Interview: Australian Vegan Chef Shannon Martinez

After finishing her third cookbook, the plant-based professional was diagnosed with cancer and embarked on two new endeavors

Jumbo Indigo Denim Tote


With 100% of net proceeds donated to Every Mother Counts—a non-profit dedicated to making reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth safer for women all over the world—this denim tote features a take on the French motto, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.” Replacing “fraternité” with “maternité,” the design playfully takes on an important cause. The sturdy denim fabric means this tote (which features short and long carry straps) is …


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Customize Your iPhone Home Screen + App Logos With iOS 14

With iOS 14, Apple introduces users to a suite of new tools for customizing the iPhone home screen. This update grants users access to Widgets, which are bite-size versions of your favorite apps that can be installed as small, medium or large buttons on your home screen. A week’s weather or the time in five cities can be spelled out for you without having to …

Trevor Paglen + Kate Crawford’s AI Photography Exhibition, “Training Humans”

On view now at Fondazione Prada, Training Humans (a collaboration by artists Trevor Paglen and Kate Crawford) is the first-ever show dedicated to the training images used to teach artificial intelligence how to view people. They’re the lessons for learning how to “see” like us. Training Humans comprises photographs from the 1960s to the present, and aims to uncover how machines are trained to identify …

Art21’s Milestone 10th Season of Documentary Series “Art in the Twenty-First Century”

For the landmark three-episode 10th season of Art21’s “Art in the Twenty-First Century,” 12 artists and one collective (including Anish Kapoor, Guan Xiao and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer) share their stories amidst a world in turmoil. Each episode focuses on one creative epicenter—London, Beijing and the border of Mexico and the United States—and addresses the political and creative environments therein. “When we listen to artists, we gain …

Fotografiska Opening in Berlin

Berlin’s Kunsthaus Tacheles (aka Art House Tacheles), which has been vacant for many years, is set to become Fotografiska’s newest outpost. The Swedish hub for contemporary photography opened two locations outside Stockholm in Tallinn, Estonia and NYC last year and is now poised for a 2022 opening of an even bigger, 59,000-square-feet space in the German capital. The building (a cultural heritage site) was “a …

Interview: Calihash Extractions Company Founder + CEO Michael Domecq

As the cannabis industry expands, there's a renewed focus on hash and its production

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Potted Micro Tomato Plant


Growing tomatoes year-round is made easier with Bloomscape’s Potted Micro Tomato Plant—which sprouts from PanAm Seed. The healthy plant arrives in nutrient-rich soil and a pot that it won’t outgrow (in one of five different colors). This particular varietal remains compact even through budding and thus won’t need to be transferred to a bigger vessel or garden. Its tomatoes veer toward the smaller side but can …


Radical Lovers Forever Mug


With 100% of the proceeds from sales donated to the Anotherwild Fund—a grant for BIPOC LGBTQ+ independent makers—this colorful mug offers double the positivity. Emblazoned with “Radical Lovers Forever” in all the hues of Daniel Quasar’s Pride flag—which incorporates black and brown stripes to represent People of Color, along with the pink, white and blue of the trans pride flag—this cute ceramic cup is microwave- …


“Róisín Machine” Limited Edition Set


Róisín Murphy’s new album (her fifth solo release), Róisín Machine, comes on transparent blue vinyl in this limited edition set, which also includes a zine and signed photograph—and a T-shirt, should you opt in for that. Made with longtime collaborator DJ Parrot (aka Crooked Man, aka Richard Barratt), the album has been years in the making and explores dubbed-out disco, proto-house and various other dance …


Yayoi Kusama La Grande Dame 2012 Champagne


Beloved artist Yayoi Kusama applies her uniquely whimsical vision to a limited edition gift box of Veuve Cliquot’s La Grande Dame 2012 Champagne, which features a label showcasing the artist’s speckles, too. For the collaboration, Kusama also produced a select number of colorful, twisting floral sculptures—though, as one may suspect, they’re not included in the limited edition gift box and can only be acquired by …


Fleet Foxes: I’m Not My Season

Fleet Foxes made a statement by releasing their highly anticipated fourth album, Shore, on the autumn equinox—a move that emphasizes long-held associations between the indie-folk act and fall colors, a crisp breeze and the reflection associated with the season’s sensory elements. Thus, we found the track “I’m Not My Season” to be the album’s emotional anchor and one aligns with frontman Robin Pecknold’s desire to …

Yussef Dayes: Blackfriars

“Blackfriars” by Yussef Dayes acts an introduction to the artist’s collection with Dutch apparel brand Patta and a new album on their label, Patta Soundsystem. The track, at just over two minutes, shows Dayes in his element. The innovative, East London-based jazz drummer crafts a dizzying, almost trance-like solo filled with ups, downs, intermittent stops and an infectious underlying rhythm. Here, it accompanies an advertisement—directed by …

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United Shapes: Fractalvision

From Austin’s oddball indie-pop duo United Shapes comes “Fractalvision,” another mind-bending invitation to their forthcoming “first-ever studio album” (but ninth album overall), Compound Shapes (out 16 October). “We didn’t want the album to be about the compound words in the titles in a literal sense,” singer/multi-instrumentalist Joseph Devens explains about the concept album in a statement. “We decided to let the word inspire the song …

Andy Bell: I Was Alone

A meditation on loneliness, with heady teases of psychedelia, Andy Bell’s “I Was Alone” follows up his debut solo single “Love Comes in Waves” from earlier this year. Both songs will appear on Bell’s debut solo album, The View From Halfway Down, out 9 October. Singer-songwriter and guitarist Bell, a founding member of the British shoegaze group Ride (and an Oasis bassist for several years), …

Scaled’s Flexible Body Cast Helps Prevent Athletic Injuries

A graduate of Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, Natalie Kerres developed her Scaled prototype to protect and support athletes’ body parts most susceptible to injury. The “pangolin scale-like” system interlocks to form a sleeve or a strip that bends with the wearer, preventing pinches or compromised range of motion. Particularly suited for wrists and backs, Scaled creates a protective layer in …

Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki are at it again… This time developing a transient network, both technological and social, by embedding wireless devices in umbrellas .A scenario Jonah and Katherine present: In Dublin, Ireland, rainfall is frequent and unpredictable. Often individuals carry umbrellas with them in case they are caught in a downpour. It is common to witness during a sudden and unexpected flash of …

Dog Blogging III

Phillip Torrone's photo moblog includes pictures posted by his Aibo! Whuffie posts every few hours automatically using his built in camera, his built in WiFi emails it to the site. via Gothamist


After a few invitations, Richard has finally joined me as a guest Hunter… Welcome!