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Cities Continue to Hire Chief Resilience Officers to Address Climate Change

Amidst the myriad extreme weather events globally, city and county governments in the US continue to hire Chief Resilience Officers in an effort to address the effects of climate change. Once grant-funded (through efforts like the 100 Resilience Cities initiative from The Rockefeller Foundation, which ran from 2013-2019), these roles are now full-time government positions that help cities and local leaders to prepare for and …

Limited Edition “The Long and Short of It” Vinyl


Limited to 500 copies and available only from Ghostly, this special edition of quickly, quickly’s The Long and Short of It comes on vinyl with a paint-splattered effect. Portland, Oregon-based quickly, quickly (aka musician Graham Jonson) combines countless genres—from psych-jazz to classic hip-hop—on the album, which shows off his immense talent as a songwriter, vocalist and arranger.


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Artist Jillian Mayer’s “Life-Saving” Lake Sculpture at SECCA

Upon the lake outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina’s Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA), artist Jillian Mayer has positioned her largest sculpture to date—aptly named “LAKE SCULPTURE”—for her solo exhibition TIMESHARE. This clever multimedia exhibit reflects upon survivalist subcultures, as well as infrastructural and environmental collapse. The floating “LAKE SCULPTURE” references another of Mayer’s works also on view, “A Sculpture Can Be Used As A …

Scientists Uncover More Information About Ancient Supercontinent

Known as Zealandia or Te Riu-a-Māui, an ancient supercontinent exists underneath New Zealand. “Only recently recognized by scientists, Zealandia is the most submerged, thinnest, and youngest continent yet found,” and geologist Rose Turnbull is dedicated to unraveling its secrets. While the landmass was believed to be relatively young, with a crust roughly 500 million years old, the discovery and testing of crystals of zircon collected …

Assemble’s “Skating Situations” Sculptures

As many cities around the world purposely make spaces and surfaces impossible to skate, Folkestone (a port town in England) has—through the 2021 Creative Folkestone Triennial—commissioned public sculptures designed for skateboarders to enjoy. Made by multidisciplinary collective Assemble (in collaboration with local skaters), the nine “Skating Situations” are located on the city’s Harbour Arm promenade. Made from “raw Kentish ragstone found on the beach and …

Herman Miller + Knoll To Become MillerKnoll With Merger

Iconic furniture manufacturers (and historic competitors) Herman Miller and Knoll are set to merge into a powerhouse design entity named MillerKnoll. The deal, valued at approximately $1.8 billion, will attempt to reimagine “collaboration, culture and focused work, while supporting a growing remote employee base,” according to Andi Owen, president and CEO of Herman Miller. Over the years, both brands have become renowned for their “premier designs …

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The Plunger


The plunger is a household essential, but one that’s rarely attractive. This one—available in four bright colorways—from NYC-based Staff is more design-forward and playful than most on the market. With an acrylic handle, it comes with a sanitary drip tray and stands just under 24 inches tall. Founded during the pandemic by Charlie Weisman, Staff aims to bring thoughtful design, interesting materials, bold colors and …


PI7 In-Ear Wireless Headphones


The sound quality of in-ear headphones can be lacking that immersive feeling, but the PI7 In-Ear Wireless Headphones from English audio company Bowers & Wilkins provides big sound in a small package. Founded in the 1960s, the brand has been innovating audio products for 50+ years and these headphones are evidence of their success. With adaptive noise-cancelling capability, 24-bit connection and Qualcomm aptX technology, and …


Hatcher Sunglasses


Warby Parker and Entireworld have collaborated on a collection of limited edition ’70s-inspired sunglasses. The existing Hatcher frames are now available in four new colorways chosen by Entireworld: oxblood, jade, midnight, and blossom jade. Not only do they feature a decidedly retro appeal, but proceeds from every sale will be donated to Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that helps find legal representation for wrongly convicted …


L6 > Waterproof Outer


Even during the most intense summer showers, the L6 > Waterproof Outer has kept us perfectly dry, thanks to its tech-forward composition: 100% Japanese recycled polyester with a non-fluorinated, water-repellant finish. With a hydrostatic head of 20,000mm, this jacket will keep wearers dry in heavy rain and wet snow. Complete with bonded and seam-taped YKK Aquaguard® zips and plenty of pocket space, this durable garment …


Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow: INDUSTRY BABY

Lil Nas X continues to triumph and tantalize (and torment homophobes in the meantime) with “INDUSTRY BABY” featuring rapper/singer Jack Harlow. The video, directed by Christian Breslauer, is a colorful, vibrant celebration of homoeroticism, Black men, queerness, sex and freedom—all in Lil Nas X’s now-familiar playful style (and even nods to his partnership with The Bail Project). The song itself provides Lil Nas X fans with yet …

Samm Henshaw: Grow

English-Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer Samm Henshaw brings plenty of vintage soul and gospel-inspired back-up vocals to his latest lush tune, “Grow.” He says, it’s “just a song about understanding that the hard parts of a relationship (any relationship) are necessary for growth and strength and that we shouldn’t give up at the first sign of trouble.” The uplifting bop is the second tune from his …

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Leica + WhiteWall’s Partnership Offers State-of-the-Art Printing In-Store

The photo lab co-founder Alexander Nieswandt explains the nuance of their collaboration

Indigo De Souza: Hold U

The second single from singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza’s upcoming album Any Shape You Take (out 27 August), “Hold U” is a sweet pop-leaning tune that begins with soft vocals and synths, before evolving with swirling guitar and percussion. Of the bright, optimistic song, she says, “I wanted to write about a really simple kind of love that isn’t necessarily romantic, but that is just about …

Traffic Lights for the Future

Moscow-based design firm Art. Lebedev Studio has proposed a traffic light alternative to the classic unit that’s been more or less unmodified (from a design point of view) since one debuted in Cleveland in 1914. Rather than stack the three colors (which is actually a means to help colorblind drivers), the studio’s dazzling design features one LCD panel that shifts colors continuously, but uses clear …

anaiis feat. Topaz Jones: chuu

French-Senegalese artist anaiis teams up with New Jersey-born Topaz Jones for “chuu,” a song that blends elements of contemporary hip-hop and trap with R&B and layered ethereal effects that make it feel a little otherworldly. Appearing on anaiis’ upcoming album, the song’s introspective lyrics are brought to life thanks to her mesmerizing voice.

Low Tee Bathing Suits

Low Tee makes men's bathing suits from vintage t-shirts (props for recycling). The suits are fully lined in Lycra, and have elastic around the legs and waist, which also has a drawstring. Because the suits are made from vintage t-shirts they are all one-of-a-kind (which we also like). And if you ask nicely you could probably send in one of your own shirts to be …

Glitch Browser

Glitch Browser is a project by Dimitre Lima, Tony Scott and Iman Moradi that is designed to subvert the usual course of conformity and signal perfection. You enter a URL in to the browser and the site returned has intentionally degraded images. The beautiful distortion is created by dropping and rearranging the data packets created in the transmission of the image. Thanks, Ari.

2006 Bloggie Nominations Begin

Nominations for the 6th annual Bloggies began today and, well, Cool Hunting's a blog! Obviously, we fit the American, Group, and, ahem, Best of the Year, among others, but our just-launched Cool Hunting Podcast is already rated #13 in Arts and Entertainment at iTunes and makes us happy to be a contender in that category as well. Vote here.