Polestar 2 Single Motor’s Intriguing Tech

Sporty and sleek, but soft inside, this new EV has plenty to offer

Discovery in Moroccan Cave Suggests Humans Made Clothes 120,000 Years Ago

In the Contrebandiers Cave in Morocco, Dr Emily Hallett and her colleagues discovered animal artifacts that indicate early humans in Africa were making clothes 120,000 years ago. The 62 bones and tools from the excavation (including sand fox and wildcat bones, as well as spatulate-shaped instruments and other specialized devices) lead scientists to believe that homo sapiens from the cave made fur clothing, smooth leather …

Titan 225 Portable Power Station


For camping or just as a back-up power source in emergency situations, Raptic’s Titan 225 has a big 225Wh capacity—which results in charging a smartphone 20 times, a laptop five times, or GoPros and cameras 35 times. It’s super-versatile, with several different outlets: 12V car port, a USB-C port, three USB-A ports and an AC outlet. Plus, the add-on solar chargers are a nice touch …


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Idle Taxis Repurposed as Vegetable Gardens in Bangkok

Bangkok’s Ratchapruk and Bovorn Taxi cooperatives joined forces and transformed the roofs of their currently unused cabs (idled because of a lack of demand during the pandemic) as vegetable gardens. With “black plastic garbage bags stretched across bamboo frames” as the garden bed, the plots are growing everything from string beans to cucumbers and tomatoes. But this installation is also a statement, as the cooperatives …

Scientists Globally Map Coral Reefs For The First Time

Under the direction of Arizona State University’s Center for Global Discovery and Conservation, more than 450 teams of scientists have succeeded in creating the first continually updating map of the world’s shallow coral reefs, an undertaking that required 2.25 million satellite images and about 100,000 square miles. As one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, coral reefs are an important home for marine …

Alexandre Family Farm Is Pioneering Regenerative Agriculture

This year, California’s Alexandre Family Farm was the first dairy in the US to become Certified Regenerative. It took the fourth-generation dairy operators, Stephanie and Blake Alexandre, over three decades to perfect their sustainable farming practices, but their work paid off. With their compost—made on the farm from cow manure, along with other local waste—and pioneering rotational grazing practice, their system restores wetlands, bringing a …

NASA’s New Rock Samples Could Prove Life Existed On Mars

According to NASA scientists, the rock samples taken from the Jezero Crater on Mars could indicate that life previously existed on the planet. The samples, taken by the rover Perseverance (which first drilled into Mars on 6 September and then again a few days later) have been identified as volcanic in origin. To the scientists’ surprise, these samples also contained salts—likely calcium sulphate or calcium …

The Series NY Combines “Granny” Style, Contemporary Fashion + Pre-Existing Fabrics

The founder of this slow fashion label makes every garment by hand, using upcycled materials

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Karrinyarra Throw Blanket


Made with 100% cotton and yarn that’s 70% recycled, the Karrinyarra throw is designed by Aboriginal artist Emma Daniels in collaboration with furniture brand Koskela for their limited edition Tangentyere collection—a line dedicated to showcasing Indigenous Australian artists. This blanket features elements of Papunya and Karrinyarra country, paying homage to Daniels’ culture and community. Proceeds from the licensing fee for this blanket directly support the …


Cold Brew Old Fashioned Kit


Featuring 750ml bottles of two CH favorites, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur and WhistlePig PiggyBack 100% Rye, this Cold Brew Old Fashioned Kit translates to 26 servings of a fresh take on the classic cocktail. The recipe is easy enough: one ounce of each liquid combined over an ice cube (with an orange twist garnish). The set also includes a silicone ice tray and a limited …


Tarot Trio of Candles


From astrological candle company Birthdate Co (known for creating a different candle to align with every day of the year) comes a three-card tarot reading in candle set form. The mysterious kit features a trio of hand-poured 6.5-ounce candles—one each to represent the past, present and future—and every candle includes an accompanying gold-plated tarot card drawn from the 22 of tarot’s Major Arcana. Each candle …


Pilgrim Bell


Poet Kaveh Akbar’s Pilgrim Bell embarks on a divine journey, mediating on his family’s life as Muslims in America, the immigrant experience and struggles with addiction. Once again, the award-winning writer proves his masterful control over language, rooting out faith within darkness and the self beneath the surface of his work. Fiercely intimate and lyrically vivid, this book of poems is a moving and memorable read.


Syd feat. Smino: Right Track

Featuring an appearance by St Louis rapper Smino, Syd’s new song, “Right Track,” takes a more upbeat direction than typical of the singer-songwriter and founding member of The Internet. Syd’s trademark featherweight and sultry vocals float across chirpy guitar and snares, while Smino’s effortless verse name-checks N.E.R.D. and Ricky Martin.

Oneohtrix Point Never feat. Elizabeth Fraser: Tales From The Trash Stratum

Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin) celebrates his ninth studio album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, with an extended version that features four new songs. One such track is a rework of “Tales From The Trash Stratum” for which the electronic producer teamed up with singer-songwriter Elizabeth Fraser—the vocalist for the iconic Scottish band, Cocteau Twins. Lopatin’s glitchy rework pairs beautifully with Fraser’s ethereal voice for a disjointed …

Out-And-About Pet Tote


Suitable for dogs up to 30 pounds, Roverlund’s Out-and-About Pet Tote is the ideal carrier for city pets. The roomy interior bedding allows a pooch to move around, sit, stand or lie down as they please, while the removable padded base blends comfort and easy cleaning. Stylish and portable, this carrier sports slip-resistant shoulder straps, comes in a variety of camouflage and black color options, …


Detroit Month of Design 2021 Highlights

An extensive roster of exhilarating events across the Motor City this September

Moses Sumney feat. Sam Gendel: Can’t Believe It

T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It” gets a sultry, synth-heavy makeover thanks to Moses Sumney’s crooning vocals and Sam Gendel’s modulated instrumentals. The track—rife with alto auto-tunes, Gendel’s slippery sax sounds and a deep bass line—is the first from the singer’s new label and creative agency, Tuntum. Its music video (directed and choreographed by Sumney and produced by his label) reflects the textured and dreamy nature of …

Didformat Studio’s Valley Residential Bridge Concept

Envisioned by architect Amirhossein Nourbakhsh, founder of Didformat Studio, the Valley Residential Bridge concept runs upward along the chasm of a cliff face in British Columbia. Three segments compose Nourbakhsh’s structure, which intends to impart the least amount of damage to the surrounding nature: a top level that crosses the ravine, a secondary tier that offers a scenic overlook of the waters below and a …

New Pop-Up Exhibit Explores Harlem’s Legacy as a Fashion Hub

55 years ago, fashion pioneer Lois K Alexander Lane founded the Harlem Institute of Fashion and later, the Black Fashion museum, to show the world how the Black community was and is instrumental to American style. Today, Souleo and Beau McCall’s latest exhibit at the Schomburg Center, Showing Out: Fashion in Harlem, pays tribute to these institutions (which closed in the 2000s), Alexander Lane’s legacy …

Comparing the World’s Subways

Fake is the New Real has a nice comparison of many of the worlds subways/ What makes it interesting is the fact that they are all presented on the same scale. It provides a different angle on understanding urban population and density.

Craig Kanarick

Craig Kanarick (the original creative force behind the now transmogrified consultancy, Razorfish) has a new art project. He has channeled his fascination for the design of candy into a stunning series of color study photographs. Eye Candy will be opening next Tuesday, 9 March at Dylan's Candy Bar, 1011 3rd Avenue in NYC. Photos are also for sale in Dylan's Web Store.

Tethered Style

This Bang & Olufsen headset brings style back to wired headsets, giving everyone time for Bluetooth headsets to get smaller and take on a more subtle design before buying one. Also it makes Frank Nuovo of Nokia’s vision of the future a little closer to reality after his use of the Bang & Olufsen headsets with the wires cut off in the movie Minority Report.