CH Edition: ECOALF Anorak

Our first collaboration of 2014 yeilds a highly packable, water-resistant pullover in CH green


Every now and then we at CH find ourselves overly intrigued by a certain brand or product—usually one that shares our obsession with aesthetics, pursuit for quality and dedication to innovation. And when the stars align, a collaboration is born, giving way to a CH Edition. Last year, we designed the ultimate city bike with Budnitz Bicycles, an all-things-considered backpack with Tumi and the Pitmaster grilling apron with 3×1 Denim. For the first CH Edition of 2014, today we present the ECOALF Anorak, a limited edition and highly packable pullover made of fabric from recycled fishing nets.

Ecoalf-x-Coolhunting-studio-1.jpg Ecoalf-x-Coolhunting-studio-2.jpg

Spain’s Javier Goyeneche founded ECOALF with the sole goal of creating attractive fashion garments using as many recycled materials as possible—something CH appreciates. By traveling the globe in search of individual factories worth partnering with, ECOALF has created a network of facilities capable of turning waste and discarded materials into usable fabrics, laces, labels, linings, etc. The old trash into treasure adage certainly applies.


For the CH Edition ECOALF Anorak, we selected a brilliantly lightweight, thin fabric composed of 60% recycled fishing net and 40% conventional nylon. The combination creates a water-resistant, durable material that’s functional, ecologically minded and looks great. To manufacture the material, salvaged fishing nets undergo a six-step process necessary to break down the tough fibers into a fabric that’s soft to the touch. In this way a single meter of the ECOALF fabric is created from 275 grams of fishing nets.

Ecoalf-x-Cool-Hunting-detail.jpg Ecoalf-x-Cool-Hunting-zip.jpg

Technically speaking, the anorak comes in Cool Hunting signature green with a contrast camouflage zipper. Plus it packs down into its own kangaroo pouch and weighs just 5.15 ounces, making it ideal for tossing in your backpack, purse or picnic basket. Find the CH Edition ECOALF Anorak exclusively from ECOALF for $175.

Images by Josh Rubin