Amsterdam Dockyard Crane Turned Luxury Hotel Suite

Towering beside Amsterdam port, “The Yays – Crane Apartment” is a luxury accommodation unlike any other. It’s a suite housed inside of a decommissioned dockyard crane, refurbished by Edward van Vliet. It’s managed by Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments, and beyond the uncommon structure, the defining attribute might just be its large windows overlooking the water. See more photos over at Design Boom.

Dekmantel Celebrates 10 Years

The Amsterdam-based record label talks about reaching a decade of selectors

Dekmantel has become a household name within the festival circuit, thanks to a line-up that skips fillers and customary headliner hierarchy and instead works hard to ply dance music lovers with a mix of fan favorites and need-to-know emerging artists. The friends and family atmosphere of the Amsterdam weekender has been preserved—despite its growing reputation—since the inaugural festival in 2013, thanks to years of hard …

Amsterdam’s Raynsie High Performance Rain Gear

A full-body coverall that fights unsavory weather conditions with a positive spirit

Amsterdam is known for many things, but cyclists and rain (with a whopping 250 rainy days a year) can be found pretty high up on the notable list. Aware of the latter, and wanting to give back to the city, Amsterdam-based creative agency 72 and Sunny began to develop their first ever product: Raynsie. We’ve fallen for technical rainwear before, but Raynsie is different. It’s …

Maarten Baas Paints the Time at Schipol

A new variation of the Dutch designer's conceptual clock takes inspiration from the Amsterdam airport itself

Dutch designer Maarten Baas revisits his 2009 “Real Time” concept in a new site-specific project commissioned by Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, following in the footsteps of other “Real Time” clocks found in the nearby Rijksmuseum, as well as the Victoria Museum in Melbourne and MoMA, New York. This edition is a gigantic three-meter-high version found in Lounge 2 at the European hub that sees 15 million …