 600-million-year-old sandstone rock formation in Australia’s Northern Territory—Google removed images of the site from the internet. The Anangu people (the traditional owners of Uluru and its surrounding land) banned visitors from clambering the site a year ago, but many have defied the law and traversed the spiritually significant formation through “virtual walking tours” thanks …

Mochi Ice Cream 12 Flavor Gift Box


New York-based Mochidoki’s signature collection gift box includes 24 mochi ice cream in 12 different flavors—from classics like matcha, black sesame and red bean to delectable concoctions like salted caramel, vanilla chip and raspberry crunch. Founded by Ken Gordon in 2015, the brand utilizes the highest-quality ingredients under the watch of its culinary director, chef Natsume Aoi—who grew up making mochi in her grandmother’s Okinawa …


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Etsy’s Design Award Finalists

100 sellers were selected for Etsy’s annual Design Awards, an index of independent creativity with a $5,000 cash prize. Spanning jewelry, apparel, furniture, art, toys, wedding decorations, vintage items and beyond, it’s a comprehensive initiative meant not only to support these sellers (who are often small operations or solo efforts) but also to celebrate them. This year’s judges include Drew Barrymore and Dayna Isom Johnson, …

Architecture Research Office Completes Houston’s Rothko Chapel Restoration

Commissioned by Dominique and John de Menil, and opened in 1971, Houston’s Rothko Chapel houses 14 paintings by abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. During the chapel’s development, Rothko proposed that the octagonal structure, designed by architect Philip Johnson (and then Howard Barnstone and Eugene Aubry after Johnson quit), feature a skylight. Rothko died before the building was complete and, to protect his work from the Texas …

27 Sarcophagi Discovered South of Cairo

Found in the mass burial ground known as Saqqara, 27 unopened 2,500-year-old sarcophagi tease the possibility of many more. They were found in shafts as deep as 30 feet below surface level in two plots—13 in one and 14 in the other. Largely preserved and seemingly unopened since buried, they offer in-depth looks at the art used to adorn the dead and the methods of …

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Vinegar Duo


Produced with fruit carefully selected from a family-run farm in California’s Central Coast, Brightland’s two double-fermented table vinegars—PARASOL, a zingy champagne vinegar, and RAPTURE, a luscious balsamic vinegar—exemplify quality in the category. Made in California (much like the brand’s high-quality olive oils), these vinegars incorporate fresh chardonnay and zinfandel grapes, triple crown blackberries and navel and valencia oranges. Both are distinct enough to punch up recipes …


Happy Campers Wearable Treatment


As the weather gets colder and harsher, many people begin the search for hydrating skin- and hair-care.  A leave-in treatment that nourishes your hair, evo’s Happy Campers can be sprayed throughout your tresses or pumped into one’s hands first to create a creme effect that’s even more concentrated. Either way, the formula hydrates and smooths, while protecting from heat and UV rays without leaving hair …


Field Mag DangleBong Blaze


In a bold, limited edition colorway, Dangle Supply’s collaborative Blaze Orange Titanium DangleBong Water Pipe was imagined in partnership with the design-forward outdoor publication Field Mag. That bright orange represents durable powdercoat finishing atop the sturdy but lightweight aerospace-grade titanium, making this a tool that’s easy to transport and use outside. The purchase of each bong comes complete with one 50/50 hemp-cotton blend Blaze Beanie. …


Jumbo Indigo Denim Tote


With 100% of net proceeds donated to Every Mother Counts—a non-profit dedicated to making reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth safer for women all over the world—this denim tote features a take on the French motto, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.” Replacing “fraternité” with “maternité,” the design playfully takes on an important cause. The sturdy denim fabric means this tote (which features short and long carry straps) is …


Bearcraft: Where the Sun Sets

From Bristol, UK-based Bearcraft comes the tantalizing electronic track “Where the Sun Sets.” A mix of unsettling lyrics and moody composition, the song could be the soundtrack to a real-life occult mystery. It’s another treasure from the band’s recently released album, Fabrefactions, and comes with an equally haunting music video, directed and shot by Paul Johnson. The visuals features eerie, obscured and occult moments—many of which …

Mustafa: Air Forces

Toronto artist Mustafa (aka Mustafa the Poet, and Mustafa Ahmed) self-describes his music as folk. That said, his newest release, the serene “Air Forces,” certainly blends genres. The Jamie xx- and Frank Dukes-produced track ruminates on violence, faith, fame, friendship and more, and furthers these inquiries in the Kid. Studio-directed visual treatment. Altogether, the intensely emotional song sounds subtle and soothing—and emphasizes Mustafa’s originality.

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Test Drive: 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S

A thrilling drive on a deserted road in the Stuttgart-based company's extravagant new sports car

September Scotch: Highlights for 2020

Glen Grant's victories, Glenmo's cake-inspired spirit and more liquid developments


Just three months after releasing the powerful Untitled (Black Is), UK collective SAULT returns with their second album of 2020, Untitled (Rise). This new record imparts a more exuberant sound through upbeat disco, funk and even house elements, but the topics remain just as poignant—exploring race, resilience and rebellion. A standout from the album, “Free” begins with classic boom-bap, a super-funky bass line and a …

Tune-Yards: nowhere, man

Though most will notice a nod to the Beatles in its title, Tune-Yards’ first new single since 2018, “nowhere, man,” is not a cover; rather it’s a frenetic adventure into the soundscapes of the ’90s. Once again, front-woman Merrill Garbus mesmerizes with her seemingly unlimited vocal powers—allowing the song’s central message to ring loud and clear: “If you cannot hear a woman then how can …

Nylon Guys

Chocolate-filled Eggshells by Bonnat

The Bonnat family has been making chocolates in Voiron in the south of France since 1884. Their Hérisson (hedgehog) is a favorite of mine (a chocolate-covered hazelnut praline) and their single estate Grand Cru bars are intriguing. Our friends at Sur La Table are offering the Bonnat's chocolate and hazelnut praline-filled real eggshells– at $35 for half a dozen eggs it's not a bargain, but …

Jonze-in for the adidas_1

Spike Jonze has created a dreamlike world to introduce the adidas_1 sneaker. It's hot. Check it out. Speaking of the adidas_1, there's a very limited number of pairs available for pre-order here.