Circular Systems’ Waste-Based, Multi-Purpose Material, AgraLoop BioFibre

A new natural fiber capable of replacing cotton, born from food waste

Unearthed Treasures From Tyrant Caligula’s Garden of Delights

First-century tyrant Caligula used a magical estate and its accompanying garden as a retreat during his four-year reign. (He was also assassinated there.) On the outskirts of Rome, on Esquiline Hill, Caligula housed imported animals and oddities, oversaw the construction of an exquisite botanical complex and leveraged his wealth. Scholars believed that when he died, his estate was likely pillaged and the belongings unlikely to …

Tie-Dye Proof T-Shirt


Cowgirl’s Tie-Dye Proof T-Shirt playfully pokes fun at the tie-dye craze by implying their simple, black-hued top is impossible to alter. “Tie-Dye Proof Product Technology,” the white screenprint on the chest reads. Whether for yourself or a friend whose tie-dye habit has gone too far, this 100% cotton staple makes a statement.


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Extensions Planned for NYC’s High Line

An L-shaped extension to NYC’s High Line is set to connect the elevated park to the just-opened Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station. Currently the High Line reaches 10th Ave and 30th St, but an extra 1200 feet (366 meters) will bring it to 31st St between 9th and 10th Ave—where the Manhattan West development exists, a block from Moynihan Train Hall. The intention is …

Indianapolis Motor Speedway to Host First-Ever High-Speed Autonomous Car Race

The first car penciled in to compete at 2021’s inaugural Indy Autonomous Challenge was unveiled at the CES all-digital 2021 show by Energy Systems Network, Penske Entertainment Corp, Dallara and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Set for October, the race will feature 40 teams comprised of university students from all over the world. These teams will build the software necessary to achieve top speeds over 200mph. …

The Mission to Spotlight Women Artists During the Renaissance Era

Since its inception in 2009, Advancing Women Artists (AWA) has identified 2,000+ works by women artists tucked away in Italy’s museums, churches and beyond. The non-profit also funded the restoration of 70 more pieces spanning the 16th and 17th centuries. All of this encompasses their mission: to fight for equitable representation in museums and scholarly art discussions. Their mission also occurs in the public sphere …

Kyoto University Develops the First-Ever Wooden Satellite

In an effort to reduce space waste and the numerous safety concerns associated with the vast amount of debris in the cosmos, Kyoto University is developing a satellite with a shell made of timber, designed to burn up completely upon reentry into the atmosphere after its life cycle. Former astronaut Takao Doi leads the team at Kyoto University, who work in conjunction with the Japanese …

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CBD Lip Balm


From High Falls Hemp, this CBD-infused lip balm is creamy but never feels tacky, sticky or greasy. Their NY-grown, full-spectrum CBD blends with natural beeswax for the formula; as well as coconut oil, sweet almond oil and essential oil of spearmint for plenty more nourishment. The rich formula also helps to reduce inflammation in damaged lips.




Africa boasts nearly 20,000 miles of surfable coastline, and surf company Mami Wata celebrates the vastness of the continent’s surfing history as well as the rising interest amongst younger generations. Their debut book’s 300 pages contain contributions from Africa’s top surfers, photographers and cultural commentators in the form of 50 essays and 200 photos. Altogether, it’s a colorful and cheerful celebration of the culture, both …


Natural Orb Candle Set


Sold in sets of six by home decor brand HANDS, these Natural Orb candles function like tea lights but favor a handmade look and feel. Two inches tall and three inches wide, they fit into most places the common iterations do, but with a noticeable, design-forward presence. With a bulbous middle, they melt in on themselves when burning (and can become a bit messy). Depending …


Supernatural Triple Vitamin A+ Face Oil


From Emma Lewisham, this lush Supernatural Triple Vitamin A+ Face Oil can make a big difference with only a few drops, three times per week. 100% natural, this formula includes three concentrated sources of vitamin A, as well as vitamins B, C and E, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, lipids and omegas. Together they work to hydrate, promote collagen-production (as well as inhibit enzymes that …


Jimbo Mathus + Andrew Bird: Sweet Oblivion (Live)

Friends for 25 years (and former Squirrel Nut Zippers bandmates), Jimbo Mathus and Andrew Bird returned to collaboration in 2018 after years pursuing independent musical endeavors. Shared musical fragments grew into their forthcoming album, These 13 (out 5 March), and its first single, “Sweet Oblivion.” “It’s been my dream for years now to make this record with Jimbo. Just guitar, fiddle and our very different …

Visionist: The Fold

South London recording artist Visionist’s “The Fold” hails from the experimental producer and vocalist’s forthcoming third album, A Call To Arms (due out 5 March). The track’s instrumental soundscape buoys lyrics stretched and saturated with emotion. Visionist (aka Louis Carnell) brought in Haley Fohr of Circuit Des Yeux for additional vocals, as well as improvisational pianist Matthew Bourne for keys. The accompanying video lives within the …

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Recognition for women artists, an extension to NYC's High Line, autonomous car racing and more

Manhattan’s Torch & Crown Brewing Company Opens

The borough's only brewery now welcomes guests to its restaurant garden

Moodoïd + Stephanie Lange (of Saâda Bonaire): Puissance Femme

French indie-pop act Moodoïd (aka Pablo Padovani) taps Stephanie Lange of iconic ’80s German duo/concept band Saâda Bonaire for “Puissance Femme.” Both the track (which celebrates the power of women) and its music video (directed by Padovani and shot at night in the fog of Bremen, Germany), embrace a dreamlike, 1980s film noir aesthetic. Padovani reached out to Saâda Bonaire via email for the collaboration. …

Future Islands: For Sure (Dan Deacon Remix)

Developing over nine minutes, Dan Deacon’s remix of the Future Islands’ track “For Sure” begins with frontman Samuel T Herring’s signature vocals over pretty piano and escalates with fluttering, symphonic support. “When the guys released ‘For Sure,’ it really brought me back to memories of when we lived together and I could hear them practicing in the basement,” Deacon says in a statement about their …

Fashionable Technology

My friend Sabine teaches a super cool class at Parson’s that’s all about Fashion and Technology. Last semesters course work had some great snowboarding concepts. Let’s see what they come up with this Spring.

Fuel Cells : Fuel Cells to Power Portable Electronics President Bush is actually pushing R&D on an environmentally friendly, long lasting power source that can be used in mobile phones or even cars!?


Urban tech meets outdoor performance. And it all looks really cool, too. Arcteryx used to just make climbing gear, but now their line has expanded. And their site is pretty slick, too.