Word Mouth: Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville + Strip District Neighborhoods

Coffee shops, a spacious art studio, a sourdough pizza spot and more in the runway to downtown proper

Outer Space Might Not Be Dark After All

“Is space truly black?” Tod Lauer, an astronomer at the National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab, questions. Now, courtesy of research from NASA’s New Horizons team and their spacecraft (which is approximately 4,000,000,000 miles from Earth), we understand that no is quite possibly the answer. The team argues that if you were to remove all sources of visible light from our night sky, there would still be …

Slow Feed Bowl


A sculptural fish figure rises at the center of premium pet brand PAIKKA’s Slow Feed Bowl. The delightful centerpiece to the earthenware vessel isn’t only decoration, it also aims to slow down fast eaters and thus aid digestion. This dishwasher-safe item measures 5.9 inches in diameter. Through retailer Olivela, the purchase of this bowl provides support for a child undergoing chemotherapy at St Jude Children’s …


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Time’s Top 100 Inventions of 2020

Annually, Time Magazine publishes a list of their favorite products released that year. For 2020, the publication’s 100 Best Inventions includes available items and prototypes from 24 categories including Sustainability, Wellness, Augmented Reality and Accessibility. The magazine’s editors made a concerted effort to include products that change how we live. These entries offer practical solutions to problems like more affordable higher education, making rough terrain …

Daniel Arsham To Become The First Artist Appointed Creative Director of an NBA Team

Brooklyn-based, Ohio-born Daniel Arsham is set to become the creative director for the Cleveland Cavaliers—the first time an NBA team has tapped an artist for the expansive position. No stranger to high-profile collaborations, Arsham’s new role includes revitalizing the team’s entire brand—from jerseys and apparel to the arena and even social media and merch. The fine artist and Snarkitecture co-founder will also manage collaborative initiatives …

Cal Hunt’s Solo Dance, “Gliding: From Brooklyn to Paris,” at the French Institute Alliance Française’s Le Petit Gala

In the midst of the pandemic, fundraising events for educational and cultural institutions have modified to meet the health and safety needs of their supporters. NYC-based French Institute Alliance Française’s Le Petit Gala embodies this with a particular elegance. Streamed for free on Vimeo, the gala’s hybrid programming featured three lives performances (and a boxed dinner one could order for home, in advance) for audiences at …

Carlo Ratti Associati’s Eco-Friendly Scribit Pens

Completely compostable and filled with edible ink, design agency Carlo Ratti Associati’s eco-friendly Scribit pens aim to curb the damage done to the environment by the 1.6 billion plastic pens thrown out each year. Three models with refillable barrels exist—one from responsibly farmed wood; another from recycled, anodized aluminum; and one from biodegradable PHB plastic (which, unlike the other two, could still potentially shed microplastics). …

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Ambient instrumentals, flawless falsetto and more in music that defies genre

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Square Shirt Dress


NorBlack NorWhite’s Square Shirt Dress may be billowy and comfortable, but the two- or three-color ombre viscose-satin elevates it above the humble “house dress.” Available in various bold, sophisticated hues, each dress is individually hand-dyed and comes in just one size. The brand was founded by Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar (both raised in Toronto) who moved to Bombay over a decade ago in order …


Pax 3 Vaporizer


Most vaporizing devices are either for flower or extract. The Pax 3, however, can handle both. While the form of Pax’s vaporizer has remained the same with each iteration, the technology is constantly upgraded. In addition to its dual-use functionality this third version has better temperature management, longer battery life and elegant color choices.


Maya the Mermaid Doll


With the purchase of Cuddle + Kind’s handcrafted, premium cotton-constructed Maya the Mermaid doll, 10 meals are donated to schoolchildren who are in need—via partnerships with World Food Program USA’s School Meals Program, Children’s Hunger Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada and WE Charity School Nutrition Program. Further, the sale of these fair-trade dolls also supports 750 artisans in Peru. Maya is handmade in two sizes …


Saguaro Coffee Glasses


When stacked upside-down, these bright green Saguaro glasses resemble a cactus. The set (from DOIY Design) comprises six different shapes—two cups with handles, three without and one with a rounded bottom—all of which have an eight-ounce capacity. Not only do they create the silhouette of a Saguaro when stacked, they also serve different purposes individually. Dishwasher- and freezer-safe, they’re a playful addition to any at-home …


Bassically: You Got It

For the month of April, while in quarantine in Thailand, London-based music producer, songwriter and composer Bassically (aka Raz Olsher) utilized his time in isolation to pen one track each day. He called this rigorous, inspiring project Audio Diaries. Now, Olsher’s released the ambient, atmospheric and hypnotic “You Got It,” a track from his forthcoming album, also called Audio Diaries (out 27 November)—a nod to …


Accompanied by a cinematic self-directed music video, ROZET’s “RIGAMAROLE” acts as a response to current societal trends and tribulations. “I looked up and found myself fed up with society around me,” the Texas-based artist explains in a release. “To keep from projecting my frustrations onto others I started texting myself a combination of poetry and questions for the gods, deities and universe. But, one day …

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From an NBA first to dance commissions and life-changing inventions

The 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Commands Attention

Behind the wheel of the brand's new flagship vehicle

French Running Brand Satisfy’s “Inner Trip Center” Short Film

A new collection and video epitomize their spiritual approach to sports

With a more spiritual approach to exercise than other sportswear manufacturers, French brand Satisfy launches its latest collection today and it’s accompanied by Inner Trip Center—a short film that explores sound, silence and environment. For the film, the Satisfy team accompanied composer, musician and producer Stephen O’Malley on a trip to the Baltic Island of Fårö, Sweden. Part performance, part interview, the cinematic piece centers …

Phony Ppl (feat. Joey Bada$$): On My Shit

Five-piece band Phony Ppl (Elbee Thrie, Elijah Rawk, Matt “Maffyuu” Byas, Aja Grant and Bari Bass) team up with Joey Bada$$ for “On My Shit,” a breezy, spirited ode to letting loose. The Brooklyn-based artists create a big vibe thanks to frontman Thrie’s insouciant vocals; elements of jazz, hip-hop and R&B; and measured but effortless rhymes from Bada$$. With a classic sci-fi introduction, the video …

Fousheé: single af

Along with her new song “single af,” Fousheé launched a break-up hotline (with real phone numbers to call) for individuals to share their best advice. Over a languid bass line, electric guitar and synths, Fousheé’s mellifluous vocals span the octaves. From her flawless falsetto to fast-paced delivery and meandering ad-libs, Fousheé blends contemporary elements with all the nostalgia of classic soul.

CES Style: Booth Girl Gets Her Gadget On

Yes, I too am at CES in lovely (sarcasm) Las Vegas. While I saw some really great stuff today, I'm totally exhausted. I promise to share all the goodies, but until then I leave you with this image. Apparently the booth-girl costume Creative issued their Zen Micro models was a little too tight for this woman to carry her mobile phone and camera(?). So like …

adidas Zissou

When JP at h-list couldn't find a pair of the Zissou edition adidas worn in The Life Aquatic, it was time to make a pair. Very crafty. The reason JP couldn't find them, apparently, is that they were never issued. Here's an email I received today from a reader, Ryan McManus: Josh, As you’re probably aware, the Zissou edition adidas worn in The Life Aquatic …

Skeletal Systems by Michael Paulus

We don't usually think about cartoons having guts, but Michael Paulus does. Skeletal Systems is a series exploring the supposed structure of 25 different cartoon characters. The surface of the character is rendered on a hinged translucent panel that overlays a drawing of the skeleton. A genius idea beautifully executed.