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NYC's campaign to encourage voting, award-winning virtual reality work, LTE internet on the moon and more

Five Landscape Architects Propose Plans to Save Washington, DC’s National Mall Tidal Basin

Due to rising sea levels and increased foot traffic (some 1.5 million people walk the area during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival alone), the Tidal Basin of Washington, DC’s National Mall continues to sink. To construct a plan for the future, the National Trust for Historic Preservation along with the Trust for The National Mall and the National Park Service together established the Tidal Basin …

Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter


From English cook and food writer Nigel Slater comes Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter, the second of a pair of recipe books based on the seasons. Each dish (all of which are vegetarian) included within the 320 pages promises to be straightforward and with a firm focus on fresh, seasonal produce. With easy-to-find ingredients and minimal steps, these approachable recipes include cabbage with berbere spice and breadcrumbs, …


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Anna West + David Callanan’s “To Miss The Ending” Wins XR/Immersive Category at BFI London Film Festival

Within this year’s BFI London Film Festival, the LFF Expanded program heralded developments in various styles of immersive art: interactive works, VR, 360-degree filmmaking and augmented reality. Due to disruption from COVID-19, the division’s format engaged remote audiences only—from a virtual reception area / exhibition space to digital talks, free screenings and technological deployments. Among the captivating crop, the 26-minute To Miss The Ending, directed …

New Balance’s Latest Tokyo Store Made From a Repurposed Kura

In Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district, New Balance’s 15th Japan store—named T-House New Balance—is unmarked but unmissable. Accessed through a set of sliding doors on the all-white, windowless façade, the inside boasts an intricate system of wooden beams above the showroom floor. The store used to be a 122-year-old kura (a clay warehouse and merchant home) that was located in Kawagoe, a town northwest of Tokyo. This …

NASA + Nokia Will Launch LTE on The Moon

By late 2022, astronauts visiting the moon will be able to make cellular calls, stream videos and more, thanks to NASA and Nokia’s joint venture to put a 4G phone network on our lunar neighbor. The Finnish phone company will use already existing tech to provide scientists with “ultra-compact, low-power, space-hardened, end-to-end LTE.” This is just one step in NASA’s huge Artemis Plan which intends …

NYC’s Vote Your Future Campaign

With contributions from artists and designers including Laci Jordan, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, Gillian Dreher and Carolyn Suzuki, NYC’s Vote Your Future campaign—curated by Amplifier—comprises posters that encourage the public to flex their democratic privilege. The non-partisan initiative will place these prints (with messaging in English, Spanish and Mandarin) all over the city, specifically in neighborhoods that have historically lower voter turnout. Every poster incorporates a QR …

Streicher Goods’ Diverse Collection of Ceramic Objects

Vibrant vessels born from a willingness to experiment

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

The Refillable Glamshell Hand Sanitizer


Housed in a more design-forward vessel than most hand sanitizers, love dirty’s formula also proves elevated. With 62% alcohol, the sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs but that astringent ingredient’s drying effects are counter-acted with moisturizers and humectants. The resulting effect isn’t sticky or greasy, making this formula ideal for those who want to nourish and not just sanitize. Made to encourage microbiome balance (promoting good …


Tangerine Record Rack


Tanner Goods’ pragmatically named Record Rack holds 40 12-inch records within its tangerine-colored stainless steel structure. This stand angles each record backward slightly so there’s enough room for users to flip through their collection easily. Plus, the rack’s outward wings make for easy carrying. The nifty, minimal storage solution comes coated in a chip-resistant semi-gloss powder coat finish and makes your record collection the visual …


Ode Brew Grinder


An elegant and timeless looking at-home coffee essential, Fellow’s powerful Ode Brew Grinder specializes in transforming beans into grinds for brewed coffee—pour-overs, drip, French press and more. The professional-grade appliance uses stainless steel flat burrs with 31 different grind settings for absolute customization. And delight is in the details, like the catch that magnetically aligns so grounds never make a mess.


Legent Bourbon Selvedge Denim Jacket


Legent Bourbon and NYC-based menswear designer Todd Snyder join forces for the limited edition Bourbon Selvedge Denim Jacket. The accessory employs hand-selected Japanese denim produced on a shuttle loom in Okayama, which is then cut, sewn and expertly tailored here in the US by Snyder’s team. It’s based on the body of the fashion brand’s classic Dylan jacket but repeatedly nods to the bourbon and …


Nilüfer Yanya: Crash

English singer-songwriter and musician Nilüfer Yanya announces her upcoming EP Feeling Lucky? with the anxiety-ridden “Crash,” which she wrote with Nick Hakim. Featuring gnarling electric guitar and thumping bass, the song shape-shifts over the course of four minutes. As Yanya explains, “My favorite thing about it is how there’s the twist at the end where the vibe changes and it’s almost like a version two.” …

Joe Wong: Nite Creatures

LA-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Joe Wong releases “Nite Creatures” along with a Fred Armisen-directed music video, which both eschew simple classification for a psychedelic-lounge blend with a dollop of humor bubbling beneath the surface. From the lyrics—which include “Relax your mind / the night creatures wander past you”—to the ’70s-style production and kaleidoscopic visuals, it’s a wild ride on waves of talent. Image by …

Five Thoughtful, New Vegetarian + Vegan Cookbooks

Filling and flavorful dishes that are better for the planet and for humans

Haich Ber Na: 0594 Help

Industrial and avant-garde, Haich Ber Na’s new single “0594 Help” dissects the emotions that come with separation. It’s about “someone leaving and desperately wanting to be with them, but trying to understand ‘it’s not the end of the world’—like the sample I use says,” Haich Ber Na (aka Harrison Bernard) explains. In the accompanying visual treatment, filmed inside a box backed by six flashing LEDs, …

Interview: HempWood Founder Greg Wilson

A new sustainable design material enters the market with innumerable benefits

Benny Sings feat. Mac DeMarco: Rolled Up

Benny Sings and Mac DeMarco’s duet “Rolled Up” rides along a piano-led instrumental. The two vocalists begin the track by wondering “why my life turned south.” Strings fall into place with falsetto provided by Benny Sings (aka Tim van Berkestijn) and the duo soon trades optimistic verses. “Finally see the sun through all of those clouds / holed up, locked out, shut in, held down,” …

Solomun: Home

From Hamburg-based DJ and producer Solomun (aka Mladen Solomun), sweeping house track “Home” exists as an ode to the “sacred rooms” that were built for music. For those yearning for a sweaty, dark dance floor, this nostalgic and atmospheric banger offers some satisfaction—albeit in your own home. “The desire for it has never been greater. The desire to feel it, experience it, hear it, to …

Dog Names

We’re getting another dog in a couple weeks and have been working through several name possibilities. It would be nice if there was a way to search for names by the number of letters. Alas, not that many people are freakish enough to care about the number of letters. Anyway, here is a good long list of names.

Girl Skater

Cherry Skateboards are supposed to be for girls, but I like them too. Nice deck designs!

Rabbit and Redtree

Cool, cool, cool… Rabbit & Redtree T-Shirts are awesome. 6 May Update: I received my order of two of these, ‘Darkness’ and ‘Rear View’ and they’re fantastic. I knew the design was great. It turns out that the fit and quality of the Tee is also superb. They use American Apparel sweatshop free T-Shirts made in the good ole USA.