Comparing the Electric Mustang Mach-E + Bronco Sport

Two very different vehicles underpinned by the same design thinking

Banana Trees Could Protect California Cities From Wildfires

Computer science professor Barath Raghavan argues that Californian cities faced with the worst wildfires on record could be granted cover by banana groves. As a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers association, Raghavan researches (and plants and grows) the fruits on plots of land across the state, typically in his yard or on properties owned by friends or family members. He states that since …

Obelia Linen Shorts


For years, Romance Was Born has created apparel featuring artwork by beloved Australian author, illustrator and cartoonist May Gibbs. These Obelia shorts present the character surrounded by marine flora, coral, sea anemone and more. The story (published in 1921) tells of Little Obelia, who slept in a shell on the ocean floor, with wisdom growing inside her, until she came out and was raised by …


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Gender Inclusive Language in Space

While “semantics” are oftentimes brushed off as trivial or nit-picky, the importance of meaning, reference and truth within words cannot be underestimated—and its significance exists everywhere, even in space. NASA is working to recognize and replace “inaccurate and harmful language” that abides by outdated gender biases within the American space program by continually updating their style guide. Today, it’s still common to see “manned” used …

Savannah Walker’s “Six Feet Apart Please” Project

Helmed by NYC-based visual designer Savannah Walker but powered by submissions from friends and strangers, Six Feet Apart Please is an open-source archive of signage and stickers from around the city that helps people to abide by social distancing guidelines. From very formal to humorous, clever and cute, the various entries show the ways designers have translated the simple but crucial message. Documenting her own …

The Pandemic Stripped “Third Places” From Our Social Infrastructure

For most, a favorite bar, coffee shop, library, record store, barber shop or market means more than a transaction. These “third places” (home being first and work second) oftentimes provide conversation, connection and community. However, many—if not most—of these places were forced to close or operate at reduced capacity last year and, until PPP Loans arrived, with limited financial support from the government. Some cities …

ABIBOO’s Cliff-Face Concept City for Mars

Designed for the non-profit Mars Society, architecture studio ABIBOO’s Nüwa concept city represents a permanent, self-sufficient settlement built into a cliff face on the Red Planet. ABIBOO believes the vertical habitat could be built in 2054, using Martian materials and house 250,000 people. The studio worked with the with scientific group SONet to address several technical details. Nüwa, which ABIBOO refers to as the “future …

twentytwentyone’s 25th Anniversary Edition of Jasper Morrison’s Thinking Man’s Chair

Limited to 25 pieces, a Cappellini icon reimagined with hot-dip zinc

Designed by Jasper Morrison, the Thinking Man’s Chair was one of several objects that defined the progressive reputation of Italian furniture manufacturer Cappellini in the ’80s and ’90s. Since its inception in 1996, London-based design retailer and producer twentytwentyone (now in its namesake year) championed Cappellini and its visionary director, Giulio Cappellini—the son of the brand’s founder, Enrico. Now, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, twentytwentyone will release limited edition collaborations with …

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Bloom Bloom Earrings


Jessica Tse’s NOTTE Jewelry joyfully embraces the early 2000s without appearing entirely retro. The brand recently brought back one of their favorite designs, the Bloom Bloom earrings. The chunky hoops feature a diamond-cut flower charm and are tarnish-resistant gold-plated. Made by hand, they are available as singles or in pairs.


DEPA 2.0 Sandals


Tokyo-based Suicoke is no stranger to collaboration, and have just released their latest collection made with Danish design brand HAY. In four different color-blocked versions, the DEPA 2.0 sandals are intended for all genders. The eye-catching hues were selected by Mette Hay, and are inspired by the brand’s own spring/summer 2021 collection of homewares and furniture. Pairing bright red with pale pink, deep plumb with …


Hibiscus Water


An organic, fair-trade hibiscus water, Ruby is full of antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes and free of nasty preservatives and additives. Refreshingly tart, the drink contains zero sugar—in fact, its only ingredients are organic brewed hibiscus and water. Hibiscus water is known to help in lowering blood pressure, promoting healthy skin and boosting metabolism. Price is for a 12-pack and a gently sweetened version is also …


Royce Wood Junior: Slush

Soulful, funky and squelchy, “Slush” by singer, songwriter and musician Royce Wood Junior lives up to its name. The satisfying, undulating bop teases the London-based artist’s new album (his first in five years, since his debut The Ashen Tang) and features extra vocals from Jamie Woon, Lucey Way and Ross Hutchison.

DMX: Who We Be

After suffering a heart attack, DMX—considered to be one of the most influential rappers of all time—passed away last week, at 50 years old. Born Earl Simmons, and part of the Ruff Ryders collective, DMX balanced a gruff machismo with sincere vulnerability during a hyper-masculine era of hip-hop. His lyrics traced his struggles and spirituality, he spoke candidly about addiction, and he often cried during …

“Kusama: Cosmic Nature” at The New York Botanical Garden

Imaginative large-scale art set among seasonal floral displays

Sonder feat. Jorja Smith: Nobody But You

Sonder (aka vocalist Brent Faiyaz with producers Dpat and Atu) enlists singer-songwriter Jorja Smith for an emotional, acoustic duet about a dramatic breakup. Faiyaz and Smith trade verses and then go back-and-forth on the chorus: “Don’t think you cared about me / Oh girl, I care about you / But you don’t care ’bout nobody / Nobody but you.” The track will appear on Sonder’s …

Esoteric Online Events from Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art + Unnatural History

Titilating talks from The Last Tuesday Society's eccentric agenda

Green-House: Royal Fern

From Music For Living Spaces, the debut LP by Los Angeles-based, non-binary artist Green-House (aka Olive Ardizoni), “Royal Fern” ripples with optimism, like sonic skipping stones toward the sun. “I’m trying to hit that part of the brain that’s affected by the emotional state that you’re in when you perceive something as cute,” Ardizoni says. “Cuteness and joy are gateways to compassion. It’s the gateway …

Innov Gnawa: El Ghaba

Innov Gnawa’s new seven-minute single “El Ghaba” emphasizes the group’s North African roots. Hailing from Morocco, now based in NYC, the band (Ma’alem Hassan Ben Jaafer, Amino Belyamani and Ahmed Jeriouda) focuses on a genre known as Gnawa (sometimes called “Sufi Blues”), qraqeb-based music with vocal “prayers invoking saints and spirits for freedom and liberation.” Daptone co-founder Gabriel Roth produced the group’s forthcoming album, Lila, …

Everyone Loves a Spy Cam

The AVMC211 from I-O Data appears to be the smallest hand held video camera to date. It looks pretty cool, but I wonder about the image quality.

Fame And The Art of Image Maintenance

FATAIM (Fame And The Art of Image Maintenance) embraces graphic design as an essential part of modern living. They are a collaboration between graphic and fashion designers, where graphic design is the fashion. FATAIM can be found among other super-cool Japanese T-Shirts at BeamsT.


Last month I started a weblog for Otis. Friends thought I was crazy. I believed them. I took it down. With the help of Takara’s Bowlingual, a device that translates barks to english, dogs might actually generate their own blogs. As noted in The Register, all it will take is someone to handle the transmission.