Boasting a collection of “wearable whims; artful, playful, energetic and elegant,†London-based label, Mine, is the creation of Aussie-turned-Londoner, Katherine Pont. The label exudes an intensely feminine appeal and is set to become a must-have staple for the global style-starters. Cool Hunting caught up with the 29 year-old to talk about frocks, family and accidental creations.

What is Mine and how did it come into being?
It was born by accident out of a hobby creating one-off tees and has been steadily growing ever since. Five seasons on and we are launching the fifth full collection for AW07 "Damsel in this dress."

What are your major points of differences?
I come from a foundation in fine arts so all the prints and embroidery work are hand-drawn, are exclusive to mine and created unique for each collection.

What are your price points?
A raw jersey necklace is £20, up to £340 for a winter wool dress coat, but a signature mine frock is usually from around £80-150.

Three words that describe your coming collection?
Siren meets sailor.

What are you listening to non-stop at the moment?
I've gone back to Emiliana Torrini since I heard Smog singing one of her songs, but Cat Power, Bonnie Prince Billy and Alela Diane were all on rotation during the creation of the latest collection.

Who do you design for?
For myself and for my friends/muses…young women with an eye for detail and a playfulness when it comes to clothes.

Where can we get Mine?
Mine can be found in select boutiques across the globe. The current season collection entitled "Wa Wa Wonder" is available in Dispensary and no.one in London, Only Hearts in New York, Twin shoppe in Moscow, Gallery De Vie in Hong Kong, Nana & me in Tokyo and Dobry Den in Sydney, to name a few. For next season we are happy to include Steven Alan in New York and Scout in Gothenburg.