Interview: MINERAL Founder, Mills Miller

We speak about the brand's full-spectrum hemp products, including the brand new Sousa body oil

Announced today, Austin-based MINERAL reveals the first new product from their highly anticipated full skincare collection, Sousa. The body oil is rich with cannabinoids, and actively reduces inflammation, boosts circulation and cell turnover (aka dead skin cells being replaced by younger cells). Along with CH favorite Maison, the brand’s body salve, Sousa promises to soothe, repair and nourish. MINERAL also maintains a dedication to high-quality ingredients and sophisticated methods, at the behest of founder and CEO Mills Milller, who we spoke to about the new release, plans for the future and the brand’s incredible beginnings.

MINERAL’s origin story is pretty atypical. Can you tell us about how the brand started? 

In an effort to keep it brief: I consumed rancid guinea pig and alpaca while climbing the 19-thousand-foot Mt Pisco in Peru. Either or both of the meats stowed an amoeba parasite and the parasite attacked my lower intestine. In three days I lost 30 pounds and refused several advances by Peruvian and American doctors for a colectomy. Rather than having my colon removed, I used plant medicines to kill the parasite and cannabis oil to reduce inflammation in my lower intestine. Eventually my lower intestine released a vice-like grip on my colon and I successfully plant-medicated myself to full health.

You’re living proof these sort of formulas work. How does the new product, Sousa, differ from your previous concoctions?

It’s the first formulation in an effort to achieve sophisticated product development for the body. We think of it as functional beauty: a cannabinoid product, and forthcoming line, to create a beautiful feeling inside and out of the consumer.

How did you decide how and where to source your plants?

Rigorously. It begins with the seed, which we source from Oregon. We’ve created an extensive plant specification protocol and genetics must match or exceed our specs in cannabinoid content, terpene output, and yield. We believe the plant is the benefit so beginning with genetics that match our desired outcome is incumbent to accomplishing our targeted benefits in the formulations.

Can you explain a little about your extraction method, and the benefits of that process?

The biomass is extracted using a supercritical C02 extraction to preserve cannabinoids, terpenes, an essential hemp fats and vitamins. The product never touches ethanol, which we believe is crucial to delivering a clean and energetically positive product. MINERAL formulations are kinetic and active from bottling to consumption.

And your packaging is mostly eco-friendly? 

Our product boxes are hemp. After the plant is processed for oil the hemp fiber is used for paper. We’re working diligently on further developing our hemp packaging, aiming to replace our plastic use with hemp by Q3 next year.

What do you hope people achieve when using your products, specifically the new collection of skincare?

For people to experience hemp fully realized, consuming a formulation that represents the highest quality of hemp. We formulate for people to feel at peace and an improved sense of self.

Images by Reid Glaze for MINERAL