AMP Winter ’08


With much excitement, we bring you an exclusive first look at AMP's new winter '08 collection. The São Paulo street clothing brand that can find no haters took action after encountering a few inspiring subjects. The designers turned to Claude Levi-Strauss' "The Raw and the Cooked," (a book explaining his theory for understanding mythology after his research on South American Indians), the world record Joey Chestnut broke in NYC when he ate 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes and, totally unrelated, the Rubik's cube.

It's hard to see how exactly these translate onto the clothes, but it's beside the point. The prints are still iron-strong and the styles still distinct. Take that, New Rave. I especially love the boxy backpack with argyle-like print, which is repeated in the girls' jumpsuit or guys' blazer. (Click images for detail.)