Three Motorcycle Apparel Brands on Pushing the Industry Forward

By blending contemporary style, classic silhouettes and future-forward tech, these companies make super-advanced moto gear

Spanish Cave Reveals More Evidence Neanderthals Made Art

Following a recent discovery in Germany, more evidence that Neanderthals created art, something that had long been rebuffed, has been revealed in Spain. These archaic humans—who existed 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago—were believed to be “unsophisticated and brutish,” but painted stalagmites in Ardales have been newly analyzed and the “composition and placement of the pigments were not consistent with natural processes—rather, the pigments were …

“No Sun” Record


Nite Jewel‘s first new album since Real High four years ago, No Sun is rooted in grief and catharsis—both personal and collective. In 2018, LA-based singer, songwriter and producer Nite Jewel (aka Ramona Gonzalez) began her PhD in Musicology and also found herself dealing with the breakdown of her 12-year marriage and creative partnership. In her studies at UCLA, she focused on women’s laments throughout …


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The Inaugural Gallery Weekend Los Angeles + Felix Art Fair 2021

From 28 July to 1 August, more than 80 Los Angeles galleries united—under the organizing entity Gallery Platform LA—for an inaugural weekend of events (arranged by neighborhood) that aimed to make the city’s art scene more accessible. Coinciding with the milestone event, Felix Art Fair (representing 29 galleries) returned to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for its third iteration. The pioneering fair once again allowed guests …

Black Architects’ History of “Immeasurable Impact” on New Orleans

“Before the Civil War,” Architectural Digest reports, “New Orleans had the largest group of free people of color in the United States.” Though they have largely been omitted from history books, this persevering, prosperous group of citizens contributed substantially to the architectural development and present-day identity of the city—influencing stucco Creole cottages and larger town houses, which are still visible. Today, the Free People of Color …

The Vital Role of Longfin Squids’ Giant Nerve Fibers to Neuroscience

In 2020, a group of scientists at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory used the gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 to disable a gene in the Doryteuthis squid (aka the longfin squid). This milestone comes after years of neuroscience developments derived from this particular underwater creature and its dual nerve fibers, called axons. Research on these axons has provided insight into everything from simple nerve signaling to the …

“DESI” Will Attempt to Create The Most Detailed 3D Map of the Universe

As part of an ambitious new survey of the cosmos, the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) will analyze light collected by the ultra-powerful Mayall telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory. “DESI will record not only a galaxy’s light but also its spectrum,” according to Smithsonian Magazine, “by measuring how much light a given object emits at particular wavelengths.” It intends to compile this information into the …

Word of Mouth: Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

Beyond its natural delights, this city's brimming with unexpected treasures

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Sophie Taeuber-Arp: Living Abstraction


To celebrate the first retrospective of Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s work in the US in four decades, Sophie Taeuber-Arp: Living Abstraction traces her immense career—which has largely been omitted from the history of Constructivism, Dada and Modernism. Taeuber-Arp worked from 1906 to 1943, and this extensive catalog illustrates her contribution through 400 artworks spanning sculpture, textiles, beadwork, stained glass windows and even marionettes.


Colored Bulbous Wine Glasses


Designed by London-based Jochen Holz, these delightfully colorful and wonky wine glasses make dinner parties feel extra playful. Available in sets of four, they’re free-blown using the incalmo technique (incalmo translates to “graft” in Venetian dialect) which fuses two parts together. Made from borosilicate glass, they’re a little sturdier than regular glass—but their handcrafted nature (and price) means they’re still very precious.


Wine Tote


Woven from the same premium full-grain leather used for their duffle bags and personal accessories, WP Standard’s new wine tote can accommodate two bottles—and comes complete with an affixed corkscrew pouch (which the brand can monogram). It’s a handsome, high-quality addition to any picnic ensemble.


Black Stone / Blue Liquid Record


Celebrating the fourth anniversary of their acclaimed studio album Love What Survives, Mount Kimbie (aka London-based duo Dominic Maker and Kai Campos) has released two previously unheard tracks from the recording sessions. Not only online, the songs are also available on 12-inch vinyl—limited to just 500 copies worldwide.


Liv.e: _21

Liv.e shares CWTTY+, an EP of six previously unreleased songs, as an extension of her debut album, Couldn’t Wait To Tell You. One of the tracks, the opener, “_21” combines neo-soul, R&B and even a little country for a laidback, effortless tune. Her soft vocals, with plenty of ad-libs, float along the gentle beat. “I’m so glad I get to reveal with you the true ending …

The Blow: I’m Not In Love (10cc Cover)

“We’ve both been obsessed with this song, ever since we discovered how it was made,” The Blow’s Khaela Maricich says in a statement about the American electro-pop duo’s cover of the 10cc classic, “I’m Not In Love.” “Even though it sounds like an ’80s song, it was actually made in 1975, by a rock band, before electronic pop really existed (at least on a mainstream …

Oberhofer: What Does It Mean To Me?

LA-based multi-instrumentalist Brad Oberhofer returns under the solo moniker Oberhofer for the first time since 2017’s Table 19. Since then, he has collaborated with various artists from Rostam to Moses Sumney and Katy Perry. Now, he’s released an R&B-tinged, psychedelic-leaning dream pop track, “What Does It Mean To Me?” The sweeping song, he says in a statement, is “a reminder that not much really matters. …

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Kiana V: Better

Filipina singer-songwriter Kiana V (aka Kiana Valenciano) follows her 2019 debut album See Me with Dazed, an EP released today. From the five-track project (co-produced with Jesse Barrera) comes “Better,” a dreamy, contemplative tune. With ethereal vocals and twinkling synths, it sounds like a love song, but after listing the problems within a relationship, Valenciano repeatedly coos “I could do better” in each chorus.

Mdou Moctar feat. MC Yallah: Tala Tannam (Debmaster Remix)

Tuareg songwriter and musician Mdou Moctar (aka Mahamadou Souleymane) released his already acclaimed Afrique Victime album earlier this year. From it, the track “Tala Tannam” returns as a remix by electronic producer Debmaster (aka Julien Deblois) that features a riveting guest turn from the rapper MC Yallah. “I’ve loved to work on my brother Mdou Moctar’s track,” Kenya-born, Uganda-based Yallah says in a statement. “Fusing …

Gonzales: Solo Piano

Minimal, sparse, and beautiful, Solo Piano is unlike anything else I’m listening to right now. Canadian-born musician, producer, and rapper Gonzales has worked with everyone from Jane Birkin, to Daft Punk, to ex-label mate Peaches. Critics compared him to Eminem, Prince, and Beck when his debut record, Gonzales Uber Alles, came out with a bang in 2000. That being said, this one might throw you …

The Meaning of Tingo

The Meaning of Tingo is Adam Jacot de Boinod's new book surveying words around the world that are seldom found in other languages. The book is packed with little gems, such as the longest known palindrome in any language, the Finnish word saippuakivikauppias, the 27 Albanian words for moustaches and eyebrows, the Hawaiian word for walking away without listening to directions 'akihi among them. Perfect …


Now imagine all of that above fitting into all of that to the right. You might be exclaiming "Oh golly! Those ever so clever designer folk! What will they think of next?!" Or perhaps a simple "WTF?" sums it all up. Anyway, this packageable Japanese style dinning table, appropriately dubbed as Mealbox, was created by Igland Design, a husband and wife duo based in Norway. …