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For our last dispatch this week from British casualwear show To Be Confirmed, we're focusing on label T-Book.

The designs are the work of London-based Karen Leung, and are called T-Book because she started off using several t-shirts to tell a tale. Issue 7 comes out in time for Spring next year, and Karen's taking inspiration from an unusual source—onions—for the line. It's obvious when she explains that people pile on the layers in Autumn and Winter, and then when it gets warmer, they peel them off.

The cleverest piece was a t-shirt called Faceless Lovers (pictured), made up of two translucent layers (get it?). A sunglasses pattern printed on the bottom layer could only just be made out through the top layer. The shades are meant to catch tears, as were the special Onion Love tissue packs being handed out, plastered in the same delicious logo that pops up on other tees, cardigans and sweatshirts Karen has cooked up.


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